Boost your Social Media Engagement | 7 MARKETING STRATEGIES

Your social media engagement strategy is a determining factor of how many eyes are on your brand, how many clients are on your spreadsheet, and how much money is in your bank account.


Here's what's up, friend.  Social media is a great, cost effective tool to use to create relationships with potential clients, however if you don't use it strategically, it can end up wasting your valuable time, energy, resources, and (if I’m keeping it real) your sanity.


There are few things you want to focus on when using social media as a business tool, and having a high engagement rate is one of them!


When you increase your social media engagement rate it will tell the social channels that people LIKE your content, and it will share your content with more people, giving you HIGHER ORGANIC REACH.


Ummm... yes please!


Now, the pro’s make it look easy, but I’m sure by this point you’ve figured out that there’s a LOT of strategy involved in growing your online following!


So, if you want to increase your social media engagement, keep your audience hooked,  and maximize your results, practice these 7 key social media engagement strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to seeing solid returns from your social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Engagement Strategy #1:


Many people don’t realize it, but the purpose of social media is to BE SOCIAL. This means it’s your job to be the model of engagement if you want people to engage!  


This includes being conversational in your posts, responding to comments on your social channels, asking your audience questions (whether in your posts or in the comments), and being prompt in getting back to people who private message you.  Every time you do, it makes people want to interact more!


Remember, when someone comments or asks a question on your social channels, it’s an opportunity to:

  • Build a relationship
  • Develop a trusting connection
  • Potentially enroll a new client   


So to increase your odds of making this happen start by MODELING the type of engagement you’d like to see from your following!


Social Media Engagement Strategy #2:


Consistency is key on social. You can’t expect to see results if you post once a week, or only post when you’re launching something, or NOT respond to your comments.


When using social media as a business tool, posting consistent content is imperative to creating momentum and getting results.


To start, focus on only 1-2 channels and aim to do them really well.This will support you in gaining authority in your niche, making you the go-to expert that people seek out and enjoy learning from!


Social Media Engagement Strategy #3: CREATE CONTENT THAT MATTERS

But how do you know which content matters? Well, when you’re creating content, ask yourself three questions:

  • Is my content relevant? Meaning, does your niche care?  Is it important to their business or life right now? Is it relevant enough to where they’re going to google or youtube and putting it into the search engine?
  • Is my content interesting/entertaining?  Meaning, will it keep their attention?
  • Is my content solution based? Meaning, does it solve a problem?


As an online coach, your content aim is to support your audience in expanding their awareness around purposeful information, as well as, providing a solution to a problem they’re experiencing.


This can be through introducing them to something they don’t know about, or better explaining something they DO know, all in an attention grabbing, interesting and entertaining way.


Additionally, once you have a signature program framework creating a content calendar will be WAYYYYYYY easier.  If you’re wanting to learn more about that, I’ll link to it above and you can check out that video.


***Don't have a Signature Program Framework yet? I have your back, boo! CLICK HERE to learn how to create YOUR Signature Program Framework today! ***


Social Media Engagement Strategy #4:


Coach, analytics are your best friend when it comes to posting.  And the best part is, you don't need any fancy social media tools to check your analytics. All the major platforms have an insights feature, which will tell you:

  • When your audience is online (so you can post at the right times)
  • Which posts are getting the highest reach
  • Which posts are being saved and shared the most, and
  • WHO your audience is.


Ultimately, your analytics will tell you what people like and what they want more of.  Your job is get out of your own way, listen to the audience, and then create based off what they’re responding best to.


Social Media Engagement Strategy #5:

USE STORIES ON FaceBook & Instagram

Not everyone is using the story feature yet, so the more you can stand out and do what everyone else isn’t, the better your social media pages will perform.


Posting in your stories several times a day will allow your account to jump to the top of people’s accounts when they login.


Plus, this enhances the “realness” factor of your brand because you’re typically sharing a less polished piece of content, which helps your audience feel like they know you!


Now, I know it can be a little nerve racking to go live on your FaceBook and Instagram stories and I’d love to hear from you on this!  In the comments below let us know how often you use FB and IG stories, and the results you’ve seen from it!


Social Media Engagement Strategy #6: OUTREACH

Just like any other kind of marketing, outreach is SO important on social. Like I said before, the point of social media is to BE SOCIAL.


If you see a thought leader discussing issues that are relevant to your personal brand, COMMENT! This also goes for potential clients who may be interested in your offerings.


Regardless of who it is, start genuine conversations that matter, and offer your opinion and advice when it’s relevant.   


The point here is to get engaged on other people’s pages, as much as you are on your own! When you do this, it will bring more people to YOUR pages and increase engagement which will position you better in the news feeds.


Now, I think it’s important to mention that I’m NOT telling you to spam people.  Meaning, you’re not going to comment links to your sales pages and website all over some else’s page or in their comment section.


You’re providing meaningful conversations that position you as a REAL, genuine, engaged expert!


Social Media Engagement Strategy #7:


 Your audience is looking to you to direct them where to go.  A call to action or CTA will tell your audience HOW to take an action after a post. That CTA could be to: 

  • Comment Below---> Asking questions like “Have you experienced this?” or “What are your thoughts on this?” or “What is your story” or “What are your tips for xyz?”  
  • Tag a friend who needs to hear this
  • Sign up for a free coaching call
  • Download this content upgrade 


Overall, if you continuously encourage engagement and ARE THE MODEL OF ENGAGEMENT you’ll have a much greater chance at increasing your organic reach and results from social.


I hope this was helpful, coach. Now you have your 7 key social media engagement strategies to optimize your social media channels so they’re working for you as a business tool.


Just know that It may take time (especially in the beginning), so be patient, consistent and intentional in your strategy.


As always, please help another coach out and share this blog with them!






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