Drive Traffic To Your Sales Page | Online Marketing Strategies For Coaches

Whether you're driving traffic to your sales page for the first time or revamping your online marketing strategy because you’re not getting enough eyes on your sales page, you’re in the perfect place, Coach! 


I’m going to give you the most commonly used online marketing strategies you need to simplify the process of driving the right traffic to your sales page.


AND, don’t forget to stick around to the end because I’m sharing my favorite sales page resource that will help you create your sales page in a weekend so you can start driving traffic to it by next week!


First things first, what does it mean to drive traffic to a sales page?


Driving traffic to a sales page means increasing the amount of people that see it. The goal is to have massive amounts of your ideal clients seeing your sales page and taking action on a regular basis... and there are some very clear and simple strategies on how to do that!


Today I’m giving you the top 5 online marketing strategies to get that badass sales page SEEN by your ideal clients. Let’s get started friend!



Online Marketing Strategy #1: Content Marketing


One of the top ways to consistently drive traffic to your sales page is through content marketing.


Friend, CONTENT is at the heart of everything you do as a business owner. It’s what attracts people, and then mentally, emotionally and energetically captivates them enough to stick with you.


As someone who uses content to position yourself as an authority in your niche, one of the main ways you’re going to have a positive influence, work with more clients and make more sales through your sales page is through strategic content creation and implementing a solid content marketing strategy online.


First, let’s clarify what content marketing means.


The purpose of content marketing is to deliver great content, on a long-term, consistent basis, to your ideal client in order to add value, build relationships, and inspire them to buy your products, programs and services when you launch. (without explicitly saying “hey go buy my product").


Now, what does GREAT content actually mean? First and foremost, great content is optimized. This means that it has appropriate keywords, tags, and metadata. 


It’s important to know that although there are a ton of ways to share your content with the world, not all content is searchable. You, my friend, are going to start by focusing on searchable content (which is going to be a blog, youtube channel, or some piece of content that could be linked to with pins on Pinterest).


So here’s how this works. You choose a searchable platform like google, youtube or pinterest and upload consistent content.


You can see here that I chose YouTube.


Now these videos are value packed, relatable and educational. I’m teaching my ideal clients something they don’t know and when I do that I position myself as an expert and resource for them to refer back to.



Let’s take a look at this specific video.


You can see that my SEO is really working for me because at the time of this video it has over 21,000 views! That’s HUGE because this piece of content invites my audience to go further with me by grabbing my freebie in the description. 



Remember how we talked about how great content is optimized? This video has 21,000 views and has collected thousands of email subscribers because it was highly optimized!


Now, there are a few very key reasons why content marketing is so valuable, especially in the coaching world. 


First, it’s used to develop relationships and gain trust with your audience. Putting out valuable and educational content leads to them knowing you, liking you, trusting you, and eventually buying from you! 


In addition, your content is used to build authority with search engines.


As you begin to create consistent, valuable content, the search engines will start recommending your content, and THAT’s when you’ll have a steady, consistent flow of the right followers ready to learn from you on the regular.


This leads me to the last reason why content marketing is so valuable, and that is building your email list. 


Online Marketing Strategy #2: Email List


Your content is used to capture emails and grow your email list.


One of the greatest goals of owning an online business is building your email list. This list is a pool of hot leads that you’re SURE wants to hear from you and are interested in your content.


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Stats show that email marketing still has the highest conversion rates of all online marketing opportunities mainly because it’s the most intimate form of marketing (and there are no algorithms that have a say in who sees your message).


Here’s the thing friend, it takes people time to make decisions on purchasing your offerings. They may have fears, objections, and other mindsets that stop them in their tracks.


Sending someone consistent, valuable content right into their sacred email inbox is the bridge between their fears and the solutions to their problems.


Now, once YOU have your badass pieces of content that include opportunities to go deeper with you, someone then enters into your sales funnel.


Your sales funnels are about attracting the right people. And this is referring to the specific people you can serve. These are the people you create content for and who you KNOW you can help!


Ya see, yes... the purpose of a sales funnel is to sell, but it’s not JUST about selling! It’s about nurturing relationships, taking trust to the next level, giving a ton of value, and THEN selling on autopilot.


Now this is an incredibly brief intro to sales funnels but you can check out this RELATED BLOG: Sales Funnels For Beginners to dig deeper into sales funnels.


Online Marketing Strategy #3: Webinars

Next webinars can drive massive traffic to your sales page.


During a webinar sales funnel your audience could enter through: an ad, a newsletter you send to your email list, a social media post, or through a searchable piece of content like a blog, or youtube video. 


Once they sign up for your webinar they enter your sales funnel. This includes receiving the value, education and pitch from your webinar, then entering your email sequence, after that being sent to a sales page for enrollment, and then finally receiving a welcome email sequence after their purchase. 


Now it’s important to note that the webinar funnel is a little different because it’s email sequence is much shorter, at only about 2-3 days. But remember, they just went through the webinar with you and heard all of your great value!

Online Marketing Strategy #4: Ads

The next strategy to driving traffic to your sales page is Ads! In order to get more exposure to your offer and brand, you may want to run ads on certain platforms. 


Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, or on search engines like Pinterest, Youtube and Google will create opportunities for you to target your ideal clients, split test messages & graphics, and get more opt-ins than ever before.


The only downside to this is that you have to pay for ads.


Now, at the top of your funnel, meaning step one of your funnel, will most likely be similar to other funnels... Meaning it may be a freebie and then your new subscriber will enter your email sequence and be invited to have the opportunity to work with you.


Online Marketing Strategy #5: Video Series (Via content marketing or email list)

The last strategy to drive massive traffic to your sales page is creating a video series! 


In this sales funnel you’ll be delivering 3 value packed videos within one week to your audience. No talk of an offer, or upcoming surprise.


Your only job is to build rapport and educate your audience on something that can support them with where they’re at in life. Then your 4th video is the full offer pitch. 


After the week of sending your videos to your email list you’ll be sending them 4 additional emails. So that means this funnel will be around for two weeks.


This funnel works great for offers up to $997. In fact one of my first mentors Brendon Burchard religiously used this funnel for the longest time which is why & how I bought into so many of his courses!

These 5 online marketing strategies are a great starting point for coaches who are looking to drive consistent traffic to their sales pages and make money online. Driving traffic to your sales page is about creating opportunities for people to SEE it.


As promised,  I wanted to share a resource that I created called Sales Page Slay Method.  This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your sales page from scratch, but also the process you need to drive traffic to it and SELL it. 



Until next time, keep building your empire!




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