7 Ways to Get Clients as an Online Coach | Attraction Marketing

Okay Coach, if you’ve been hustling to get clients then this video is for you. Today is all about supporting you in learning how to attract coaching clients in your online coaching business through attraction marketing. 


What we’re talking about today applies whether you’re magnetizing:

  • 1:1 coaching clients
  • group coaching clients
  • students for online courses or other digital products


Regardless of your focus, one of the best ways to achieve your client attraction goals and get new clients is through attraction marketing.


Attraction marketing is defined as the process of drawing interest to a company, product or service using carefully devised branding and messaging techniques.


This means that you’re sharing:

  • your story and results
  • previous client testimonials
  • starting conversations around strategic topics that you KNOW your clients and students care about

...and I’ll share with you just HOW you’ll know they care about it in just a moment.


This method of client attraction is a learnable skill that every coach out there is capable of cultivating. Sure, it takes time and organization in the beginning, but once you have the right systems and funnels in order, it becomes much easier and will even start working on autopilot! 


To get you started, here are 7 client attraction strategies you can use to start attracting coaching clients as an online coach.

Client Attraction Strategy #1: Build a Niche Brand 

If you’ve done any research on building an online coaching business, I KNOW you’ve heard about niching down.  And we’re talking about it here because it’s THAT important. 


Coach, what are you known for?


If you answered “as an online business coach” I’m going to ask you to dig a little deeper. Having a personal brand and a niche means getting extremely specific on who you are as a coach and what kind of people you’re attracting as clients.


  • Do you want your online coaching business to focus on coaching other coaches?
  • What kind of coaches?
  • Health coaches? Business coaches? Success coaches? Life coaches?

Okay great, that’s a start. 


You can still niche down even further within those categories. A health coach who uses plant based meal plans to help busy moms get more time back? Now we’re talking.


You can see how this is a clear message that’s speaking to one specific person. THIS IS YOUR GOAL!


Go ahead and take a minute to figure out your niche. Write down what kind of coach you are, and then keep asking “what kind?” and “what else?” after. See how specific you can narrow down your coaching business.


Then, once you have that info you can adjust your branding accordingly. Things like your:

  • logo
  • brand voice and tone guide
    copywriting style
  • color palette
  • look and feel of your website and social media platforms

They all matter, because every choice you make with your brand and niche will be a strategic choice in helping grow your online coaching business. 

Client Attraction Strategy #2: Develop a Content Marketing Map 

Your content is arguably THE most important aspect of your business, so you want to share A LOT of it!  Content like:

  • social media captions
  • a blog, youtube channel or podcast 
  • email campaigns
  • sales pages
  • even something as simple as a thank you page on your website 


When you develop a content marketing map, you're creating a strategic funnel of content that will inspire the RIGHT people to find you, and buy into your products, programs and services.


So here’s what you do... take some time to plan out your quarterly, monthly, and weekly content that’s all leading to a launch. This allows you to position yourself as an expert in your niche and build authority with your audience… and the search engines. 


Now listen up because this is important… The way people will find your content on searchable platforms like google, youtube and pinterest, is through SEO. 


That’s how you found this blog you’re reading right now!  In saying that, it’s your time to become an SEO master!


The whole point of publishing content online is for people to find it and read it, so it's important to create content people are actually searching for.


All it takes is a little keyword research and you’ll be well on your way. Start a spreadsheet with your keyword research, include longtail keywords and search volume, and then use it as a reference for building your content.


Once you’ve determined your longtail keyword, start creating content that solves a problem or answers a question.


For example, this blog you’re reading right now was created based off questions and feedback I received from my coaching clients.  They were having trouble attracting new clients! So, I used the tool KeyWords Everywhere to check to see how many people were searching for “client attraction”, and if I could rank for it based off my current authority online. When I realized it was a good choice for my brand, I made this blog which is 7 Ways to Attract New Clients as an Online Coach!

In saying all that, the combination of the right keywords along with hot topics that are popular within your coaching niche are the secrets to developing searchable content, which is one of the most important elements of client attraction.


Maintaining this consistent content system will help you implement the next strategy as well.

Client Attraction Strategy #3: Grow an Email List

There’s a reason so many people emphasize growing your email list in order to grow your online coaching business. That’s because it’s one of the best ways to convert when you’re launching a new course or product. 


In order to grow YOUR list, include high value content upgrades AKA lead magnets AKA freebies within niche specific content. These can look like:

  • free checklists
  • cheat sheets
  • templates
  • mp3’s

...anything your ideal clients care about, need, and will download in exchange for an email address.


You can place them in a pop-up optin form, or a simple link in your blog that leads to a landing page.


A good idea is to take a look through the content you’ve already published - like your blogs and YouTube videos - and find places where you can insert and offer your freebie.


Once your freebie is downloaded, be sure you have an email sequence set up that will lead to a bigger offer as well. 

Client Attraction Strategy #4: Nurture Your Audience

Whether it be on social media, your website, or through your email list, give value and give it often. Be consistent and develop a plan to nurture your tribe. I promise you,  It will pay off.


I can speak from experience on this one.


I’ve had multiple people join my Self Led Coach Membership, and buy my digital products from finding me online.  A good chunk of these people never commented on, liked or shared my posts (that I’m aware of). It just goes to show, friend...  You never know who’s watching or when they’ll be ready to sign up for your products, programs and services.  


So, keep giving great content and let your audience know they can count on you to be consistent.


Client Attraction Strategy #5: Always Include CTA’s

A call to action is a direct statement you share with your audience guiding them on what to do.


It could be actions like:

  • Download this freebie
  • Comment Below
  • Share this with your friends who you think it would support
  • Tag 5 entrepreneur friends below 


The point here is to remember to encourage engagement with your community. Let them know what you’d like them to do by including an enticing CTA in your content.


Client Attraction Strategy #6:

Tell Them What You’re Offering

Coach, people aren’t mind readers. The only way they’re going to know about your online coaching business is by sharing your offers with them. 


Sometimes I see new life coaches and business coaches being a little timid about sharing their offers. Friend, you’re growing and gaining new followers each and every day so you need to make sure everyone knows how you can impact their life in a positive way!


When you don't share your offers you’re doing your audience a disservice because you're robbing them of the opportunity to solve their problems faster.


In saying that, be courageous, share how you support, and boldly give links to landing pages and sales pages so people can check out your offers. 

Client Attraction Strategy #7:

Use Ads

If you’re wanting to see a faster boost in your online influence, paid ads are an option to consider. Paid ads can support you in increasing brand awareness, sending people to your pages, and promoting your content upgrades or offers. 


Facebook and Instagram, for example, have very precise targeting methods, and now that you’re super clear on your niche, it should be fairly simple for you to narrow down your audience, and find the right people to click on your freebie. 


Again, after they opt-in, make sure you have an automated email funnel set up to be sent to them over the next couple weeks.


Remember, when an ad click leads to an opt-in that leads to an email subscriber, it’s always worth the investment.


Now Coach, these 7 strategies to attracting new clients in your online coaching business are just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why I created a community of online coaches who are attracting clients with their content just like you. If you’d like to join a FREE Facebook group to get more free trainings to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people then CLICK HERE to join now!


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne



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