Success Mindset for the Online Coach [Start An Online Coaching Business]

Becoming a successful online coach isn’t a mystery, and it’s not some exclusive club you don’t have access too. Successful coaches, in any niche become that way because of having a success mindset, and then consistently and strategically taking action.  


Think about the successful coaches in your circle of influence.  They exude clarity, confidence, certainty, and an abundance mentality. Their essence creates a magnetism…. So much magnetism that perhaps you’ve even collaborated with them or bought into one of their products, programs and/or services.


On the other hand, coaches who aren’t seeing consistent results can easily fall into scarcity mindset, taking action from a place of fear and lack.  This type of a mindset exudes confusion, uncertainty, desperation, and a “chasing” kind of energy, which ultimately repels potential clients.

If this is something you’ve struggling with, just know that it’s common when first beginning, or growing your coaching business. Believe me when I say, we’ve all been there at some point or another.  


So whether you’re new to coaching, or you’ve been in business for a while but not seeing the results you’d like, if you practice these 7 success mindsets, you’ll shift from scarcity to abundance fast…

Success Mindset #1: Think Clarity

Successful online coaches clarify what success means to them. Here’s the thing friend, every person has their own definition of success. It’s up to you to align with what success looks like AND feels like to you…. and I have news for you… it’s more than just money!  Have you ever heard the stories of financially successful people who were miserable, or had no life? That’s because they ONLY focused on financial success and not LIFE success. So, for YOU to begin aligning with this success mindset clarify what mental, emotional, physical and spiritual success looks like to you and begin practicing that everyday!


Success Mindset #2: Think Lifestyle

Successful online coaches build a lifestyle plan BEFORE building a business plan. One of the biggest mistakes coaches and entrepreneurs make is that they dive into building a business, work more hours for less pay, and have no life.  If they do this long enough they end up burned out, they resent their business, and oftentimes quit because there’s not a big enough ROI (especially in the beginning). Successful coaches develop a lifestyle plan first in order to know what products, programs and/or services to build and offer so that it FITS INTO THAT PLAN.  


For example, my lifestyle plan includes adventure and travel.  I plan to live a life of geographical freedom and explore the world with my life partner, matthew. I also plan to spend time with Self Leadership Global members all around the world to support coaches and entrepreneurs in sharing their messages far and wide.


To me, there’s nothing more exciting than learning about how people experience life, and being invited into different cultures. It humbles me, and helps me to view life from multiple perspectives.  


Because of this lifestyle plan, I’ve strategically chosen products, programs and services that align with how I want to live.  


In order for YOU to begin aligning with this success mindset determine what your ideal lifestyle is, and begin shifting your business model to reflect that!


Success Mindset #3: Think SOLUTIONS

Successful online coaches focus on solutions.  When growing a business there will be everything from learning curves, and challenges, and technology issues, to ideas that get discarded and systems that completely change as your numbers increase.  Despite these hiccups, successful coaches know there’s ALWAYS A SOLUTION to every problem and they seek out the solution FAST. They don’t get caught up in the emotions of things not going perfectly, and they shut down the negative mindsets that try to keep them stuck.


To begin aligning with a success mindset begin to train yourself to seek out and find solutions when hiccups happen and you’ll begin to see how much faster you accomplish your goals!


Success Mindset #4: Think COLLABORATION

Successful online coaches seek out collaborations! Successful people don’t become successful alone.  They become successful because they have people supporting them in increasing their influence, impact and income.  Collaborations can look like hiring a team… it can look like doing interviews… it can look like guest posting on social media or guest blogging… it can look like developing an affiliate partnership… and so much more! There are SO MANY WAYS to make your life easier, and your business flow smoother through collaborations.


To begin aligning with this success mindset make a list of positions you’d like to hire for in your business, as well as collaborators you can reach out to who have a large community full of your ideal clients.


Success Mindset #5: Think BIG

Successful online coaches think BIG!  The bigger they think, the more their mind tries to find opportunities and solutions to achieve their goals. Whether YOU think perceived big or small, YOUR mind will do the same for you! It takes the same amount of energy to think big as it does think small, so do yourself a favor and go bigger than you’ve ever gone before.  Even if you don’t hit your goal, you’ll still accomplish more than if you thought small.


To begin aligning with this success mindset list out your influence, impact, and income business goals and double them (or triple if you’re feeling extra sassy).


Success Mindset #6: Think STRATEGY

Successful online coaches strategize… big time! They have frameworks, and content calendars, and launch schedules, and marketing plans.  Successful coaches think about how to simplify and automate their processes to make their lives easier and then implement those strategies! They do what they can to support their business in running on autopilot to create more freedom in their lives all while increasing their influence, impact and income!


Success Mindset #7: Think BECOMING

Successful online coaches understand that they’re always in a state of becoming and they embrace this fact. The only constant is change, and that includes ourselves.  Successful coaches keep learning about themselves, keep growing, and keep becoming more and more of who they truly are. They read, and listen, and observe all in order to grow into the person who is mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually aligned with the goals they’ve set for themselves.


To begin aligning with this success mindset begin reading everyday to keep your mind growing!  

There you have it, coach! Now you know the 7 Success Mindsets you can begin practicing to shift from scarcity to abundance and experience a badass lifestyle.  


Until next time coach, keep building your empire!




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