Kajabi vs Clickfunnels: Which Is The BEST COURSE PLATFORM?

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels... which to choose?


Coach, there are a lot of content delivery systems, digital marketing platforms, and sales funnel softwares out there that allow you to:

  • drive traffic to your offers
  • automate the sales process
  • share your online courses and other digital products with the world! 


Trying to find the right business tools can be tedious, time-consuming, and a little overwhelming, which is why I’m here to help you! 


Kajabi & Clickfunnels are both very popular for online coaches, and are considered all-in-one platforms. Both can be used to:

  • host courses
  • create sales funnels
  • build a membership site

... however each online business tool has its own strengths and features the platform focuses on. 


Kajabi specializes in being an all-in-one online business platform, while Clickfunnels focuses on sales funnels & selling products.


So, let’s get into the feature comparisons between Kajabi & Clickfunnels so that you can choose which works best for your coaching business. 


Kajabi vs ClickFunnels Category #1: Online Course Creation & Delivery 

Proper packaging can make or break

  1. Someone buying from you.
  2. A client or student achieving the results you’re promising. 


Basically, if your online course design isn’t visually pleasing, or if the content isn’t easy to access then it could potentially discourage someone from accessing and/or completing your online course. And we definitely don’t want that!


So let’s do a quick comparison here…


One of the reasons why I love Kajabi is because they allow me to upload all of my videos, audios, documents, assessments, images, and anything else I need for my online course in one place. 

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Having all of my content uploaded and gathered in one convenient location, makes it simpler (and faster) for me to package my content and makes it simpler for my clients and students to access it. And simplicity is one of my top values.

Now ClickFunnels, on the other hand, is highly limited in online course creation because it’s more focused on sales funnels. 


When I bought into Clickfunnels, for literally one week, I attempted to create my first online course and realized that I had to upload my videos to youtube and share a link, then I had to upload my documents to google drive and share a link. 


If I’m being completely honest… it was a total pain in the ass from a creators perspective because all of the masterclasses, and workbooks, and meditation audios I created were housed in different places.  Then, I had to figure out how to integrate it all! 


Basically, the extra steps were time consuming and frustrating enough that it discouraged me from keeping my subscription with Clickfunnels.


So overall, because my #1 value is simplicity, my vote is for Kajabi for online course creation and online course delivery.


Kajabi vs ClickFunnels Category #2: Sales Page & Checkout Page Design

Now, once you have your course created, you’ll need a sales page & checkout page so you can sell it!


If we’re ONLY talking about design here, I’d have to say that both Kajabi and Clickfunnels get an A+ for beautiful, easily customizable sales page templates.


And coming from someone who’s a coach and not a coder, it’s so nice to be able to go into an online business platform, play around a bit and have a complete sales page design within a few hours. 


Both business tools have multiple templates to choose from, and both have drag and drop options which makes it super easy to move content and sections around.


Now, checkout pages are a bit different.  While you can create a beautiful, simple, and fully functional checkout page design in Kajabi, Clickfunnels takes the cake here because they have much more customizable options (without the need for coding). 


This includes a better visual experience for upsells, moving sections around, and adding credit card icons.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels #3: Sales Funnels 

Okay, so both Kajabi and Clickfunnel are winners in creating beautiful sales pages, however, we want all the pieces of your sales FUNNEL to talk to each other. 


When launching your online course and other products and programs it’s important to determine the “next step” in your funnel so that your ideal clients gently go through a process of purchasing. 


So, that may look like a potential client or student downloading a free template they found on your blog.


What they don’t realize is that when they land on your optin page and enter their name and email, they’re entering into a sales process that may then include them: 

  • Being immediately directed to a sales page (usually for an offer under $97) … if they don’t purchase that they may...
  • receive an email campaign
  • then as the email campaign nurtures them they’ll be sent to a sales page 
  • then when they click the enrollment button on the sales page they’ll go to a checkout page, and finally put in their credit card information. 
  • But the funnel doesn’t stop there, because when they enroll into your online course, they’ll immediately receive a login information email, access to the course, and become part of a welcome email sequence, as well.


Now, I have multiple sales funnels set up in Kajabi that have captured thousands of new email opt-ins and hundreds of thousands of dollars! 


But I must say that even though Kajabi and Clickfunnels both make the sales funnel process SO easy for you, Clickfunnels gets an A+ while Kajabi gets an A-


You see, Clickfunnels is known for its sales funnels process.


It was literally created as a sales funnel builder and sales funnel software. This means that they have a couple features that Kajabi doesn’t, like split testing of sales funnels, and upsell sales funnel pages built right in. 


Now, I WILL say that you can recreate most things you see in clickfunnels in Kajabi, but it takes a little extra work.


So, I would say that if you’re ONLY looking for a sales funnel builder Clickfunnels is the easier choice, however if you want your sales funnels to lead to beautiful online courses, with simple built in email marketing,  Kajabi is the winner!


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels #4: Email marketing 

As we talked about in the last point about sales funnels, you’re going to be sending a lot of emails to your loyal subscribers throughout your time together!


I currently moved my entire email list over to Kajabi because their email marketing is next-level (and BONUS… it saves me money). Kajabi’s email templates are gorgeous and simple to use, AND they even give you sample emails in your sales funnels to take the guesswork out of what to write, when. 


You can also set up an insane amount of:

  • triggers
  • lists 
  • automations
  • tags
  • email series

... to nurture your list at all the right times. 


So whether you’re creating a simple broadcast, a nurturing welcome sequence, or a more expansive sales funnel sequence… Kajabi has you covered.


Kajabi automatically stores your email subscribers details that were entered through an opt-in page, so no separate integration with an email provider is required.


On the Clickfunnels baseline plan ($97) there are no email marketing or automated email campaigns included.


Unfortunately, you have to use a third party email provider or upgrade to a more expensive plan. I will say that I looked on their pricing page and didn’t see where it includes an email marketing feature on any plans. 


So, it’s something they have on more expensive plans, however they’re not marketing it which should tell you something! 


Overall, that is an additional cost for my online business… so Kajabi for the win here.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels #5 - WEBSITE

One of the reasons why I chose Kajabi was because I wanted as much of my online business in ONE place, and that includes my website.


Kajabi has a wonderful selection of over 100 beautiful templates, so you just choose the one you like best, and start dragging and dropping your content. 


I built my entire website myself and I am by NO means a techy or a design expert. 


They also have multiple opportunities to add opt-in forms, pop up’s, and flow so that your audience always clicks where you want them to click and go where you want them to go!  Plus I have complete control over all the page’s elements (which I love). 


Clickfunnels is a tool for building sales funnels, and doesn’t have simple features for website building.


For example, something as simple as navigation settings in a header that transfer to multiple pages.  Ultimately they like to stick to what they do best, which they say is capturing leads and sales through funnels.


📣 Now, here’s the thing, Coach. If you want to easily create & deliver multiple courses and programs, and if you want to build and launch simple sales funnels, and if you want your email marketing tool and full website to all be in one place, talking to each other and working together, then Kajabi is hands down the choice for you!


However, If you have one program, or one product and you want to ONLY focus on selling that one thing. You may want to look more into Clickfunnels. 


So, basically ClickFunnels helps you generate leads and sell products with sales funnels, and Kajabi is an all-in-one system that helps you run and manage your online business. 


And ultimately, You don’t necessarily have to choose between Kajabi & Clickfunnels right now. 


Both offer a 30 day FREE trial so you can test them out to see which works best for you.


But I’ll tell ya, if you’re a coach who wants simplicity in your online coaching business like me, I have a feeling that Once you get in there and start setting up all of your funnels, systems, websites, and landing pages, you may be Kajabi obsessed just like me.


Until next time coach, keep building your empire!

xo, KellyAnne




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