There are no refunds on Sales Page Slay Method due to the value and digital nature of the content.


When you purchase, do it with the intention of showing up for yourself, doing the work (internal & external), as well as completing your sales page.


Disclaimer: Results may vary. I make no guarantees that you will make a difference in the world or make money with any Self Leadership Global products, programs and/or services... including Sales Page Slay Method.


Refund Policy Updated On August 4, 2022. 

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Sales Page Slay Method

Supporting you in creating AND converting your sales page in 30 days.

Remember, here’s everything you’re getting:


You get instant access to 4 meaty modules that include:

🔥  9 sales page trainings so you know what goes where, and when (sales page design, copywriting, traffic, and money vibes) 

🔥  2 Canva Tutorials so you're never confused again on how to create those damn image bundles 

🔥  2 Bonus Masterclasses that will support you in getting found online for years to come

🔥  3 Recorded Group Coaching Sessions so you can hear people get coached through common sales page challenges, AND get your questions answered

🔥  4 Meditations to keep your money vibes heightened and STRONG

🔥  68 Pages of Sales Page Templates so you have clarity from start to finish

🔥  5 Coaching Emails that I'll be sending out to make sure you create, launch and monetize your sales page

🔥  Multiple sales page examples to keep your creative juices flowing


So, basically everything you need to build, market and monetize your sales page offer!

What People Are Saying:

I had a journal that I was selling for 8 months, and it was doing okay. But, once I put the sales page in place and [relaunched], I sold over 500 copies!

Kami, The Excellence Team

My first launch EVER with my sales page created $4000 in 3 days (with under 100 people on my email list)! The Sales Page Slay Method laid out the process for me that I would have wanted to skip had I been left to my own devices. It cued me to REALLY get crystal clear about what I was offering, what my ideal clients' pain points were and how I could help them. The questions and activities helped me write copy that spoke to my clients, and also helped me declutter my page so that it was easy to read, engaging and right to the point. Now, my sales page is visually more appealing, more clear and concise with my offer, the copy is more genuine and in my style and tone of voice, and it converted! This is a tool I'll use over and over to create all my landing pages!

Tricia, Mindful Warrior Fitness

My new sales page created 76 sign ups and just over $5000 in 10 days!I've been a professional blogger since 2014 and even though I've been doing this a long time, I took away so much new information. There's no way I could've revamped my sales page as well without the Sales Page Slay Method. The system was easy to follow, the content was detailed and spot on, and it provided real solutions and resources... not just fluff. Now my sales page flows so much better, has more information, tells a story, and overall looks so much more professional.

Tammy, Organize Yourself Skinny