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    Simple implementation to develop generations of Self Leaders


    Build a family legacy of leadership & love


    Increase your influence and impact




    Simple implementation to develop generations of Self Leaders


  • Our Priorities

    Teacher Leadership

    A school and/or classroom will only be as successful as the leaders guiding the way. We believe EVERY teacher is a leader, and we create opportunities for education professionals to live and work from their Self Leadership.

    Pioneering Self Leaders

    We pioneer Self Leaders by providing development opportunities to ALL teachers and education professionals, as well as lesson plans to easily develop generations of self leaders.

    Support Teachers & Students

    We support every teacher by guiding them through Self Leadership development, igniting high performance skills, tapping into true capabilities, and developing more meaningful connections with themselves and others. The result is increased achievement and a culture of champions.

    Collaborative Culture

    We empower individuals to live lives of Self Leadership, and then utilize those skills to connect, collaborate, and evolve in an unstoppable culture.


    Together, our teams rise. Individually and collectively participants transcend their current level of leadership into one that magnifies excellence and achievement in themselves, as well as their students.

  • Testimonial

    Self Leadership Global has given me the confidence, clarity, and competence to be the teacher, leader, and mentor I have always wanted to be. The knowledge and skills I sought out to plan for educational greatness are now here being applied, and are creating unbelievable results for my students and for me! Self Leadership Global brings teachers back to the "why"...why we teach, why we continue to learn, and why our chosen profession truly makes the world a better place.


    Cynthia Kruse

    Blevins Middle School



    "Self Leadership Global's Unabridged Leadership Methodology has left me in an entirely new place of possibility in my career and life. Through encouragement, reflection, and stretching my limits I've been able to step into a fuller and more complete understanding of who I am and WHY I do what I do. This has made an incredible shift in the power and energy I am able to bring into relationships with my students, colleagues and family each day."


    Terry Bartlow

    Carrie Martin Elementary School


    Having the SLG family to lean on and get support from has made me want to stay at my school, focus on my job, improve myself and those I coach, and have a sense of belief in my abilities. Since going through the Unabridged Leadership Methodology I have stepped into my Self Leadership and "voice" inside & outside of classroom, developed myself as a leader and instructional coach, supported the teacher I am coaching in recognizing and developing her own leadership (rippling into her classroom & student relationships), and shifted my mindset regarding everyone I work with (i.e. students & staff) as being a leader (VERY powerful perspective)! I've also shifted my school wide perspective--- (solution focused mindset) and put more ownership on the students for their leadership and academic/life success."


    Grace Hauck

    STRIVE Prep Academy

  • Some of Our Education Collaborators

  • Family

    Build a family legacy of leadership & love

  • Our Priorities

    Self Leadership

    Supporting your family to live lives of Self Leadership from a young age and take ownership over personal results. Self Leaders effectively manage their mindsets, emotions and behaviors to achieve results.


    Developing empowered individuals exuding clarity and confidence in who they are and where they are going.


    Guiding your family to deeper connections with self, each other, and a greater vision of success. The more meaningful your connection, the longer lasting your legacy.

    Home Team

    Building an unstoppable family culture. Help your family know they are always loved, supported, and capable.

  • Testimonial

    "I almost cannot put into words how SLG has changed my life. My daughters and I were in the midst of emotional chaos after experiencing a very traumatic event. Through the gentle journey of self discovery of the Unabridged Leadership Methodology I gained the strength, support and guidance to create serenity, peace and joy for my family. I have also launched not 1, but 2 businesses since joining the SLG Family. I would not be where I am today without SLG and the Unabridged Leadership Methodology. Overall, it has truly helped me gain clarity on how I want to parent, how I want to contribute to the world, and most importantly how I want to BE and lead my life."


    -Julianna Nelson



    "I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this [family] leadership group! The activities we participated in led me to gain better self-awareness , as well as some great friendships! Most importantly, this program was an excellent opportunity to connect with my child for school purposes, as well as on a personal, intimate level. Thank you to the lovely people that allowed my son's school to offer this amazing program!"


    -Megan Einerson

  • Businesses

    Increase your influence and impact

  • Our Priorities

    Self Leadership Culture

    We empower your team to bring their Self Leadership to the table, and utilize those skills to connect, collaborate, and evolve in an unstoppable culture.


    Self Leaders are clear and confident in their skills and YOUR business model. The greater the leadership, the greater the influence.


    Self Leaders create greater impact, faster.

  • Testimonials

    "I was introduced to Self Leadership Global through not one, but two colleagues who raved about KellyAnne's work and the energy and passion she embodies. They weren't kidding! I was so very impressed by the methodology of Self Leadership Global and the need that SLG serves for our dynamic community. Furthermore, after having KellyAnne and her team present a workshop at our ACEC Open Meetings for counselors, educators, nonprofits, and community members, I was convinced of the value add to working with SLG. The entire group left energized, feeling present and intentional, and the workshop sparked everyone's creative energies in such a synergistic and empowering way."


    - Emma Galvin (ACEC)



    "Since immersing myself within the Self Leadership Global community and events I've been able to focus on my business, gain clarity on my goals, and live into my professional purpose."


    -Dan Morris

    High Point Financial Group

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