How To Set Boundaries With Your Coaching Clients [AND YOURSELF]

Have you ever gotten to the point in your coaching business where you just can't energetically give more?


In the last 9 years of running my business I’ve gone through a couple waves of this, and what I realized was that those moments were a call for simplification and clear boundaries. Both helped me refocus, as well as  shift my energy and actions to ones that supported my business vision. 


It’s made such a difference in my life and business, that I decided to focus today’s blog entirely on setting boundaries in your coaching business and also with YOURSELF.


If you’re ready to set some really clear and intentional internal and external boundaries, so that you can create a business model that genuinely feels like truth to you then this is the blog for you!


First things first is getting an idea of what the heck boundaries are, because I feel like sometimes there can be this misconception or myth of what it means. 


A boundary is a line that marks the limits of an area. So, it's this dividing line, or what I like to call “the line in the sand.” Those “line in the sand” moments are typically ones where whatever it is you're doing becomes a standard for you and your business model.


Now, on the outside it can look like a simple business boundary or standard, but if you take a step back and look at the situation from an observer's perspective, you’ll notice that it’s an energetic standard as well… like a very clear internal YES or NO.


Everything in our business expands from our internal energetics that show up as external boundaries. Being the Self Led CEO of your business, and showing up as such, means embracing and sticking to these boundaries.


So, to make it beyond 6 figures it’s important to give attention to all parts: the energetic, the strategic and the self leadership. You have to be willing to tighten your energetic boundaries in business and life, as well as become the example of choosing your alignment and vision over and over again. 


There’ll be many areas where you draw the line in the sand.

So, let’s get into the top 6 boundaries to set with both your coaching clients and YOURSELF so you're creating a business and aligned CEO experience where you have your own back, and you’re also being self led enough to have the structures, systems and strategies in place in your business so that it works FOR you. 



Setting Boundaries Step #1: Schedule Boundaries

The first area in your coaching business to create healthy boundaries around is your schedule because your schedule represents your time, and is 100% in your control. 


Coach, you get to have your schedule look exactly how you want it to look, whenever you want it to look that way. 


I don't ask people's opinions about my schedule. So, if I'm about to run a group coaching experience, I look at my calendar and I choose a day of the week and time that fits into my schedule. Then I move forward on that. 


There are so many times when my coaching clients will ask:

  • Should I offer a couple different times for my group programs
  • Or “what if they can't show up at the time I choose?” 


Here’s what I’ve learned, Friend. If they value it, they’ll show up, they’ll rearrange, they will make it happen. They just will. 


So, it's not our job to ask people what works best for them because everyone will have a different time that works.


In saying that, when setting boundaries in your schedule, think about -

The time blocks that work best for you. 


Meaning if you have one on one coaching calls…  Are you leaving your whole schedule open for people to schedule with you? Or are you saying “Tuesdays and Thursdays are my coaching days, and these are my coaching slots, and you can sign up here” (if you do Zoom calls). 


There are so many coaches that don't do 1:1 coaching sessions via weekly calls. They’ve moved over to Voxer coaching or Telegram coaching, which I'm starting to use and love.


But friend, even with Voxer coaching and Telegram coaching, or if you're using any other kind of communication platform like that, it’ll be imperative to set healthy boundaries around that as well, because people think they have access to you 24/7. 


To give you an idea, I’ll tell my clients they can message me at any time throughout the week, however, I’ll be responding on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 11:00am- 2:00pm eastern.


So, take a look at your schedule and start to draw some lines in the sand around your time and availability. Make sure that, right from the get go, your schedule is aligning with your values, as well as, the type of lifestyle and time freedom you're choosing for yourself.


Setting Boundaries Step #2: Client Boundaries

The second type of healthy boundary to set is client boundaries. And this could look like: 

  • one on one clients 
  • group coaching clients 
  • VIP day clients


It could also look like people who aren't clients yet, but are inquiring about becoming a client. 


As you can see, you're setting boundaries in all different types of ways here. 


So, let’s start from the beginning…


The first boundary is for people who are not clients yet, but are inquiring about your services.  If potential clients are DMing you, or emailing you, or if they've filled out some sort of application, and they're wanting more information, your boundary will be around how much time and knowledge you’re willing to give for free throughout the enrollment process. 


The next boundary to set is around the investment, which is a monetary boundary with your coaching clients.


And remember, the investment you choose for your offers is because YOU are valuable. It’s not just your content or the things you've created. 


Your prices are your prices because YOU are valuable. That mindset is part of a wealth consciousness, “I am valuable... My energy, my essence, people being in my world”. 


Now, if you feel like you need to have a full payment option, and payment plan options, I fully support that. 


The goal is for potential clients to come to you already knowing they want to work with you. Typically, that happens through your content marketing on search engines, social media, or your email list. 


The next boundary to set with your coaching clients is around: 

  • What your coaching sessions will look like 
  • How much access they will have to you


So, if you’re working with a 1:1 client, or if you're running a group program or a mastermind…

  • What will those experiences look like regarding your time, energy and freedom? 
  • How does that service fit into your lifestyle? 
  • How accessible are you to your clients? 
  • Do they have your email? Do they only have access to the group or one on one sessions? 
  • Do they have a Telegram channel or Voxer experience? 
  • When you have your sessions, do you respect everyone’s time by staying on track and sticking to your time boundaries?


Be sure you have the answer to these questions when you’re enrolling clients and students so everyone is crystal clear on what to expect from your coach/client relationship.


Setting Boundaries Step #3: Refund & Contract Boundaries

The next boundary to set in your business is around your contracts and refund policies.


So, you want to think about the different types of offers you have, whether it's 1:1, group programs, masterminds, online courses, and digital products, and then think about if you intend to offer some sort of refund or money back guarantee. 


Also, know that different types of offers may have different refund policies!


Up until recently I offered a 7 day money back guarantee on certain online courses, however, now I have a strict no refund policy for all of my products, programs and services.


And, if you want to learn about creating refund policies and how to handle refund requests with class, go ahead and click here and I’ll walk you through it!


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Overall, be sure to choose your boundaries around refunds, put it in writing, and stick to them because this is one of those business aspects you want to have taken care of from the beginning!


Setting Boundaries Step #4: Personal Follow Through

This boundary is a combination of internal and external boundaries. Here we’re talking about your own personal follow through with your boundaries and discipline.


I’m talking about following through with: 

  • Courses or programs that either you’re creating OR that you’ve bought into as a student 
  • The strategies and structure you choose 
  • Marketing your offers (which is a huge one!) 


Even if you're not fully getting the results you anticipated yet, it’s so important to set a personal boundary with yourself around follow through so that you could step into deeper levels of self trust. 


Every time you do what you say you’re going to do, you count on yourself a little more and have your own back.


And that's not to say that you can't change your mind along the way. 

That's not to say if something isn't working you can't shift it. 

That's not to say you can't cancel certain things if it feels aligned. 


But just knowing that you have your own back, you trust your decision making capabilities, and you’re willing to follow through on the thing you know needs to happen… is huge, friend. 


Now, this is where we start to go down the path of our internal boundaries, because being the Self Led CEO of your business is a harmonization of the internal and the external. The BEING and DOING aspects of your business.


Setting Boundaries Step #5: Daily Self Observation


Developing a habit of daily self observation is essential when building your empire because your empire is more than just your business… it’s all aspects of your life.

One of THE MOST powerful things you can do for your own mental health is to explore your non-negotiable needs throughout the day, as well as your intuitive nudges, and boundaries.


So, create an energetic standard to observe yourself throughout the day,  know what you need, and then practice giving it to yourself in that exact moment you need it. 


For me, I NEED a certain amount of time alone each day… it’s not a desire or luxury, it’s a necessity for my mental health. So, I create space in my day (typically in the mornings and evenings) to give myself what I need.


So, the energetic standard here is “I observe myself, I know myself, I know what I need, I give myself what I need, and then I continue with my day because my need is now an extension of who I am.” 


As you observe yourself, you're going to start to see other areas where the internal boundaries come into play. This is where we start to have conversations with ourselves around what's really going on. 


Which leads to the last boundary ….


Coaching Boundaries #6: Mindset Discipline

Your mindset discipline relates back to daily observation. 

It's asking yourself “what is my mind telling me right now? And how can I redirect in the moment if it’s not aligned with my standards and boundaries?” 


Now coach, this is an opportunity to completely shift and rewrite your present and future timelines. 


Your internal story creates your reality, and it gets to be and look exactly how you want it to be and look. 


And that's only going to happen through self observation, transcending the conditioned, habitual mind when it tells you “no, you can’t, or “it’s not possible”,  and continuing to move forward in a more aligned and connected way. 


And I’ll be honest… letting go and surrendering aspects of self that are no longer true isn’t always easy or pretty. 


But this is where we rewrite a story of what’s possible for us. 


So, look at where you’re giving your thought power and energy throughout the day. 


If you’re finding moments of tension, constriction, or shallow breathing begin by lovingly confronting your shadow and intentionally shifting the story you’re telling yourself. 


This creates new energetic standards, new emotional standards, new spiritual standards and new standards of the essence you're projecting from you in any given moment.


And that’s when everything changes.


Now, these are 6 of MANY boundaries my clients and I work on in our coaching businesses. And if you have any other boundaries I’d love for you to share below!


So, if you’re at the point in your coaching business where you’re ready to set clear boundaries and stick to them… then I invite you to learn more about 2 coaching options I have available by clicking the links below. 

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📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne






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