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Convenience First

SLG knows that running a business can be time consuming. That's why we offer both local and virtual events!

Local Events

For the conscious entrepreneurs, course creators, and online coaches who crave human to human interaction!

Virtual Events

For conscious entrepreneurs, course creators, and online coaches who are crunched on time and want to participate from anywhere in the world!

Members ONLY Events

Exclusively for current SLG Society Lounge Members!


Non-Members can attend up to 3 events for FREE. After 3 events, you and SLG can talk membership and decide if we vibe.

LOCAL Events

All local events are IN PERSON.

Denver, Colorado

Society Co-Connect

Monday, September 16th-

10:00am- 12:00pm

Entrepreneurship can be lonely.  That's why once a month we're getting together (in the flesh) for coworking, connecting, and capability!

Be in the energy of other badass entrepreneurs who are movin' and shakin' so you can create more influence, impact and income!


You Snooze You Lose

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Money Vibes: Step into the Vibration of a Big, Fat Bank Account 

Monday, September 23rd-

10:00am- 11:30am (MST)

Facilitated by KellyAnne Zielinski


Feeling like you're missing something in the "money" department? Then, this one's for you!

Money is a vibration (like anything else). Everything from:

--> Earning Money

--> Spending Money

--> Keeping Money

--> Saving Money

--> Paying off Debt

--> Having an EXCESS of Money


... They each have their own vibe. So, if your bank account isn't where you'd like it to be then that just means you're practicing a vibe that isn't working for you!


>VIRTUALLY<-- join your SLG family for the Money Vibes  Business Workshop as we explore: 

---> Money Vibes Basics & Must Have's

---> Money Vibes Rookie Mistakes

---> Money Vibes Hacks

--> How to Practice the Money Vibes That Will Give You A Big, Fat Bank Account!

---> AND MORE!

Come learn, grow, get your questions answered regarding Money Vibes & your business model! 


Want events in your city?

The Self Leadership Global community is seeking badass, conscious entrepreneurs who are craving connection, mentorship, and the opportunity to showcase yourself as a leader. If this is YOU, let's talk!


Monthly Masterclass

Content Funnel: Increase your traffic with a content funnel that WORKS!

Monday, September 9th-10:00am-11:30am (MST)

Needing guidance on creating more influence, impact and income in your coaching business? GREAT... That's why this months session is all about CONTENT FUNNELS. Join SLG entrepreneurs for the VIRTUAL Monthly Masterclass and receive laser mentoring and tangible next steps from KellyAnne, as well as coaching from other business owners on the call!  Leave with clarity on all things business strategy, leadership, and lifestyle.


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