Overcoming Fear as an Online Coach | Step into Visibility

Today’s blog is going to help you overcome fear, so you can step into more visibility in your coaching business and increase your influence, impact and income.



As coaches, one of our top goals is to increase our influence, impact, and income.


And the only way we’re going to accomplish that is if people see you and your brand. That’s what I mean by visibility. It means:

  • putting yourself out there 
  • showing up regularly online
  • creating valuable content that’s easy to find
  • nurturing your email list through regular and personalized messages


Now, we all KNOW this, but what is it that stops us? 


What is it within us that creates emotional barriers, distractions, excuses, procrastination, and other habits that make it near impossible to show up consistently in our online coaching business?


For most people it’s fear.  Whether it’s fear of rejection, fear of judgement, or the overall fear of visibility, if you don’t overcome fear and anxiety, your message will never be heard.


So, you may be wondering where that fear is coming from? There are 3 core human triggers within us. They are:

  1. Not feeling safe
  2. Not feeling worthy
  3. Not feeling loved


Let’s take a deeper look into these triggers so you can overcome fear, step into visibility and start living into the success mindset you deserve!

Mindset Tip #1:

Move through not feeling safe. 

Expanding ourselves and our businesses can oftentimes feel unsafe because we’re stepping into the unknown. In these cases it’s common for our mindset to shift to fear around not feeling safe to speak our truth, share our thoughts and opinions, or make more money.


The mind could be fearful of verbal or even physical attack, and may be accompanied by anxiousness and a scattered brain. Essentially what’s happening is that your brain is trying to come up with any distraction it can to get you out of this new, unknown situation. 


Here’s how to move through this—>


First and foremost, know this is a natural and common response! Remember, your brain was wired to get you out of harmful situations like getting attacked by a tiger. Now, we have the capability to shift our mindsets and practice feeling safe. 


It’s important to be aware that your mind will seek out confirmation for what you’re FEELING and thinking.  So, if you practice feeling at peace you’ll see peaceful experiences in your environment.  If you believe your content will help a ton of people, your mind will start to think about the people it will help and the results they’ll get.


To start practicing this process with feeling safe, regularly journal what safety feels like in your body, as well as what it looks like to be a perfectly safe millionaire. Write down the perfect scenario for how people will treat you and respond to you once you become more visible.


Then, affirm to yourself that:

  • it’s safe to be visible
  • it’s safe to use your voice
  • it’s safe to speak your truth.

Practice that until you align with it emotionally. Every time you feel a sense of discomfort,  refocus on feeling safe, reframe your thoughts and ask yourself “what’s the best that could happen?”.  


Finally, begin taking action in baby steps by getting a little bit more vulnerable, sassy or controversial in your posts and captions.  Start little by little until you increase your courage and confidence! 


Mindset Tip #2:

Move through not feeling worthy. 

When starting to become more visible almost every coach I’ve worked with has had to work through feelings of worthiness (especially in the beginning when they’re not getting a ton of engagement online).


They have thoughts like:

  • I’m a total fake and people are going to call me out on it
  • Why would anyone pay me for this?
  • My program isn’t good enough, and I’m not good enough.


If you’ve struggled with any of these thoughts or feelings, know you’re NOT alone!


Here’s how to move through this—>

Worthiness is an inside job.  No one and nothing outside of you will ever make you feel worthy if YOU don’t believe it.  


First things first, reframe what worthiness means to you. 

  • What does it look like?
  • What does it FEEL like?
  • What’s the experience of it?
  • What would it look like to be the model of it for your clients?


Then, notice where you’re overcommitting, feeling obligated or people pleasing in your business and life.  Those are typically signs that others' thoughts, feelings, and needs are coming before your own.


After that, start to make some shifts so you’re valuing your time, creating space for things you care about, and taking care of your mental and emotional health.


Simply put, do things that make you feel good. Call it self-care, call it self-love… whatever you call it doesn’t matter.  Just do things that help you relax your physical body, and feel in alignment with something bigger than you.


To do this, a lot of people journal, meditate, run, or listen to music that inspires them. 


I’m also a big advocate of affirmations. Start by affirming that you ARE that super successful coach, mentor, or course creator now. Even if you start by feeling like you’re only kidding yourself. Write down how awesome you are, talk to yourself in the mirror, and do whatever you have to do to start feeling worthy now. 


Remember, you only need to be one step ahead of your clients to teach them how to get where you are, and if hundreds of other coaches out there are running successful businesses you can too.


Mindset Tip #3:

Move through not feeling loved. 

If you’re worried about being judged, launching to crickets, or that no one likes you, you’re dealing with a mindset associated with not feeling loved.


It’s hard to not compare ourselves and our journey to other people these days (especially because of social media), but it’s one of the most detrimental things we can do as business owners. Comparison, self-judgement, shame, and self-loathing are all low vibrational feelings, and aren’t doing you any favors to dwell in. 


Here’s how to move through this—>

You may be called to do 1 of 2 things, so be sure to use your intuition.


  1. The first thing you may be called to do is to dig deeper and find the REAL reason you’re feeling this way. There may be a situation from childhood that constantly replays shameful feelings and thoughts? Maybe you’ve been rejected by a parent, friend, or lover at some point.  Perhaps you follow people on social media who you can’t help but compare yourself to, and then feel bad about yourself. If this is where your mind and heart are going, then you may be called to do some soul searching and healing work that includes letting go, forgiveness, acceptance and surrender.
  2. The second thing you may be called to do is IMMEDIATELY let go (which is very possible). This bypasses any discussions regarding figuring things out, childhood issues, past lives, karma, or anything else that can keep you stagnant for years… only to come to the same conclusion.

Immediately letting go requires a knowledge about and practice of complete surrender. Many times meditation practices and breathwork can support with quieting the mind long enough to surrender. A couple great books that can support you in getting started with this are Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender by Dr. David Hawkins, and The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer.  


Regardless of what you’re called to do, know that self love is no joke.


This isn’t some new age, woo woo idea.  Self love will determine what you allow yourself to receive in your business and life, so it’s important to intentionally develop a practice starting NOW.



Lastly, I wanted to share a Visibility PRO Tip which is to share your journey.


The secret sauce to overcoming fear and being more VISIBLE is being more VULNERABLE, too. You know those people who share intimate things and you’re like “wow, that person is so brave! I’m so grateful they shared their story because now I know I’m not alone.”


Well guess what coach, that can be YOU!


Vulnerable visibility is going to fast-track you into the know, like, trust cycle, and it’s from here we attract our soulmate clients and grow our business by leaps and bounds.


There you have it, friend. Now you have a deeper understanding of the 3 core human triggers, the fears they cause,  and the 3 Mindset Tips to help you overcome those fears and so you can step more into visibility in your coaching business.


If you’re still stuck and could use a little support, I offer a FREE Discovery Call. During the call, we’ll determine where you’re at, as well as, if we vibe to work together to get you where you want to be.


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, Please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO KellyAnne



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