What do I put in my welcome emails? | Email Marketing For Beginners

So, you’ve taken the time, energy and effort to grow your email list… Now what?


Today’s we're talking all about email marketing for beginners so that you can get the  email marketing tips you need to know the type of content to put in your emails (particularly your welcome email sequence).


Coach, this is what will get your list engaged with your content, and excited to hear about your next program or offer.


First and foremost, CONGRATS on building your email list. I can’t stress enough how big of a deal that is, and I’m so excited for you to start seeing major shifts in your business because of your badass list.


But now what?


Now you get to start email marketing… meaning sending your new audience strategic, thoughtful, and value-packed emails! Friend, your email list is full of people who CHOSE to be there, so they’re going to be excited when they start seeing more of you in their inbox!


Did you know that people who make purchases through email spend 138% more than people who never get offers in their emails? That’s a staggering statistic! 


Your email peeps are also going to be 3X more likely to share your content on their social media channels.


And it all starts with the welcome sequence. This is a KEY element to building the know, like, and trust factor.


Trust me when I say they’re effective. It’s reported that on average 320% more revenue is attributed to the welcome email than any other promotional email.


Okay, let’s go through the 7 types of emails that will get your contacts asking “where do I enter my credit card number?


Welcome Email #1:

Explain Your Freebie

In most cases, the people on your list got there because they downloaded some sort of freebie.


Don’t expect them to know exactly what to do with it though. Explain it to them! 


Walk them through:

  • All the benefits of the freebie
  • What they can do with it
  • How they can access it
  • Asking them to share on social media how it helped them


They’ll get the free valuable content, and you’ll get some super valuable testimonials. It’s a win-win.

Welcome Email #2:

Introduce Yourself

This new person on your list might have been following you for years, or they might be brand new. We can never assume, so go ahead and send an email with your story including why they should listen to you.


And here’s a little hint - it’s usually because you used to be in the same situation they are in now.


Then you can talk about your transformation, which is also the result they’re looking for in their own life.


Think of this email as a condensed, non-boring bio.


Welcome Email #3:

Set Some Expectations

How often will you be sending your emails? Weekly? Monthly?


Let them know how often and on what day they can expect to see your name pop up on their email alert.


You can also share the types of content you’ll be sending, as well as how you’ll be able to support them. So, maybe they can reply to the email if they have questions… if so,  tell them that.

Welcome Email #4:

Share Your BEST Content

Take a look through some previously published blogs, podcasts or youtube videos and pick 5 that got some killer engagement.


Write a little intro snippet for each one, and link out to all of them in one email.


I love this tip because you get to repurpose content that’s already been created, and it’s a great way for peeps to binge watch your stuff, learn from you, and start to see you as THEIR coach!


Welcome Email #5:

Client Shoutouts & Testimonials

Let your email list in on the amazing clients you already have, and share some of their badass results!


If you have testimonials on your website it’s perfectly fine to pull from those, or simply ask some of your rockstar clients to write a couple of sentences about their experience with you.


If they’re cool with it, including their photo along with the testimonial in your email adds that extra personal touch, too.


Welcome Email #6:

Be Their Myth Buster

Get ahead of their objections before they even “go there.” Talk about common limiting beliefs or emotional attachments they might be experiencing, or highlight some mistakes they might be making.


This has a huge impact on the “trust” factor that we’re building here. 


Welcome Email #7:

Share Your Promos & Launches

The time has finally come when you can share your offer. And since you put the time and effort into warming up your list first, it won’t feel sales-y or inauthentic to send it to them, and they won’t feel like they’re being pitched to either!


Now coach, your list is going to know, like, and trust you thanks to this welcome series, and that makes the decision to buy from you much easier. 

Now you know the Welcome Sequence that will help:

  • Engage with your list
  • Establish yourself as the go-to expert
  • Make the decision to work with you effortless


If you’re still stuck and could use a little support, I’ve created a free facebook group full of coaches and course creators who are all growing their businesses and email lists just like you. So go ahead and CLICK HERE to join that now!


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends. 


Until next time, keep building your empire!


<3 KellyAnne





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