One LIFETIME Payment of $3,997.00 USD

Terms & Agreements Regarding Enrollment Dues:

--->> Canceling/Forfeiting Society Lounge Membership Enrollment Dues


(a) Canceling Enrollment Dues: Society Lounge Membership enrollment dues may be cancelled/forfeited without penalty anytime BEFORE being added to the Self Leadership Global Society Lounge Membership Site. After granted access to online products and programs (regardless of whether Society Lounge Member logins in), ALL ENROLLMENT DUES MADE are FINAL and NONREFUNDABLE.  IN ADDITION,Society Lounge Member  AGREES TO COMPLETING A FULL ENROLLMENT PAYMENT OF $2,497 ONCE ACCESS HAS BEEN GRANTED TO SOCIETY LOUNGE MEMBERSHIP SITE.


  1. Repayment Of Enrollment Dues: Should the Society Lounge Member want to terminate their affiliation with Self Leadership Global, they have the right to do so at any time.  However, their enrollment dues of $2,497 is mandated to be paid in full.  In such an event, Self Leadership Global will not return any monies to the Society Lounge Member



(1) Not an employee

All parties agree that this Agreement does not create an employee, joint venture, or partner relationship. Furthermore, the Society Lounge Member shall not have the power to enter into any agreements on behalf of Self Leadership Global or to otherwise bind or obligate Self Leadership Global in any way.  The Society Lounge Member is responsible for the payment of all federal, state, and local taxes that arise out of his/her connection with Self Leadership Global including, but not limited to, income and employment taxes, social security taxes, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. The Society Lounge Member acknowledges and agrees that Self Leadership Global will not provide the Society Lounge Member with any employee benefits, including without limitation any social security, unemployment, medical, disability, retirement, or pension options. Prior to receiving any payments, Business Member shall provide Self Leadership Global with signed and completed copies of all tax forms as Self Leadership Global may require in order to process such payments including, but not limited to, Internal Revenue Service Forms W-8 (for non-US persons) and W-9 (for US persons). 


(2) Society Lounge Member Monetary Responsibilities, Compensation & Reimbursement 


(a) Society Lounge Member Monetary Responsibilities

Society Lounge Member are monetarily responsible for the following:

  • Expenses related to attendance at events, meetings, conferences, retreats, teleconferences, and video conferences including, but not limited to,  travel, accommodations, and meals.
  • $2,497 Enrollment Fee
    • Enrollment into the Self Leadership Global Society Lounge & Mentoring Courses
    • Self Leadership Global offers two payment options:
    • One Full Payment of $2,497 
    • SIX Monthly Payments of $497.00


***Note…All Society Lounge Member are mandated to complete enrollment fee by one in-full payment OR on an automatic billing cycle via Paypal.  The enrollment fee pays for the Self Leadership Global Society Lounge Member benefits and is nonrefundable once added to the Self Leadership Global Society Lounge Membership Site.


(3) Society Lounge Member Enrollment, Society Lounge Member Approval Rights, Society Lounge Member Referral Incentives

(a) Society Lounge Member Enrollment: Self Leadership Global has unlimited Society Lounge Member positions. To receive Society Lounge Member perks and advantages within Self Leadership Global requires an enrollment fee of $2,497. Becoming a Society Lounge Member within Self Leadership Global allows the Society Lounge Member to receive the value outlined below.

Society Lounge Member receives:

  • Society Lounge Access- (ie. ALL Self Leadership Global Personal & Business Trainings/Mentoring Programs)
  • FREE Admission For Society Lounge Member To All:
    • ONLINE Social/Networking Events (Monthly)
    • ONLINE Trainings
    • ONLINE Transformational Workshops (3-5 Quarterly)
    • IN PERSON Retreat (1 Annually)
    • ONLINE & IN PERSON Conferences
  • Access To Exclusive Self Leaders Society FaceBook Group
  • The Unabridged Leadership Methodology Mentoring Program
  • ONLINE Recordings of Coaching, Mentoring, Support in Developing/Expanding Self & Business
  • Online Business Intensive Mentoring Programs with Conditional One-On-One Support 
  • A FUN, Life-Long, Supportive Community    

(b) Society Lounge Member Approval Rights: The Society Lounge Member shall be involved on a regular basis and in material manner in significant decisions relating to the expansion, production, post-production, marketing, and other exploitation of Self Leadership Global. In this regard, the Society Lounge Member has the right to present any and all thoughts, ideas, suggestions, opinions, etc for improvement and expansion of Self Leadership Global to the Chief Executive Officer, KellyAnne Zielinski. Society Lounge Member forfeits any and all decision-making and approval rights to Chief Executive Officer & Founder KellyAnne Zielinski. Chief Executive Officer & Founder KellyAnne Zielinski is the final approver in any and all decision processes and subject matters pertaining to Self Leadership Global 

(4) Canceling/Forfeiting Society Lounge Member Enrollment Fee

(a) Canceling Society Lounge Member Enrollment Fee: Society Lounge Member enrollment dues may be cancelled/forfeited without penalty anytime BEFORE being added to the Self Leadership Global Society Lounge Membership Site. After granted access to online products and programs (regardless of whether Society Lounge Member logins in), ALL ENROLLMENT DUES MADE are FINAL and NONREFUNDABLE.  IN ADDITION, Society Lounge Member  AGREES TO COMPLETING THE FULL ENROLLMENT PAYMENT OF  $2,497.

  1. Repayment Of Enrollment Fee: Should the Society Lounge Member want to terminate their affiliation with Self Leadership Global, they have the right to do so at any time.  However, Society Lounge Member AGREES TO COMPLETING THE FULL ENROLLMENT PAYMENT OF $2,497.   In such an event, Self Leadership Global will not return any monies to the Society Lounge Member


(5) In-Between Sessions

We are available to support you via email while you are training, and enjoy providing this extra level of service. Any questions or comments should be e-mailed to  Team SLG will get back to you within 48 hours during Monday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm MST business hours.  You may also interact with other Society Lounge Member on the Self Leadership Global exclusive Facebook page or Society Lounge Forum to receive a more immediate response.


(6) Intellectual Property and/or Inventions

Society Lounge Member and Self Leadership Global understand and acknowledge that Self Leadership Global will be providing access to proprietary and valuable information that Society Lounge Member might otherwise not receive.  In addition, those parties also understand that should Society Lounge Member, in the course of providing Services, invent or participate in inventing, modifying, or improving Self Leadership Global’s technology, modules, products, programs, services, departments, events, etc Self Leadership Global secures such inventions and improvements for its own use and practice.  


(7) Confidential Information 

(a)  The parties acknowledge that Self Leadership Global may disclose to Society Lounge Member confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets, and that Society Lounge Member may also create such information within the scope and in the course of suggesting improvements for Services.  Such information may take the form of, for example: data concerning scientific discoveries made by Self Leadership Global;  Self Leadership Global’s know-how; Self Leadership Global’s manufacturing strategies and processes; Self Leadership Global’s marketing plans; data from Self Leadership Global’s evaluations in humans; Self Leadership Global’s past, present and future business plans; Self Leadership Global’s strategy for or status of regulatory approval; or Self Leadership Global’s forecasts of sales and sales data. Society Lounge Member agrees to keeping all such disclosed Self Leadership Global information confidential (whether verbally disclosed or written).  


(b)  Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Society Lounge Member hereby agrees that during the term of this indefinite Agreement: (i) Society Lounge Member shall not publicly divulge, disseminate, publish or otherwise disclose any Self Leadership Global Confidential/Copyrighted Information without the Company’s prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld; and (ii)Society Lounge Member shall not use any such Self Leadership Global Confidential/Copyrighted Information for any purposes other than personal growth within Self Leadership Global.  Notwithstanding the above, Self Leadership Global and Society Lounge Member acknowledge and agree that the obligations set out in this Paragraph 7 shall not apply to any portion of Self Leadership Global Confidential/Copyrighted Information which:   


(i)  was at the time of disclosure toSociety Lounge Member part of the public domain by publication or otherwise; or


(ii)  became part of the public domain after disclosure to Society Lounge Member by publication or otherwise, except by breach of this Agreement; or 


(iii)  was already properly and lawfully in Society Lounge Member’s possession at the time it was received from the Company; or


(iv)  was or is lawfully received by Society Lounge Member from a third party who was under no obligation of confidentiality with respect thereto; or


(v)  was or is independently developed by Society Lounge Member without reference to Self Leadership Global Confidential/Copyrighted Information; 


(vi)  is required to be disclosed by law, regulation or judicial or administrative process; or


(vii)  in the case of information prepared by Society Lounge Member, is encompassed within and derived from Society Lounge Member’s academic and professional commitments and/or any other consulting or research engagement, provided that Confidential/Copyrighted Information described in this clause (vii) which constitutes Inventions shall be subject to the intellectual property provisions of Paragraph (6) of this Agreement


(c)  Self Leadership Global agrees that Society Lounge Member may share the terms of this agreement (with written permission from Self Leadership Global) on a confidential basis with its employers, legal and financial advisors, insurers and other third parties who have a legitimate need to know about them, as well as, his/her colleagues and co-workers, and his collaborators, as well as publishers and audience members at educational conferences and forums at which Society Lounge Member is speaking or presenting, whenever such disclosures are legally or ethically required or appropriate. 

9.  Modify Terms & Agreements.  

Self Leadership Global has the right to discontinue this agreement, or modify the terms and conditions at any time at its discretion, by providing Society Lounge Member with a notice of 30 days of the intention to do so.

(a) This agreement terminates and supersedes all previous oral and/or written understandings or Self Leadership Global  Society Lounge Member agreements.

10.  Applicable Law.  

This agreement and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in Colorado, and the United States of America.

11. No Guarantees.

  1. Self Leadership Global does not represent, warrant or guarantee that, as a result of Society Lounge Member’s connection with Self Leadership Global or the information, products, or services Society Lounge Member will receive directly or indirectly from Self Leadership Global, that Society Lounge Member will receive any money, bonuses, profits, loans, credit, personal or real property, business offers or anything else of monetary value, minimize tax liability, or live a longer, happier, more prosperous life.  Information provided by or through Self Leadership Global, directly or indirectly, is not intended to replace professional advice. 
  2. All information, services and products provided by or through Self Leadership Global, directly or indirectly, are “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or suitability of the information, accuracy, reliability, completeness, and timeliness.


Society Lounge Member Agreement

1. I agree and am willing to be trained, mentored/coached, guided and supported. 

2. I agree and am willing to explore, learn, and grow during coaching.

3.   I agree to communicate openly and directly.

4. I agree to take full responsibility for my choices, behaviors, actions and results.

5.  I agree to advocate for myself. I am responsible for my experience. If I do not agree with or feel as though the coaching, advice, or suggestions given by Self Leadership Global are right for me, I agree to speak my truth, ask questions, or say no.

6. I understand that Self Leadership Global is not liable and/or monetarily responsible for any injury that may occur before, after, and/or in relation to my attendance/participation at online and/or in-person networking and social events, retreats, conferences, seminars, coaching sessions, and/or socials.  This includes transportation to and from the event, during my stay, in the environment, and/or during activities/exercises during workshops.

I have read the above numbers 1-6 and I agree to all terms mentioned in the “Society Lounge Member Agreement”.  


Liability Release & Program Confidentiality Agreement:

All programs and materials distributed or provided by Self Leadership Global are proprietary and legally copyrighted.  Re-use or redistribution of any material is prohibited without written consent.

  • I understand that Self Leadership Global is not licensed to deal with crisis involving child abuse, potential suicide, and physical harm to others or property, that Self Leadership Global will report any incidents to the proper authorities.  Only under these circumstances will Self Leadership Global “break” our confidentiality agreement as legally mandated.  
  • I understand that if at any time Self Leadership Global determines that our relationship is not working (due to lack of participation, not doing the work agreed upon, not following guidelines in handbook, etc), our relationship could be terminated. 
  • I understand that I am participating programs that may result in changing how others perceive me and how I perceive myself. I understand that my current relationships may change, positively or negatively, as a result of my work with Self Leadership Global.  
  • I understand that the implementation guides and activities are suggested and that it is my choice to agree or disagree to all assignments. I agree to discuss any concerns with the training facilitators at Self Leadership Global
  • I understand that the coaches, and training facilitators at Self Leadership Global are here to guide me, however, I am ultimately responsible for any and all decisions I make during or as a result of my work with the company.
  • I take full responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of collaborating with Self Leadership Global. On behalf of myself and my heirs, I release Self Leadership Global from any financial, legal, physical, or psychological impact that results from my participation in this company, as well as, any claim for failure to produce the results I intended.

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