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Why Self Leadership?

The core of results is people, and the core of people is Self Leadership.


How Can SLG Support?

We develop and sustain high performing, empowered, and engaged teams of Self Leaders who produce results. Our programs and services are perfect for staff, managers and supervisors (current & potential), as well as executives.

Online Courses

We facilitate The Unabridged Leadership Methodology online for your convenience. 

***Ideal for staff, managers, supervisors, and executives.

On-Site Training

We facilitate The Unabridged Leadership Methodology at your location.

***Ideal for staff, managers, supervisors, and executives.


We train you to facilitate The Unabridged Leadership Methodology.

***Ideal for managers and supervisors (current & potential).

Executive Coaching

We guide executives to achieve & sustain the highest levels of Self Leadership within themselves & their teams.

***Ideal for managers and supervisors (current & potential), as well as executives.


We inspire Self Leadership in your team.


***Ideal for staff, managers, supervisors, and executives.

What Process Is Used?

Your key players receive the Unabridged Leadership Methodology. 

The ULM is a simplistic combination of 4 pillars and 12 principles of leadership utilized in guiding participants to clarity, leadership, and results. Click the video to learn more!



Unabridged Leadership Methodology Framework

Download the ULM Framework to dive deeper into the content covered within the 4 Pillars and 12 Principles of Leadership that will guide your organization to a Self Leadership culture.


Pillar 1- Self Leadership

(Leading Self)

Pillar 1-Self Leadership begins with understanding why you have your current results, discovering your potential, and knowing yourself more deeply. Specifically, you will be guided through 3 key Leadership Principles:

  • Who You Were As A Leader
  • Who You Are Choosing To Be As A Leader
  • Who You Are Becoming As A Leader

Highlights include comprehensive neuroscience, emotional intelligence, self image coaching strategies, communication tools, and deeper understanding of self.

Pillar 2-Outward Leadership

(Guiding Others To Lead Self)

Pillar 2- Outward Leadership refers to how you express your gifts and talents, how you interact, and how you guide others to become empowered in leading themselves. Specifically, you will be guided through 3 key Leadership Principles:

  • How You Show Up
  • How You Connect
  • How You Create Impact

Highlights include presence techniques, connecting to your WHY, relationship building coaching strategies, transferable empowerment skills.

Pillar 3- Community Leadership

(Leading With & Within a Professional Community)

Pillar 3-Community Leadership refers to collaboration, capability, camaraderie, and nurturing a culture of Self Leadership. Specifically, you will be guided through 3 key Leadership Principles:

  • Envisioning A Professional Community
  • Building A Professional Community
  • Leading With & Within a Professional Community

Highlights include developing a solid vision, clarifying an ideal climate, fostering a Self Leadership culture, and utilizing implementation strategies.

Pillar 4- Service Leadership

(Leading From Service)

Pillar 4-Service Leadership represents taking care of ourselves to prevent burnout, doing meaningful work, and joining forces as empowered individuals to create results. Specifically, you will be guided through 3 key Leadership Principles:

  • Internal Service
  • External Service
  • Impact Service

Highlights include self care techniques to prevent burn out, applying mentorship strategies, and utilizing high performance qualities and collaboration to develop impactful results.

What Can Self Leadership Do For My Organization?

Next Steps


""I was introduced to Self Leadership Global through not one, but two colleagues who raved about KellyAnne's work and the energy and passion she embodies. They weren't kidding! I was so very impressed by the methodology of Self Leadership Global and the need that SLG serves for our dynamic community. Furthermore, after having KellyAnne and her team present a workshop at our ACEC Open Meetings for counselors, educators, nonprofits, and community members, I was convinced of the value add to working with SLG. The entire group left energized, feeling present and intentional, and the workshop sparked everyone's creative energies in such a synergistic and empowering way.""

Emma Galvin, Adams County Education Consortium
Executive Director

""Since immersing myself within the Self Leadership Global community and events I've been able to focus on my business, gain clarity on my goals, and live into my professional purpose.""

Dan Morris
High Point Financial Group

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