How To Create A Signature Program [THAT SELLS]

Wondering how to create a signature coaching program? If so, you're in the right place!  Today I’m going to teach you the 6 VITAL Steps to creating a signature coaching program [THAT SELLS].


Friend, THIS is one of the major differences between the successful and unsuccessful coaches.


Every signature program begins with developing a solid FRAMEWORK.


Your signature framework is the overall outline of YOUR BEST content and implementation support you use to take your clients from where they are, to the results you’re promising. It’s the SIMPLE, step by step system that you use to guide them to a solution to a problem they’re having. GET YOUR FREE SIGNATURE FRAMEWORK TEMPLATE HERE!


Here are my 6 steps to help YOU build YOUR signature coaching program framework to put you on a fast track to success.

Vital Step #1: End Result

The first step in creating your signature coaching framework is to clearly determine the shift, outcome and measurable result your clients will experience upon completing your coaching program.


Your ideal clients have a problem you can help with...  That’s why they’re coming to you. Your signature program is going to solve the exact problem they’re having. 


Imagine your coaching client just completed your online program, or in person signature coaching program.  What end result did they receive? In a word, a phrase or short sentence please share your response in the comment box below!

Vital Step #2: Main Concepts/Topics 

Step #2 in creating your signature coaching program is to brainstorm 6-12 main concepts or topics that your ideal clients MUST KNOW in order to achieve the result you’re promising.


This is where we work backwards from your end result, and think about what they need to know, what they need to do, and the simplest way for them to receive the solution to their problem. 


Vital Step #3: Direction

Step #3 in creating your signature coaching program is to add directives to your main concepts and topics. Every framework will include opportunities to enhance awareness and knowledge by providing trade secrets, resources and actionable strategies.


You're the expert, and your clients are looking to you to guide them and give direction. Support them by providing tips, tools, strategies, techniques , or resources that will help them take action FAST!


Vital Step #4: Implementation

Step #4 in creating your signature coaching program is to add implementation opportunities.  This is the application and “practice” aspect of your framework.


We all know that knowledge doesn’t go very far without action. So, you’re going to create some sort of easily applicable documents or action steps so your clients are able to implement what they learn and apply it to their own personal situation.  


This can include workbooks, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, scripts, or anything else that will support them in easily getting results.


Vital Step #5: Examples/Stories

Step #5 in creating your signature coaching program is to include examples and stories. Your story of triumph matters, as well as the folks you’ve worked with. Your clients want to know that the thoughts, emotions and experiences they’re going (and growing) through are common.  They want to know your journey, and they also want some sort of social proof (even if it is just from YOU) that your process works!


Let your clients know about the thoughts, or challenges that came up, or any possible fears and blocks they may face during certain modules. Then, share how you or previous clients made your way through it.


Let them know that YOU know how they feel, and they’re not alone! This is going to create deeper connections and help them to know you, like you and trust you.


Step #6: Bonuses

Step #6 in creating your signature coaching program is to use or develop some sort of bonuses that will support your clients in getting results faster.  


Bonuses include supplemental materials such as recorded seminars, podcasts, articles, ted talks, youtube videos, or anything else you believe will guide your clients to results.


Congrats coach! Now you know the 6 Vital Steps to Creating a Signature Coaching Program That Sells. But if you’re not quite sure how to put this down on paper, don’t worry because I have you covered.


Go ahead and download Signature Program Template to get you started! This template was designed to help you get your ideas down on paper fast! 


Lastly, if this blog was just what you were looking for,  please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends. Until next time coach, keep building your empire!


KellyAnne xo



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