3 Things You NEED To Know Before You Create An Online Course

If you’re here that means you’re either thinking about creating an online course, or you’ve already started the process. 


Either way, you’re probably scouring the internet like I was all the way back in 2013 when I created my first online course. I remember trying to figure out all the details I needed because I wanted my course to look well done and create massive transformation in my students' lives.


At that point I had already taken a few online courses and saw what I did and didn’t like.


Since that time, I’ve created 6 signature online courses and over 50 masterclasses, and mini courses, so it’s safe to say that I have a few things to share on the topic.


Now, if you need to know the actual details of creating and selling an online course, then click the link below and I’ll walk you through it.


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Because today, we’re going to go over 3 Tips You NEED To Know BEFORE You Create An Online Course. 


These are 3 things I didn’t know which made the whole process of creating and selling my first course very difficult. Truth be told, I almost scrapped that course all together, and I’m so happy I didn't because it’s now currently my top selling online course!


So, in an effort for this process to run more smoothly for you, check out these 3 online course tips that will save you time and sanity in the long run. 


And don’t forget to stick around until the end because I’ll be sharing my favorite Online Course resource that will have you creating, launching, and selling your online course on autopilot faster than you ever thought possible!


I’m KellyAnne Zielinski and I help online coaches build profitable coaching businesses by creating, monetizing and scaling their genius in signature programs, online courses and other digital products… all while deepening their Self Leadership.


So, let’s dive right into these 3 online course tips to get you started creating and selling your online course asap!



Online Course TIP #1: Profits Come From Your Genius


Coach, we’ve all read a ton of books, taken more courses & programs than we can count, researched like crazy online, and have a ton of experiences…  and now it’s time to take the golden nuggets from everything you’ve learned and package it into an online course based on your results, your stories, and for YOUR clients & students. 


I know it’s tempting to want to do a ton of research, gather information, and then share great information… but the way your online course is going to get created faster, and magnetize more students is if you create something that’s 100% unique to you and goes beyond information. 


The information age is over, Coach.  Your future students need more than what they can find on the internet for free. They need TRANSFORMATION!


Distinction is one of the top 3 components of successful online courses. This represents you being different and uniquely you in the content you share and how you deliver it. Now, it’s one thing to SAY this, and it’s another thing to express this. 


Friend, creating this online course is going to be a beautiful and intimate process of you excavating knowledge that you’ve been given from something greater than you for a purpose beyond you. 


This isn’t just sharing information… it’s delivering a transformation. 


Distinction comes from creating directly from your knowledge, creating directly from your experiences and creating directly from your personal stories & results. This is what’s going to separate you from everybody else. 


So, create from your genius, Coach. 


Work on strengthening your trust muscle and bravely share your knowledge, the intimate details of your life, and the unique experiences that helped solve your problems (which are most likely the same problems your students are having).


Your unique way of solving a problem combined with your skills & your energy will ultimately be the difference maker!


Your job is to be the example and role model of someone getting results in one distinct niche and packaging it in a way that’s distinctly you.


Online Course Tip #2: Be Authentic In Your Packaging & Delivery


Somewhere along the line coaches learned this inaccurate idea that in order to have a professional looking online course you needed to create beautiful slides and do a voiceover… or that you needed to be on camera with the perfect background and perfect lighting. 


Coach, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You get to package your content in a way that feels 100% authentic to you. 


And this is the fun part! So, if you love being on video and that feels natural for you? Perfect!

Or if you prefer doing voiceovers on a slide deck? No problem, I can show you how to do that! 

Or, if you feel most comfortable recording audios? Love it… some of my favorite courses are audio courses!

Or maybe you’d rather do a Facebook Live series and package those? Sounds like a plan!

However you look at it, you get to package your online course YOUR way, and it’s important to give yourself permission to do that! 


Your goal is to get this transformational content out into the world… not spend 3 months battling learning curve after learning curve or trying to figure out how to package it in a way that feels completely unnatural to you.


So, find the fastest, easiest, most harmonious way for you to record your content and do THAT! 


Online Course Tip #3: Market While You Build


This is especially important if you don’t have an audience or an email list. There’s nothing more important than talking about topics you care about online when yofu’re building your online course, and your coaching business, in general.


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When you do this, you’re:

  1. Building a following 
  2. Aligning with like minded people
  3. Piquing the interest of potential clients & students
  4. Creating a audience to share your offers with


One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is they’ll spend a ton of time, energy and effort working on their course (sometimes for weeks or months) and they’re so engulfed in that process that they completely ghost their audience online.


So, then what happens is they’re ready to launch but their audience doesn’t know who they are or why they should listen to you. 


When you consistently show up online whether that's a blog, youtube channel, podcast, or on social media, you become someone who’s top of mind.  People are seeing you, learning from you, and they’re engaging with your energy (even if they’re not liking or commenting).


So, put yourself out there and watch your energy expand through everyone who experiences you! That’s how your message, your impact and your overall business will start to take on a life of its own, and attract like crazy the perfect people you can support… especially when it’s time to launch!


Okay, so now you know the 3 things that coaches need to know BEFORE creating an online course, and as promised, I wanted to share a resource I created called Online Course Simplified because there’s so much more to learn about creating and selling well done, 100% authentic to you online courses. This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building the curriculum for your Online Course from scratch, but also the process you need to SELL it ...whether that’s by having an evergreen course, or open/close cart dates, or even selling it as part of a group coaching program! 



So, go ahead and click the picture above to learn more about that now.


📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne




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