Even if you have zero design experience, dread copywriting, and have a small following!

I see you getting ready for your big launch, Coach...


You've worked your tushie off to build a high value, authentic offer.


You've checked off all the major boxes:

✅ Planning your offer -> You've taken the time to get your content out of your head and into a detailed framework.


✅ Developing your offer -> You've spent weeks or even months writing scripts, designing slides, recording videos, developing templates & workbooks, and creating bonus goodies. 


✅ Packaging your offer -> You've found the perfect platform to deliver your content and brand your offer. 


Next up on your "Launch List" is the thing you've been avoiding... 

 🙈The dreaded sales page!🙈


You sit down, open up a blank google doc, READY to create your sales page, and then it happens... the damn confusion, overwhelm, and distractions start flooding in (again).

If you were nodding your head and saying "Mhmm" to any of the above then you're probably in one of these two groups...

Regardless of which you chose, if you're on this page you understand the importance of having a sales page.


So, let's handle this right now so you can save yourself time and sanity... not to mention all the money

being left on the table.


Coach, there are literally THOUSANDS of the right people searching online for what you're offering this very minute.


They're trying to find solutions to their problems, and are willing to pay for it. 




The Sales Page Slay Method™ is the simple, 4-step method that will have you creating, launching, and making money from your sales page in record time!


Tap into my TOP sales page design strategies, copywriting techniques, traffic driving tips, and money vibes secrets so you can create a sales page that converts leads into sales for years to come.  

What's Included In The Sales Page Slay Method™


STEP 1 -> Sales Page DESIGN

  • The super secret design system that guides you through keeping your audience visually engaged as they scroll their way to the "ENROLL ME" button.
  • Nail down your sales page branding so that your visually pleasing images, fonts, colors, and experiences keep them reading until the end.


During this module you’ll:

  • Create crave-worthy, authentic, soul-driven copy (with personality) that captivates minds, captures hearts, makes people say “Get outta my head!” and take ACTION.
  • Develop THE PERFECT headlines for each section of your sales page... because let’s face it, that’s the only thing some people will read and you want them to be juicy enough to enroll without reading every last word!
  • Tap into the mind, emotions, and behaviors of your PERFECT clients/students so they KNOW you understand just where they’re at.
  • FINALLY start to feel more confident in your copywriting skills. 

STEP 3 -> Sales Page TRAFFIC

This gem was created because the real question is… what good is a sales page if no one sees it? During this module you’ll:

  • Learn and implement simple methods to drive consistent traffic to your sales page so that you can watch the leads and sales roll in.
  • Automate EVERYTHING so you can make money while you sleep (literally).

STEP 4 -> Sales Page MONEY VIBES

Start stacking that paper! Your sales page can have the most authentic flow, the most captivating copy, and a ton of traffic, but if you aren’t energetically aligned with receiving, allowing, accepting, and keeping money... you won’t. During this module you’ll:

  • Increase your money awareness and get real with yourself about what you’re aligned with financially (we all have to start somewhere).
  • Implement the UPLEVEL Technique and boost your belief, as well as your energetic money standards so that you will allow yourself to receive more than ever before.
  • Practice removing resistance to money, clearing money blocks, applying energetic money hacks, and calling in your soulmate clients & students with grace and ease.

Total Value = $950

Today's Price = $197

YES, I Want To See Payment Options For The Course!

And Don't Forget About Your Bonuses!


Enrolling in The Sales Page Slay Method™ gives you access to FREE BONUSES designed to support you in converting your shiny new sales page!

Your Satisfaction Matters!

I'm an online business owner who's invested in a LOT of online courses and know that it can sometime feel risky.


After all, you've put in a ridiculous amount of time, energy and effort to get to where you are, and don't want to waste your money on something that's underwhelming (or that you could've found on google).


That's why when I create (and update) a course I do it with heart, soul, and RESULTS in mind. I whole-heartedly believe that anyone who implements this course will be over the moon happy with their purchase.


That's why I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee on The Sales Page Slay Method™. While I can't guarantee that this course will 100x your income or make you a millionaire by 2025,  I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the content and templates, as well as the time and sanity it will save you!


In saying that, if you're not satisfied I'm happy to refund your money within 14 days of purchase! 

Create & monetize your sales page faster (and with more confidence) than ever before!

For real though, is going back to how you did it before even an option at this point?

Hey Coach,

I'm KellyAnne Zielinski, and I'm pumped our paths have crossed!


I'm a Business Coach for coaches who are ready to package, monetize and scale their genius into a digital coaching business.


My top value is simplicity. My genius is all things digital products (ie. creating, marketing & monetizing). And, the Virgo in me is obsessed with geeking out on systems, funnels, and automation


A large part of monetizing your online coaching business is your offer sales pages, and I'm here to make this process as simple as possible! 

Let's sell those offers, Coach!



Coaches, course creators, and service providers who are READY TO:

PROMOTE an online course

ENROLL members into a membership site

LAUNCH a group coaching program 

TAKE APPLICATIONS for a mastermind or coaching package

OPEN SPACE in your schedule for 1:1 clients

MARKET for a conference, retreat, online workshop or seminar


Maybe you're creating a sales page for the first time, or perhaps you're revamping one that didn't perform the way you anticipated.  Either way, you consider yourself to be an action taker who LOVES to purchase and independently complete online courses.


If you're nodding your head, then THIS is the course for you.


  • You're trying to "get rich quick" without putting in the work.

  • You have a history of purchasing online courses, and not implementing or completing the course work.

You've got questions? I've got answers!


Total Value = $950

Today's Price = $197

YES, I Want The Course!