Sales Funnel Strategy To Convert Your Sales Page | Sales Funnels For Beginners

You have your offer, you’ve built a sales page, and then crickets.


Ugh. So frustrating! 


That's why today you’re going to learn how to convert your sales page with a simple sales funnel strategy.


And if you don’t know what that is, don’t panic because we’ll be covering:

  • Sales funnels for beginners
  • The different types of sales funnels
  • What a good conversion rate is (so you know what to expect)


And be sure to stick around until the end because I’m going to be letting you in on my favorite resource on how to create your sales page within the next TWO days AND convert it in the next 30 days!

The sales funnel is one of those aspects of running an online coaching business that can feel a little tricky at first - mostly because there are quite a few options to choose from.  


Coach, your sales funnel is a journey your ideal clients & students take to purchase your offer


It begins with awareness, meaning they see you somewhere. This can be through:

  1. Content marketing like your blog, youtube video or podcast.
  2. Social media posts
  3. Ads
  4. Affiliate partnerships


There are so many FREE opportunities to create more awareness and curiosity around your brand, position yourself as a leader, and share results with others.


Then when your ideal clients start to see you on the regular, and get to know you, your brand, your content, and the results you promise they’ll become interested and consider moving forward to purchase your offer.


This is typically when someone takes the first step in downloading one of your freebies or potentially even purchasing a tiny offer.


The next phase of your funnel is the invitation phase. This is where you introduce offers and invite them to go further with you.This is the part of the funnel where your sales page comes into play and when they enroll! 

Then you nurture your clients and students with your tools, strategies, and badass coaching, leading them to get awesome results and they become advocates for your product, programs and services.


So the basic overview of the PURPOSE of a sales funnel is:

Awareness > Interest > Invitation > Enrollment > Nurture > Advocacy


Now, there are 4 main sales funnels that coaches use in the online coaching world to promote and sell their digital products, programs and services.


These funnels are put into play after you have a few things complete:

  1. Your offer is created & packaged (unless you plan to pre-sell your offer)
  2. A welcome email sequence for your offer. Once someone enrolls, you’ll want an immediate email sequence to trigger in order to start nurturing them.
  3. A sales page for your offer
  4. A branded checkout page 


Once you have those things complete then you can choose and test out which of these sales funnel strategies works best for your offer...


Sales Funnel Strategy #1:

The Simplicity Funnel

The simplicity funnel starts with a freebie optin. That’s something like a:

  • template
  • checklist
  • quiz
  • ebook
  • or anything your ideal client would consider relevant, and necessary for their current situation.


You also want to be sure that your freebie directly relates to an offer you’re going to be sharing with them!


Then, after they exchange their email address for the freebie they’ll receive between 5-6 emails over a 10 day period of time that combines education, value and an offer.

This funnel works awesome for offers that are up to $197.

So this funnel looks like...  freebie > email sequence > offer


Sales Funnel Strategy #2:

The Webinar Funnel

During this funnel, subscribers exchange their email address to join a webinar. They can find your webinar opt-in form through:

  • An ad
  • A newsletter you send out to your list
  • A social media post
  • A searchable piece of content like a blog, or youtube video


Once they sign up for your webinar they enter your sales funnel. 


This includes your new potential buyer:

>> Entering your email sequence

>> Receiving the value, education and pitch from your webinar

>> Being directed to a sales page & checkout page for enrollment

>> Then finally receiving a welcome email sequence after their purchase


It’s important to mention that the webinar sales funnel has a much shorter email sequence of 3-4 emails.  Basically, the goal is to sell straight from the webinar, and then give only 1 or 2 days for your potential clients or students to make a decision.


This funnel is good for offers over $197 and up to $497.


Sales Funnel Strategy #3:

The Ads Funnel

The ads funnel helps you gain more exposure to your offer and brand QUICK.  

You’ve most likely seen ads run on platforms like facebook, instagram and Linkedin, and it’s also important to know that you can additionally run ads on search engines like pinterest, youtube and google. 

Each of these platforms create opportunities for you to target your ideal clients, split test messaging & graphics, and get more opt-ins than ever before.


The downside to this strategy is that you have to pay for ads, as well as any mistakes you make with ads. In saying that, be sure to do your research first or have an expert helping you.


Now, the top of your funnel (meaning step one of your funnel) will most likely be similar to the other funnels. It may be downloading a freebie and then your new subscriber will enter your email sequence, and then be given the opportunity to work with you.


There are also ads that lead directly to sales pages of tiny offers up to $37.


So in saying that, this funnel is typically good for freebies and tiny offers!


Sales Funnel Strategy #4:

The Video Series Funnel

The video series funnel is typically used for offers up to $1997. During this funnel your job is to build rapport and educate your audience and support them with a challenge they’re experiencing. 


So, here’s how this goes... you deliver 3 value packed videos to your audience within one week. No talk of an offer, or upcoming surprise. Then your 4th video will be the full offer pitch.


This can start with someone opting into a freebie.  You can send this funnel out to your whole list, or a segmented part of your list. 


Just know that because of the price point, the folks in this funnel may need a little more nurturing, especially if they come to you cold (meaning they’ve never seen you before).


And while we’re talking about warm and cold audiences, let’s talk conversion rates.


It’s important to mention that there are many factors that play a role in conversions. Everything from price point, to how long they’ve been nurtured, to if they’ve purchased before.


There are a lot of things to think about. However, stats show that typical conversion rates range from 2-5% for a colder audience and can be up to 15-30% for a well nurtured email list!


So, those are inspiring numbers when thinking about building and nurturing a list.


Now, the four funnels that we talked about today are some of the most common for online coaches who are learning how to build a sales funnel from scratch! 


And, as promised in the beginning of this blog, I wanted to share a resource that I created called The Sales Page Slay Method


With this method you can learn how to create a high converting sales page in just a couple days, AND you can learn how to drive traffic to it so that you can watch the sales roll in (which is typically one of the biggest issues for coaches).


Go ahead and CLICK HERE to see what your current sales page may be missing, how to drive traffic to it, and also how to get that now!


Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach. Keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne




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