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HOW TO CREATE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT PROFILE--> Clarifying your ideal client profile is one of the most vital exercises you can do in your online business.  This is how you will get more clients as an online coach! Here’s the thing coach…


Clarity inspires action.

Confusion breeds inaction.


Your ideal client will hire you because you’ll be so clear and certain in your messaging that it will seem as if you’re speaking directly to them. This instantly builds the know, like and trust factor. 


So whether you’re new to coaching, or you’ve been in business for a while but not seeing the results you’d like, if you follow these 5 simple steps to developing your ideal client avatar, you’ll be sure to begin attracting clients fast…


Step #1: Top Priorities

When developing your ideal client profile start on the inside first.


Step #1 is to clarify their top priorities and distinct qualities, which ultimately represents the values, feelings and goals of your ideal client.


When you enter into a client relationship you enter into an agreement that you’ll both do what’s necessary in order for the client to get results.


If what you’re offering is not a top priority for them, it won’t be enough to sustain them through challenging emotions and mindsets that may come up.


Step #2: Challenges & Results

The second step in developing your ideal client profile is to clarify the current challenges they’re facing and the results they desire.  


Your clients are going to come to you because they have a problem you can help them solve. T


hey’ll know you’re the right fit because of the language you use in your content, in your marketing, and on your website.  


A portion of the language you share will speak to your ideal clients challenges, fears and pain points. Essentially, it’s what’s currently going wrong in their business or life, how it makes them feel, and what could potentially happen if they stay on that path.


Step #3: Sources of Information

The third step in developing your ideal client profile is to know what their sources of information are.  Y


ou want to know what they’re reading, who they’re listening to, where they’re hanging out on social media, and who they’re gurus are. This will support you in knowing right off the bat whether or not they’re the right fit!   


For example, if a business coach attracts clients who are reading The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard, and who have gone through B-School by Marie Forleo, and who loves to listen to Tony Robbins on Youtube, then they are most likely a perfect fit!  It shows the business coach that the client is already doing their own research, it shows that they’re willing to invest in themselves, and it shows that they voluntarily work on their own personal growth. 


Step #4: Time, Energy & Effort

The fourth step in developing your ideal client profile is to determine the time, energy, and effort that’s involved in getting results when collaborating with you.


What will it take for them to be successful? 


How many hours, or days, or weeks will they have to commit?

What types of activities will they be required to experience? or implementation guides they will have to complete? or action steps will they have to take? Clearly define and layout what it will take for your ideal client to get results.


Step #5: Monetary Investment

The fifth step in developing your ideal client profile is to clearly and unapologetically share the monetary investment necessary to enter into a client/coach relationship with you.   


Coach, your ideal client WILL be able to pay for your services.


It’s your job to value yourself and your time, as well as to determine your packaging and pricing options with clarity and certainty so you can attract the right people!

Congrats coach! Now you know the 5 simple steps to creating your ideal client profile!


Remember, the information for YOUR ideal client profile is written directly in your signature program framework.  It takes out all the guesswork, as well as, any confusion, and/or “pulling ideas out of thin air”. So if you don’t have your signature program framework, then please CLICK HERE to learn how to create that first!  


Also, if you understand the steps but are not sure how to immediately implement, then go ahead and download The Client Clarity Cheat-Sheet. This cheat-sheet will walk you through the process you need to hone in on your ideal client and dive deeper into a specific niche to simplify your marketing and set you up for a consistent client influx in your business.  


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by SHARING IT with your coach friends. Until next time coach, keep building your empire!





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