It's time, Coach.

Time to turn your genius into a life shifting Signature Program

...And step deeper into your power as you boldly share it with the world in your fully aligned way.



I'd be willing to bet you've been through some shit.

Some of the best Signature Programs come through people who have!

Ya see, your messiness is what has led you to your power.

It's what revealed strength, creative genius, and results.

✅ And that's what we get to turn into a transformational coaching program that supports others in experiencing the same thing!

So, you see, you've always been the one who was meant to express this message.

To share it in a way that allows ALL of you (and your clients) to be seen and valued.

That's why this journey was given to you.

💁🏻‍♀️ And I just get to be the lucky one who gets to support you in organizing, packaging, and sharing it with the world!

Here's the thing, Friend.

Your signature coaching program will be a BIG part of creating the level of impact you envision and the millions you intend to make.

It's a foundational aspect of your coaching business.

And this empire comes to fruition as you live into the depths of your Self Leadership and honor your:

✅ Natural coding 

✅ Innate strengths

✅ Energy levels 

✅ Creative genius

✅ Devotion to fulfillment

That's when you incorporate ALL of you into creating & selling an epic coaching program

That's why when we work together 1:1...

Wondering how the heck to create, package, market and sell your signature program
Having unshakable certainty on every next step

Good messaging (in your coaching program curriculum & marketing message)
Allowing yourself to be the conduit for a bolder, more potent message that chose YOU to express through. You become THE ONE for your Signature Program topic

Teetering between fear and trust as you challenge beliefs and financial ceilings
Taking action WITH fear and practicing full trust... This looks like trusting yourself, and trusting that you're divinely supported

Marketing & enrolling a "certain way" because you saw Ms. MultiMillion Dollar Coach doing it that way (even though it doesn't feel authentic)
Marketing your signature program in a way that has you in awe of how fulfilling it feels. Your sales funnel provides for you and has your back!


Let's Channel Your Signature Coach

This is the distinctive, rare, league of your own energy you bring to the signature program experience... start to finish!

Your signature energy

Because, Coach, it's not a matter of which curriculum strategy or sales funnel setup will work better than the others. 

Every model works (if it's worked by you).

 It's a matter of you showing up with absolute certainty that YOUR online coaching program is THE program for your clients & students.

It's a matter of you fully trusting that expressing all of you is valuable.

The sweet spot in this Signature Program journey is harmonizing your Self Leadership with practicality.

It's knowing who you are, how you operate best, and the life you're continuously adding to...

Coupled with using strategies to create, package, market, and sell that fits with YOU. 

This is when your business will no longer be something you DO... but rather an extension of who you are!

Self Leadership + Business Mentor at your service.

Hi, I'm KellyAnne!

A 3 Lifepath, 6/2 Splenic Manifestor in Human Design, and an OG Self Leadership Mentor in the online coaching world. Since 2013 I've been supporting clients in becoming Signature Coaches by turning their genius into sellable and scalable offers so that they could:

  • Live the vibe of doing meaningful, purposeful work by supporting a LOT of clients & students
  • Make a crap-ton of money and experience the exact lifestyle they want 
  • Create a business structure that has their back (masculine) which opens up space for creativity and flow (feminine)

My coaching style gently harmonizes Self Leadership and business... being and doing... spirituality and practicality.


🏆 Clients and I talk about everything from quantum physics, emotional intelligence, metaphysics, collapsing time, and harnessing innate powers ... to signature offer suites, signature clients, the perfect marketing strategy for your energy levels, masterful messaging, sales funnels, and automation.


The main Self Leadership modalities I use to support clients are Human Design and Gene Keys, as well as manifestation teachings learned from A Course In Miracles and The Sophia Code.


In saying that, let's connect to see if we're a good fit!



1:1 Coaching Is Right For You If...

  • You have a minimum income of $7K- $10K per month and/or are ready to invest in yourself & your business
  • You're already doing daily Self Leadership work (ex: mindset, nervous system regulation, energy work, journaling, deep self observation)
  • This investment is a full body YES for you. You KNOW investing in yourself at this level is your next step
  • You consider yourself to be extremely coachable and self aware. You're willing to hear reflections on unsupportive beliefs, habits and patterns that are potentially holding your back

  • You have a 100% whatever it takes mentality. You know this is part of your purpose, not something you're "trying out" 
  • You're ready for your business to flow as an extension of who you are... rather than being something you do.

If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.



 1:1 Coaching Is Not a Good Fit for You If...

  • You are looking for hand holding, someone to "push" you, and/or someone to hold you accountable. (Codependency does NOT align with my values. Expect our 1:1 partnership to be a beautiful Self  Leadership journey where you're held capable and we both show up in our power)
  • You have a history of purchasing 1:1 coaching and "falling off" when you get busy or triggered.
  • You expect 1:1 support beyond what is offered.
  • You struggle making decisions and/or taking action without your coach. You use coaching as a crutch to "wait".  
  • You're not doing any kind of Self Leadership work, and/or don't value it as a success strategy.
  • You're unwilling to watch and take action on pre-recorded masterclasses or trainings. We'll be going through Signature Program That Sells step by step together. I may also send you to pre-recorded pieces of content to deepen the conversation around topics throughout our coaching!
If you're ready to build a Signature Program that sets your soul on fire, and creates ACTUAL transformation...
I'd love to see if we vibe!

I took into consideration that who you are shows up in what you do, and I'm here to support you in harmonizing it all.  

👇🏽 And check out all the value...
  • FREE Admission To All Monthly Masterclasses
  • FREE Admission To 1 Annual Retreat (In Person)
  • Access To All Online Courses (Including Updates & Additions)
  • Additional Online Support Via Daily Comment Box Coaching (Within Online Courses)
  • 4 Month Coaching Packages Receive Limited Tele-Coaching (See Below)


  • Access To The Self Led Coach Membership Site (50+ Masterclasses, Templates, Workshops, Challenges, Interviews, Journal Prompts & More!)
  • FREE Access To All Group Coaching Experiences (Experiences must start and complete during our time together)
  • 1 Monthly Group Coaching Call With The Self Led Coach Members
  • A Bank of 12 Forty-Five Minute Coaching Sessions 

4 Month Coaching Package

$7,777 usd

Payment Plan Available

For 4 Months You Will Receive:

  • Bank of 12 forty-five minute coaching calls
  • Tele-Coaching on the 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays of every month between 11:00am-3:00pm (Eastern Time)
  • Everything outlined above!
Still scrolling? I like to have all the info too!
You may be asking yourself...


I'm not one to intentionally share copy that will "convince" you or anyone else to enter into a coaching relationship with me.

If it takes convincing or "handling objections", then it's not a good fit right now.

It's also important to know that if you're looking for only "how-to" information then I have world class online courses for that (and they include FREE comment box coaching)! 

However, if you're one of the 1% of Signature Coaches who feel it in their bones that it's time to courageously showcase the fullness of who you are online...

And if you're brave enough to challenge mental and emotional habits, patterns and loops to unlearn all that you're NOT...

And if you're devoted to genuinely living into the reality you see in your mind... 

Then I invite you to apply for The Signature Coach 1:1 coaching package where you and I will enter into a beautiful, sacred Self Leadership & signature program journey together.

If you've made it this far, I have a feeling you and I are kindred spirits, and I'm really looking forward to learning more about you! 

XO, KellyAnne