4 Confidence Tips | Get Clients In Your Coaching Business

Today you're going to learn the 4 steps to becoming more confident so you can get more coaching clients, make more money, and live a lifestyle that feels authentic to who you are.


Here’s the thing friend, visibility is queen in the coaching industry, and putting yourself out there requires a lot of confidence. If you want to be known as an expert, thought leader and influencer in your niche, you have to be okay with:

  • being seen regularly
  • potentially being disagreed with
  • having your shit together when it comes to people buying into your products, programs and services 


Clarity creates confidence, so if you’re someone who’s been feeling insecure during enrollment conversations, or been feeling blocked in consistently being more visible online then you’re in the right place.


Implement these 4 steps to begin shifting your confidence and engaging more potential coaching clients today!


Step #1:

Overcome your fear of rejection 

The fear of rejection is REAL for so many online coaches and course creators. I get it… you want everyone to love and accept your message because your message is personal. 


And you want every potential client you talk to about enrollment to buy into your products programs and services.


But, the fact of the matter is that not everyone is going to align with you and your message,  not everyone you have an enrollment conversation with will buy in, and not everyone is going to support you and be kind online.


Perfect example, a few months back I posted a picture on Instagram with a heartfelt caption.  A couple hours later I came back to check analytics, and realized that someone posted a comment that said “You look like a man”.  Now I could’ve went into the fetal position and got depressed, or I could’ve let the shame and embarrassment trigger take over and not post anymore, but I didn’t.  I deleted the comment, focused on the people I was helping with my content, and moved on with my day.


Here’s the thing friend, when you engage with the world online you’re opening up yourself for critique. This could be through blogging, podcasting, youtubing or any social media platform.


It’s important to remember that people’s negativity has nothing to do with YOU. It has to do with their own triggers, limiting beliefs, and world view.  It’s really them judging themselves based off what they believe they’re capable of.


Overcoming your fear of rejection is one of the first steps to building your business because if you don’t then your message won’t be heard, and that’s more painful than some of the rejection you might face


If you want clients, you have to move beyond the fear of what it takes to engage and enroll them. Remember, it’s okay if you don’t connect with everyone.


Step #2:

Develop a social media content calendar…and use it!

Once fear of rejection is out of the way, then we can get down to business with consistently posting to educate, inspire and empower your potential clients to take action. 


In order to post with a plan and purpose, it’s important to see your content from a bird’s eye view.  When I work with clients, I walk them through organizing 3 things to create their content calendars.


1st-  We look at the clients launch schedule. We think about the products, programs and services they’ll be launching that year and break it down into quarters.


2nd- We look at the framework for those products, programs and services and take out micro content to use in social media marketing and online messaging.  


3rd-  we put the micro content into a weekly calendar to use to prepare people for the upcoming quarterly launch.  My clients position themselves as the go-to expert in those topics, and then are seen as an authority when their launch happens.


When you create your content calendar it will help you to strategically track topics to post, as well as, know how to position your content for an upcoming launch.


If you need support with developing a content calendar in YOUR coaching business, no worries! Go ahead and CLICK HERE to sign up for a free discovery call, and you and I can chat to see if we vibe to work together.


Step #3:

Become an influencer in your niche

Your next potential coaching client is searching daily for experts to help them solve their problems and get results. Regardless of the type of coach you are, you want to create a solid personal brand so you can stand out as an influencer in your niche. 


One way to do this is to develop branded, quality content, and engage with your audience. I think we can all agree there’s a lot of fluff out there. Being known as someone who delivers quality, engaging content will help you be seen as an expert, and develop a loyal following. 


Quality content is purposeful, clear and to the point, and it speaks directly to and with your audience.


Your job is to be relatable and strike up conversations with your audience to can see if you vibe, as well as see if it’s a good fit to work together.


Step #4:

Create a solid enrollment system

Potential clients are looking for clarity, simplicity and a solution... So be the one to give them that!


When you deliver content on social media be sure to make life easy for your potential client and add links to your calendar or a sales pages.


Then when they sign up for a discovery call have a clear outline for your enrollment conversation. Ask engaging questions, learn about where they’re at in life, and be genuine and authentic in how your products, programs and services can support their growth. 


When someone reaches out on social media, make the conversation as relatable, simple and painless as possible. Clients love convenience, and if you can create a streamlined system that feels natural and gentle you’ll be bringing in more clients before you know it. 


There you have it, Coach! You’re now on your way to more clarity, confidence and coaching clients. 


If you want to join a free community of course creators and online coaches who are gaining confidence and enrolling more coaching clients (just like you), I’ve created an exclusive society where I share up to date coaching tips and mindset strategies to help you simplify the business of building of your business. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!


Lastly, if this blog/video supported you in increasing your clarity and confidence, please let me know by sharing with your coach friends! Until next time coach, keep building your empire!






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