Landing Page Mistakes That Will Cost You Sales | FREE Landing Page Template

Welcome back! Today we're talking about the 4 landing page mistakes I see coaches make when marketing their products, programs, or services.


AND,  as a special gift to you download this FREE landing page template so you can create a high converting landing page ASAP!


Okay, let’s get to it… Landing pages are such a valuable tool when you’re launching a course or selling programs, but sometimes things just go wrong.


I’m here to serve as your business coach to support you in avoiding these pitfalls so that you create a landing page that converts, sell out your programs, AND run your business like a badass boss!


So, if you’ve had a launch that didn’t get you the results you were hoping for, or if you have a launch coming up then check out these 4 landing page mistakes to be sure your next launch is a huge success.

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Landing page MISTAKE #1:

Vague language.

When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. First things first, get clear on exactly who you’re talking to. Think about your dream client and use clear and direct language to talk specifically to them. 


Not sure who your ideal client is? I have your back, boo.  Click here and I'll walk you through it!


When your messaging addresses a vague audience, people are going to be confused, and will most likely leave the page without taking the action you were hoping for. 


Here’s the thing friend, people don't have time to decipher the language you use when sharing your offer, or read through long, poetic descriptions... so it’s best to get to the point and be direct.


The goal is for your soulmate clients to KNOW, for certain, that:

  1. This is the offer for them.
  2. They are a perfect match to work with you.
  3. The program you put together is JUST what they need to reach their goals. 


So bluntly share on your landing page:

  • who your offering is and is NOT for
  • the problems it will solve
  • the results they can expect


Landing page MISTAKE #2:

Not mobile friendly.

At the time of this blog, research shows that 50% of landing pages are NOT mobile friendly


Think about how much time you spend online on your phone vs. on your computer. For most people it’s a LOT more… and that includes your potential clients. 


Coach, it’s non-negotiable for your landing pages to be mobile friendly if you want the greatest results! Luckily, most of the new templates out there are already mobile friendly, but if you have some landing pages that have been sitting out on the internet for a while now, it’s a smart idea to go in and check to make sure they convert on your phone, too.


An easy way to check this when you’re on your computer is to drag the corner of your view window over to the left making a tall, narrow view area (just like how your phone looks). If it’s “responsive”, or if everything stacks up nicely and is still easy to read in that narrow view, it’s mobile-friendly. If text and images are cut off and you have to scroll left and right to read sections, it’s not.


Whether you’re checking on your computer or your phone, the point here is to CHECK because this could potentially be one of the reasons your offerings aren’t converting!


Landing page MISTAKE #3:

Full of clutter. 

Landing pages can look like they have a lot of clutter when there’s:

  • Too much color (or has a color palette that’s not complementary) 
  • Too many font styles
  • Visuals and images that aren’t pleasing or complimentary
  • Too many paragraphs (not enough text breaks)
  • Too many buttons that lead different places


We don’t want your landing page to look like Canva threw up all over the place. When pages are full of clutter, it overwhelms the eye and is extremely difficult to navigate.


We want the opposite of this for your landing page.


When you use:

  • a white background with a lot of empty space
  • black text
  • pops of your brand color’s much easier to navigate and people will be more likely to consume the content you’ve created for them.


You also don’t want to go crazy with your fonts. Do some research on font families and font pairings to find the perfect combination of fonts that reflect your brand. 


Simple is better in all aspects of your landing pages because too much design can be overwhelming and cause your reader to click off the page.


Landing page MISTAKE #4:


Whether you’re doing an evergreen launch or an open & close cart date you can still add some FOMO (fear of missing out) to the mix.   A little urgency never hurt anyone! 


Make it clear to your potential customer that the FOMO aspect to your offer will NOT last forever. Maybe it’s

  • early bird pricing
  • a special 1:1 with you
  • a bonus they can only get for a certain amount of time


Whatever it is, be sure you’re serious about the offer and when it’s over ---don’t give exceptions


To help customers know when their time is up, you can have a countdown clock feature on the page that ticks down the hours and minutes left that people have to opt-in. 


*** My favorite secret weapon resource to use to create FOMO in my evergreen launches is Deadline Funnel.  You can check it out here!


When someone sees that “oh shit! I only have 3 more days to jump into this amazing course… or get this bonus” -for example- they’re more likely to take action.


Overall, the purpose of your landing page is to make your potential customer EXCITED to work with you, and feel like by NOT working with you they’re missing out on a huge opportunity... Mainly because they ARE!

Okay coach, now you know the 4 Landing page Mistakes to avoid so you can build a landing page that converts.  As promised, I’ve created a FREE Landing Page Template for you to use as a helpful guide for your next course launch or offer.  So go ahead and download that for FREE by clicking the image below! 



Also, if this blog/video was just what you needed in your coaching business, then you’re definitely going to like what's coming up NEXT because it’s all about COPYWRITING THAT CONVERTS. So be sure to stick around on the blog so you don’t miss a thing.


Until next time, keep building your empire!



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