How to be Consistent & Get Things Done! [Consistency is KEY]

Today we're talkin' all things staying consistent in your coaching business and getting things done.


Consistency is one of those things we hear about a lot in the coaching world, and one of the ways to get YOUR message out to the world far and wide is by learning how to be consistent in how you show up!


The search engines will reward you for it, the algorithms will love you for it, and your ideal clients will be attracted to it!


The type of consistency we’re talking about today is referring to VISIBILITY and how often you show up online to share your content. Showing up regularly helps you connect with people in a few different ways. 


It helps you connect mentally by showing off your personality, beliefs, and sharing some of your successful habits & mindsets.


It helps you connect emotionally by being vulnerable and open with your feelings, as well as, tapping into and relating to the feelings of others. 


It helps you connect spiritually by letting people into your values, energy and the core of who you truly are.


It helps you connect physically through your style, language, vibe, and how you are appearing to the world.


Having consistency in how you show up online is going to help you build up your personal brand, gain authority among your audience, and support you as being seen as a leader and expert in your coaching niche... and all of THAT will magnetize and  attract your ideal clients. 


That’s right - they'll come to you, rather than you having to chase them down!


So in saying all that, let’s go through a few of my favorite consistency tips to help you start being consistent and getting shit done!

Consistency Tip #1-

Organize Your Content

Sometimes we have to slow down in order to speed up. You might be wanting to jump in and start posting photos and videos of yourself all over social media without a real plan or strategy, but I’m encouraging you to resist this urge.


First things first... know your focus. It’s time to whip out that pen and paper, coach!


List out where you’re already showing up online, which platforms have the most engagement, where you’re getting the best results and most interactions, and of course where you’re having the most fun!


This could be your blog, youtube channel, podcast, pinterest, social media platforms, and anywhere else you’re delivering content.


Then, start planning out how much content you need monthly for each online channel. If you know that you want to nurture your Instagram community, for example, you’re going to need a certain amount of images, captions, strategic hashtags, and time blocked out in your day for engagement with your followers. 


For me personally, I know that each month I need 60 Instagram images & captions (because I post twice a day), and I’ll also need a few different hashtag lists to go with each caption theme.   So, some of the themes I regularly talk about are building a coaching business, self leadership, and lifestyle strategy.


I also know that I need 6-8 youtube videos (which I turn into blogs), and 30 FB group posts.


Once you know YOUR platforms, do yourself a favor and write out how much content you need per month.


The last thing to do is to write out the content. Now, this oftentimes is the confusing part so let me give you a little hack that I do with my coaching clients.


Start out by determining a quarterly launch plan.  Think about what product, program or service you plan to launch during the next quarter (whenever you’re starting).  


Then work backwards regarding content.  So let’s say you have a meal prep course launch coming up.  You’re going to want to look at your course content and pull micro content (which is smaller pieces of content) from that course to use for all other content.


The purpose of this is for your audience to start seeing you as the expert in meal prepping so that by the time you launch, you’ll have people that already know, like and trust you. 


So, maybe you put out a blog on the "3 Tools You Need to Effectively Meal Prep" and then pull social media content from your blog.  You’re talking about the same topic in different ways. Or maybe you’ll do a youtube video about the "5 Mistakes Meal Prep Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them".  


Whatever content you have in your course, begin to use those topics in smaller doses for social media and searchable platforms like google, youtube and pinterest. 


Then lastly, take a few days to script and schedule out all content for the upcoming month.


Consistency Tip #2-

Get Tools 

Set yourself up for success by using the right tools! There are a lot of options out there for planning and scheduling your content.


Asana and Trello are both great project management platforms, especially if you are working with a team. You can assign tasks, view your to-do list on a calendar, set due dates, and a lot more.  Asana is the tool I use to organize & plan my content with my team and I can’t sing its praises enough!


Then you have Instagram apps like LaterPlann, and Tailwind which allow you to:

  • set up your IG grid to look nice and cohesive
  • upload all your captions and hashtags
  • auto-publish posts or send you push notifications when it’s time for you to post manually


These apps additionally allow you to post to multiple social media platforms so you’ll have to do some research and find the one that works best for you!


Then there is always good ol’ Google Docs. You can create your own calendar right in a Google Spreadsheet, write your content in a Google Doc and leave comments for your team, and create a folder system for all of your images.


All of these options are either free, have a free version or are incredibly reasonable in pricing. Be sure to check them out, do your due diligence and find the right tools for you and your brand.


Remember, It takes a little time to get set up and organized, but that will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run and will help TREMENDOUSLY to stay consistent.  


Consistency Tip #3-

Get Help

Part of being the CEO of your business is knowing when it’s time to get help and outsource. Virtual assistants, social media managers, content creators, photographers, designers, and copywriters are all out there just waiting for you to ask for their help and expertise. 


And it doesn’t have to break the bank!


If you’re not sure where to start or what resources to use check out this blog/vlog I created to get you going on your outsourcing journey!


Remember, you’re the visionary of your brand. The more tasks you can get off your plate, the more time you’re going to have to create new programs, courses, and trainings.


In other words, getting help with being visible to your audience on a consistent basis will allow you to help more people and make more money


Now that you know the 3 tips to being consistent and getting things done, my challenge to you is to start implementing immediately! 



And, if you want to join a FREE community of online coaches who are working on consistency just like you, I’ve created a Facebook group to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people.  CLICK HERE to join now!


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO, KellyAnne


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