But all this didn’t happen overnight.

(“Overnight success” is a big fat LIE.)

So let’s take it back. Way back. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. #GoBILLS! 


I come from a large (and by “large” I mean three siblings and over 50 cousins large) family who was always together. We were the Italian version of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Birthdays, football games, family dinners, weekends at the pool… you name it and there we were.  


This group of people is more than family though. We’re a big bunch of besties who always have each others’ backs no matter what. 

Why does this matter?

During the early stages of founding Self Leadership Global, I made a promise to emulate this feeling of family.

But more on that later...


Eventually, I decided it was time to move on from Buffalo, so I packed my bags for Brooklyn! But I only stayed for a little because the mountains were calling.


In September of 2012 I set off for Denver, Colorado, and this has been home ever since.


Back to the 2nd-grade teacher thing. Even though being a teacher didn’t pan out to be my life’s calling, I learned so much from the experience. Sure the subject matter I teach now is a little more complex than teaching how to add two and three-digit numbers, but knowing how to simplify concepts has definitely come in handy as a business coach. (Like explaining SEO to someone who still uses Internet Explorer... I love you all, but you get the idea.)
The vision of Self Leadership Global came to me while I was living in Buffalo. I had spent about a year and a half diving deep into personal development and was starting to see the results. (So exciting!)


Then I read “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Burchard and that was the turning point.


I resigned from my teaching job, wrote a book, and created a coaching business. (Just like that! It was super easy! JUST KIDDING.)
But honestly, after taking Brendon Burchard’s “Experts Academy” my life was entirely changed. 


I started out using the concepts from my book to train people in education and the corporate sectors on Self Leadership.

But quickly realized that working with coaches was where it was at for me!


More specifically, coaches who have been in business for 1-5 years and are ready to create a soulful and strategic online business model.


It was FUN, meaningful, purposeful and I was reaching a ton more people through the ripple effect.



I lead my clients and members through trainings, masterminds, and intimate coaching containers that help them develop their Self Leadership skillz first and foremost. I help them move through fears, blocks, challenges, and obstacles. I teach them how to hold themselves capable and live an empowered life.


We work together to find clarity on what they want their lifestyle to look and feel like so they can build an entire business model around that intention.


We build their coaching framework, nail down their niche and soulmate client avatar, and come up with effective content marketing strategies. Through things like 1:1 coaching and the SLG Society Lounge membership community, I focus on cultivating a feeling of family that’s always been so important to me.

It's all about the perfect harmony of strategy and soul.

In the future I see my clients building awesome businesses that impact the whole world through full empowerment, full capability, and big fat bank accounts - because they DESERVE it.


My mission is to help 1,000,000 coaches build businesses that positively impact the world, and afford them to live a badass lifestyle they love! 


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But wait!

What’s an “About” page without some random fun facts? Am I right? I always aim to please:


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