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Today’s blog is going to be a little different...  I’ll be guiding you through a mini sales training and sharing the simple discovery call template I use on my discovery calls that helps me to sell authentically and convert an interested audience into official clients & students.


So, if you’re like “YES, I want to learn how to sell in an aligned, natural, and non-salesy way”, then keep on reading because this is the blog for you.


A discovery call is a 1:1 conversation you offer to prospective clients & students to learn about their challenges and determine if your products, programs or services could be a solution.


Ultimately you’re both discovering if your coaching is the right fit for them in some form or fashion. 


If you’ve landed your first discovery call, let me be the first to congratulate you, friend!


🎉 Take a moment to celebrate that you’ve magnetized these people to you! Whether it was:

  • your content marketing
  • an engaged social following
  • an awesome website with great SEO

... whatever you're doing is working & that is worth celebrating!


So, now that you have people coming to you, you may be wondering what needs to happen next? 


Like, what specifically do you say on these discovery calls? 


First things first, it’s important to go into discovery calls or free coaching calls thinking of them as sales calls… because they are, and coach, you have to own that from the beginning! 


But, even though you’re “selling” it can still feel like a win-win, authentic sales process. 


In saying that, before you go into a discovery call, you want to be crystal clear on your offers because you never know which of your products, programs or services will be the best fit for their current situation.


Someone may not be the right fit for 1:1 coaching but they may be a good fit for another offer of yours like an online course or digital product.


Now, before we get into the 6 discovery call questions I use in my template, it’s important to mention that something that’s supported me in building relationships and rapport quickly is to do my calls via Zoom so that I can share my screen and give a VISUAL solution. I also typically allow the person on the call to record so they can show a spouse or partner later on if necessary.


As the coach you want to lead the discovery call & show up confident. The first few minutes are typically:

  • introductions
  • setting the tone for the call
  • sharing what they can expect.


This could sound something like this: 

Hi, my name is KellyAnne. Thank you so much for scheduling a call with me. I’m so glad we could connect today! How I usually run these calls is I want to take some time to get to know you & your goals. Then if I feel like I can support, I’ll show you an outline of exactly what you need to know. And after that, you’ll have a chance to ask questions.  How does that sound for you?


After that intro is complete I get into these super simple 6 discovery call questions that I use to enroll clients & students into my offers in an authentic way.



Discovery Call Template Question #1-  Where did you find me? 

99% of the time potential clients find me through either Pinterest searches, Youtube searches or google searches. Me learning about where they found me is helpful for a few reasons.

  • I want to know where they hang out online because this tells me which platforms to pay more attention to in the future. 


  • I want to know what they were proactively searching for when they found me because this tells me about the challenge they’re having or the solution they’re looking for. Also, If enough people found me through one piece of content I may consider creating more content, or a product or program on the same topic.


  • I want to know the content that stuck out the most so that I:
    • Get a sense of what stage of business they’re in
    • How I can best support them with my offers


Once I know where they found me and what content stuck out the most I go into...


Discovery Call Template Question #2-  Where do you feel like you’re stuck in business?

At this stage of the call I prompt them to tell me about what they’ve already created and where they’re currently at!


This is helpful because:

  • They share their accomplishments and current struggles, and I can typically use this language in a few different ways.  I often use exact phrases from discovery calls on:
    • my website
    • sales pages
    • in email campaigns
    • content marketing


  • I’m mentally qualifying them for certain products/programs/services and disqualifying them for others. Depending on their stage of business some offers will be overwhelming for them, other offers they’ll be beyond, and others will be the perfect fit!


Before you leave this part of the call acknowledge their feelings and how far they’ve already come. Then you can move on to ....


Discovery Call Template Question #3-  Are you open to me sharing a solution? 

This is where I share my screen and walk them through the exact offer or signature program I recommend for them to get the results they’re looking for.


I’ll briefly talk about the modules, I may show one of the workbooks, I highlight the comments section beneath videos so they know there’s extra support, and I share anything else that’s relevant for them to SEE (not just hear about or know).


I intentionally do this because the mind can go into overwhelm quickly when talking about next steps, so SHOWING the potential client what they’re going to get has been simpler and less confusing than just telling.


After I take the time to show them the solution to their pain point, there’s rarely a need to overcome sales objections… mainly because there aren’t any. And if there are, It usually isn’t the right fit to work together.


Discovery Call Template Question #4-  Does this seem doable to you? 

This is where you need to know inside out who is the perfect client for the offer you’re sharing.


This question gives me an idea if they’re mentally and emotionally an energetic match for not only my offers, but also for ME! 


Why does this matter?


Because that offer is typically one of many offers I’ll be sharing with them while they’re in my sphere of influence. 


So, if we’re not a vibrational match for one, we most likely won’t be for others.


Want to see the offers I share with potential clients & students? Click here to see my coaching offer suite!


Discovery Call Template Question #5- THEY ASK ME >> What are the next steps to enroll? 

Because I fill their need with the perfect solution, (typically after question 3 or 4) they’ll ask me what the next steps are to enroll. 


This includes me sharing:

  • the amount of time the offer will take
  • how much it is & if there are payment plans
  • if time with me is involved


It’s important to be sure to have all this information ready ahead of time so you don’t stumble. 


Then you can move on to the last question which is… 


Discovery Call Template Question #6- How do those numbers feel to you?

Scary? Expected? Normal? 


I call out the pink elephant in the room with pricing, and move on pretty quickly.  


Because of the amount of valuable content I share for free on these calls, my prices are typically expected and considered reasonable.


After this I give a 24 hour fast action bonus if they enroll quickly, and send one email detailing the offer and discount code.  


And that’s it, friend. That’s the exact discovery call template and sales techniques I use to sell my coaching in a completely aligned, win-win kind of way.


So, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Lastly, if you want to join a free community of online coaches who are building their online coaching businesses just like you, I’ve created a Facebook group to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people.  Click the picture below to join it now!



Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO, KellyAnne




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