Hey, you 👋🏽  if you're feeling D.O.N.E. with complexity & overwhelm in scaling your coaching business then keep reading!

Let's create & sell your online course... the simple way!


The way that requires minimal steps and maximum impact. So you can finally make the difference & money you've been aligning with.



You've been wanting to create an online course for a while now, but something just feels "off".


It's like every time you sit down in front of the computer, your mind becomes as blank as the screen in front of you. 


And then, once the mind finally starts going to work, it tries to either psych you out or distract you all together. 


Cue...  making a little snack, cleaning the kitchen, taking the dog for a walk, diving into client work, family/friend time, and ending the day with your favorite Netflix show.


🙋🏻‍♀️ I've been there too and it's super frustrating! 

In an effort to muscle through you've probably found yourself scouring the internet hoping to make it all seem less overwhelming and more doable.


  • Maybe you're searching for how the heck to get the content out of your head and shared in a way that people will actually understand.
  • Or perhaps it's the whole techy piece of packaging your online course that you feel needs to be figured out before you officially get started.
  • Or what about the monetizing side of things? Maybe your mind won't let you create another offer until you know how to make money from it! 
  • Or maybe the "how" of scaling is what your mind gets super fixated on. Like, seriously though, HOW will this create more time, happy students, and money without me needing to physically be there all the damn time?

So, you do your best to find solutions and calm your mind only to realize the amount of content out there ... which creates even more confusion and information overload.


"Is it really this complicated?"


OMG have I seriously been thinking about this and researching for months?



Wouldn't it feel so empowering if...

  • You knew the steps you needed to take in the exact order they needed to be taken!
  • You had a simplified system that allowed you to create an online course from your genius in a way that feels authentic to you.
  • You didn't have to package your online course like everyone else... rather you can do it in your own way on your terms.
  • You could finally scale your coaching business, help more people, and make more money... without needing to be there all the damn time!


Imagine shutting down your computer tonight having just completed your simple, clear, and beautifully packaged online course!

Here's the Online Course Secret You May Be Missing

The way your online course will:

  • be completed faster
  • magnetize the most students
  • make the most income

...is by creating it in a way that's most natural to you.

Here's why... 

Following someone else's "best way" of doing things is perfect for them, but might be super complex for you.

And, as someone whose #1 value is simplicity 🙋🏻‍♀️ I can relate.

That's why it's so important to create and sell your online course from YOUR genius in your way.

This helps to:

  •  increase self trust (one of the top skills of the most successful coaches) 
  • boost confidence because your way can make a crap ton of money

Big sigh... Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Well, I have news for you... It's GOING to be amazing because it's 100% possible.


Online Course Simplified™ is the straightforward system that will have you creating, packaging, marketing and scaling your online course in record time!


Dive into my TOP online course framework & curriculum strategies, packaging techniques, marketing tips, and multiple streams of income secrets so you can create an online course that converts leads into sales for years to come. 


By the end of Online Course Simplified™

 you'll have learned how to:

  • Get Your Ideas Out Of Your Head & Into An Organized System- Finally get your genius down on paper so you can reach more people and stop trading time for money!
  • Package Your Online Course In A Way That Feels Simple & Natural To You- This is the fun part! Love being on video? Perfect! Prefer doing voiceovers on a slide deck? No problem! Feel most comfortable recording audios? Love it! Would rather do a Facebook Live series and package those? Sounds like a plan! However you look at it, you're going to package your online course YOUR way!
  • Reach More People & Scale Your Knowledge- You have big dreams of supporting the masses... without burning out & while still having a life! Setting up your simple evergreen course funnel is where it's at.
  • Make Money & Create Multiple Streams Of Income- Having an online course allows you to explore multiple streams of income all while using the SAME content. Yea, it's dope!

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!

Unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... I'll be with you throughout the 7 modules answering all your questions in the comment chat box

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

Online Course Planning

This module gives you the step by step plug and play templates you need to create a complete Online Course Framework in as little as an hour!  Specifically you'll:

  • Clarify your Online Course end result (aka the solution you're providing).
  • Follow along my "Signature Six" video series to map out the six MUST HAVE sections of your top quality Online Course.
  • Confidently develop the full structure of your Online Course and walk away with a complete outline & framework.

Online Course Research

Before you build out your Online Course curriculum, it's important to know if people care about your topics.  In the Online Course Research module you'll:

  • Know exactly how many people per month are searching for the solution you're providing. 
  • Gain clarity on the PERFECT keywords to use in your Online Course title so the search engines magnetize clients & students to your offers.
  • Set yourself up for longterm leads and sales with the "Simplified SEO System".

Online Course Ideal Student

Your Online Course is crafted for ONE person with ONE problem and it offers ONE solution. During this module you'll: 

  • FINALLY nail down your ideal online course student from the inside, out with the Simplified Student System.
  • Learn the exact story your ideal students are telling themselves so that you can attract the right people every time. 
  • Determine the precise language your ideals students use so that your online course speaks directly to their problems and desires.



Online Course Curriculum

It's Online Course curriculum time! The most unique part of the creation process. In the Online Course Curriculum module you'll:

  • Tap into the Curriculum Code to choose the fastest, easiest, most harmonious way to extract your course curriculum from within you.
  • Determine the Curriculum Flow that's most natural to you so you never have to feel stuck with getting your message out to the world again.
  • Complete your very first online course module/lesson... YOUR way!

Online Course Packaging & Pricing

Packaging your Online Course gets to look however you want!  During this module I'll offer a smorgasbord of the most common options and you'll:

  • Commit to a content delivery system, upload your curriculum, and create your course branding.
  • Create a magnetic title that immediately makes your ideal students eyes widen!
  • Price your offer to SELL! Whether it's a tiny offer or premium fees, you'll use the Perfect Pricing Process to find the sweet spot pricing your ideal students won't be able to resist!

Online Course Marketing

Holy smokes! You're killin' the online course game. You've created, packaged and perfectly priced your online course by this point, and now it's time for the world to experience it! During this module you'll:

  • Develop a simplified marketing message that inspires your ideal students to take out their credit card and hit the "Enroll Me" button! 
  • Create a 12 week content marketing calendar that will position yourself as your ideal students coach, cultivate trust, build your email list, and increase sales.
  • Map out your daily, weekly, and monthly marketing tasks so that you always know what to do, when.

Online Course Email Campaigns

If there were "tricks" to making money without physically being there... this would be one of those tricks!  During this module you'll:

  • Follow the Email Campaign Catalyst template to excavate the exact scenarios, feelings and topics to share in your online course email campaign.
  • Write a series of super authentic emails that supports your potential students in knowing how they can achieve and receive their ideal end result faster with your online course.
  • Automate your email campaign so it's continuously making a difference & sales for years to come! 


You're going to




Implementation has never been so easy! With lesson by lesson fillable workbooks you'll know exactly what goes where and when!


You'll get simple, fluff-free, "how-to" content that will guide you through creating & selling your online course quick!


Have you ever wished someone would just SHOW you what you need to do instead of tell you? Yea, me too! That's why this course provides more than one tutorial to make the tech & design super simple!


The beautiful opportunity to connect more intimately with your audience, and inspire action leading to sales. Email campaigns are what automates the nurturing and sales process making your course evergreen!


Not only do you get access to The Society Forum, you can also connect with other students, share/ask for  feedback, and get your questions answered within 48 hours by using the comment threads beneath each training video!

Any way you look at it, Online Course Simplified gets you from A to Z in record time. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into easy-breezy.

Let's get you started!

Not only will you get instant, lifetime access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates I throw in! 

On top of all that, you're also going to get access to this Bonus Suite that I know you're absolutely going to love!

Let's really fast-track your success!

[Masterclass] Prosperous Affiliate Partnerships

The two angles of affiliate partnerships... Inviting affiliates to sell your course and BEING an affiliate for products, tools, resources, etc.  Both options create additional streams of income which is exactly what we're covering in the Prosperous Affiliate Partnerships Masterclass!

$97 Value

[TUTORIAL] Online Course Image Mockups

Research shows that images get more clicks & sales. That's why this Canva tutorial will walk you through how to create image mockups for your Online Course.


[MASTERCLASS] How To Turn Your Online Course Into A Group Coaching Program

If you enjoy the community aspect of a group coaching program without all the extra work, THIS is the masterclass for you! You'll learn how to repurpose your content for a high(er) touch coaching container where you can increase the price and get your community fix! Win-Win!

$77 Value

Online Course Simplified

Everything you need to create, package & sell your online course YOUR way!


  • Online Course Planning Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Research Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Ideal Student Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Packaging & Pricing Training Video (Value $197)
  • Online Course Marketing Training Video (Value $197)
  • Online Course Email Campaigns Training Video (Value $197)


  • BONUS Masterclass- Prosperous Affiliate Partnerships (Value $97)
  • BONUS Training- How To Turn Your Online Course Into A Group Coaching Program (Value $77)
  • BONUS Tutorial- Online Course Image Bundle (Value $37)
  • Over 50 Pages of Templates to speed things along (Value $47)
  • Comment Box Chat & Society Forum (Value $997)
  • 7 Recorded Masterclasses With KellyAnne (Value $497)

TOTAL VALUE = $2,784




Get your hands on the exact process I used to create 6 evergreen online courses that make a difference & make money daily!



Let's look at the facts.

You already know creating & selling an online course will give you your time back, create a more impact, and open up more income producing opportunities than you have now.


And seriously friend, it really is much simpler than you think!

Truth... it's a game-changing move in your coaching business.

And, if it's on your mind & heart, you're being called to it. 



All in your way, on your terms.


And just who will be guiding you through Online Course Simplified?

Me! I'm KellyAnne 👋🏽
Self Leadership Mentor, Online Business coach, Tea Snob, Dog Mom, and Lifelong Learner of the Mysteries of this world. 


When I began my coaching business in 2012 my mentor said "Build your business like you have 1,000 clients."  

That advice stuck with me since day one, and was the catalyst for my very first online course! 

Since then, I've created 5 more signature online courses and over 50 other masterclasses, trainings, etc!

Just like you, I knew I was meant to support the masses, create massive impact and have the money, lifestyle and freedom every coach dreams about.

Packaging your genius is the first step to making all that a reality.

So, here we are!

✅ My top value is simplicity.

✅ My genius is all things digital courses.

✅ And, the Virgo in me is obsessed with geeking out on organization & structure... but in YOUR way!

Because here's what's up, Coach. 

Creating & selling an online course from your Self Leadership is going to make all the difference in the long-run.

So, let's get started!


"Thank God I found the Online Course Simplified Program!"

I was ready to scale and take my business to the next level. The challenge is, I didn't know where to start.

The Online Course Simplified Program helped to tap into my own truth and understand what the best methodology was for ME to build a course around. And then it gave me the systems, structure and pathway!

Michele Ariana
Love Attraction Coach & Course Creator
MPOWER Your Life

If you are serious in bringing your coaching platform alive through online education, this program is for you. Not only will you be enlightened to the process of creating and marketing a successful online course, but you will be given the step-by-step best practices to make it a reality! Do it, you will be very happy you did!

Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Coaching

Before joining Online Course Simplified I had developed an attitude that it was "way too big" to learn. How wrong I was! I had no idea the online world could be so creative and yet, so systematic. Now I feel so much more confident in my understanding of the whole system. This course has helped me get much more focused on my gifts to the world. 

Jody Stevenson
Wedding Day Joys

I'm ready to join!

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Online Course Simplified

Everything you need to create, package & sell your online course YOUR way!

  • Online Course Planning Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Research Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Ideal Student Training Video (Value $147)
  • Online Course Packaging & Pricing Training Video (Value $197)
  • Online Course Marketing Training Video (Value $197)
  • Online Course Email Campaigns Training Video (Value $197)
  • BONUS Masterclass- Affiliate Partner Power (Value $97)
  • BONUS Training- How To Turn Your Online Course Into A Group Coaching Program (Value $77)
  • BONUS Tutorial- Online Course Image Bundle (Value $37)
  • Over 50 Pages of Templates to speed things along (Value $47)
  • Comment Box Chat & Society Forum (Value $997)
  • 7 Recorded Masterclasses With KellyAnne (Value $497)

TOTAL VALUE = $2,784



Coach to Coach... I know how important creating & selling an online course is to your business and life.

I know how important it is free up your time.

I know how important it is to have mind space that's reserved only for creativity.

That's what having an online course does.  It:

  • Empties your mind of ideas so that you can move your creative energy
  • Allows you to reach exponentially more people in less time 
  • Gives you back your time and energy (you remember what those are, right?!)
  • Creates more streams of income that you even realize in this moment


All from one piece of packaged genius!


If you're here you most likely already know all this... so let's get started.