Create A Sales Page That Converts [IN KAJABI] | Sales Page Examples

So, you have a kick-ass offer and you're ready to sell that baby.  Next up is your sales page!


Today we're talking all things creating a sales page that converts so you can increase your influence, impact and income in your coaching business! 


I’ll even be showing you the sales page examples I've created in Kajabi to give you a visual.   So, if you’ve been wondering if Kajabi might be a good fit for you, you’ll be able to tell by the end of the blog.

Let's get to it, Coach!


A large part of monetizing your packaged signature program is your offer’s sales page, and I'm here to make this process as simple as possible!


Maybe your signature program is packaged into:

  • an online course
  • mini course
  • a digital product
  • coaching package   


In any of these cases, your sales page is going to be an essential part of your sales funnel. 


Basically, your sales page has the potential to either make or break the success of creating sales or collecting leads, so we want to be sure we’re strategic in the creation process.


The last thing you want is to put in a bunch of time and effort into your amazing offer, and hear crickets when people land on your sales page. 


Now, before I share my sales page must have’s, it’s important to know that there are two main aspects to a sales page. 

  1. Sales Page DESIGN
  2. Sales Page COPYWRITING


Today we’re going into the highlights of both.


AND, as I share these tips, I’m going to show you the visual of what I’m talking about with two of my sales pages that I built in Kajabi  (which is my favorite sales page builder > amongst other things) so that you can see what I’m talking about. 


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been more of a visual learner!


Okay friend, let’s get into it! Here are my tried-and-true methods for creating a sales page that converts in Kajabi.



Sales Page MUST #1: No Distractions

First things first it’s important to understand the function of a sales page.


The only goal of a sales page is to make a sale.


Now, this doesn't have to happen in a sleazy or sales-y kind of a way, but the goal is most definitely to make a sale. So, you’re going to have to OWN IT from the beginning so that you can create with confidence and the intention of making money. 


Now, sales pages aren’t typical website pages in that you’re going to remove anything that could potentially take them away from purchasing your offer.  Meaning there won’t be:

  • a navigation bar
  • menu
  • social links
  • links to an “About” page

... or any other opportunity to click off your page.  


This is incredibly important because the moment someone clicks off your sales page, the percentage of them coming back or buying in that moment dramatically decreases. 


So remove distractions, and be sure that the only button or link that people can click on will take them to a checkout page!

Sales Page MUST #2: Simplicity

Coach, I get it.. You’re not a graphic designer and you have no desire to be one.


The problem is, you know if your sales page design looks amateur it will be a mental red flag for your ideal clients and students.


When it comes to both your copy and design, less is always more on sales pages. 


Making the design simple, with a lot of white space and pops of your brand color is what will keep the eye moving whether someone is scrolling on their computer, tablet or phone.  


In order for your sales page to create an organic flow be sure to strategically choose:

  • Visually pleasing brand images, colors & background transitions
  • Text breaks
  • Important words, phrases and sentences to highlight with a mixture of font sizes and weights
  • Headings that you'd like to highlight with brand colors


Overall, avoid any kind of visual clutter on your sales page design because visual clutter creates mental and emotional clutter, and a confused audience doesn't buy.


Your job is to give your peeps just enough information to nurture them through the journey and lead them to a clear call to action.


Be sure to also make your calls to action OBVIOUS. You can do this through copywriting, design, or ideally the perfect balance of both!


Sales Page MUST #3: Speak Directly To Your Ideal Client.

You know copywriting matters… like A LOT!


Your goal is to speak directly to an exact situation your ideal client is experiencing. 


And notice that I didn’t say ideal clients (plural).  


When creating content for your sales page, you want it to be very obvious WHO this offer is created for.


I like to give my audience a name… so for me, I call my peeps “Coach”. 


You’ll see numerous times throughout my copy. I’ll either start a sentence with “Coach” or I’ll say it midway through.  


That’s because I want the right people to know they’re in the right place, and that I AM them and can help them.


A sales page copywriting pro tip is to speak to ONE person, with ONE problem, and guide them to ONE solution (aka purchasing your offer)... all while using a conversational tone that helps them to know that you understand what they’re experiencing and can help! 


When I first started my coaching business my copy seemed super instructional and informational. Then I started courageously sharing my message from an authentic place, with actual stories that both my clients and I experienced and THAT’s when the leads and sales REALLY started coming in. 

Sales page MUST #4: Use Enticing, Juicy Headlines

Your headlines might be the only copy someone actually reads on your sales page. So, make sure they’re clear and direct while still showing off your personality.


One of the tricks to having a badass sales page is to develop headlines that are quick, direct “teasers” of what the person can expect to read about below.


The goal is to use your headlines to get your ideal clients EXCITED about reading more.



The more eye-catching your headlines are, the more likely someone is to stop and actually read the rest of your content.


Sales page MUST #5: Clarity Over Cleverness

Confused prospects don’t buy. That’s why one of your main goals is to clearly share what your potential client will receive. Some questions you can ask yourself to figure this out are:

  • What is the end result of each module within my program?
  • How much time will they need to spend on this?
  • How much time am I SAVING them in the long run?
  • What’s the overall, tangible end result?
  • What bonuses am I offering?
  • What discount will they get if they buy now?
  • What’s the overall value proposition?


Review your sales page content and see if it answers those questions, and if it doesn’t, find places where you can add in this information.


These elements will ultimately help people make a decision without talking with you, so these are essential for having a successful sales page.


Sales Page MUST #6: Testimonials & Social Proof

Don’t be shy - let people know about the amazing results you’ve supported your clients in getting! Putting testimonials on your sales page gives your potential client a human connection to someone who’s experienced results with your course or offer. 


Sharing your past clients’ success allows potential clients to see what’s possible for them. You’re giving them the “If they can do it, I can do it!” kinda feel.



3-5 testimonials is a good amount, and you can share them as quotes with a photo, or as short video clips.



If possible, use offer specific testimonials that talk about the exact results people received from working with you and your products and programs.



  • number of clients enrolled
  • or time saved
  • or dollars earned
  • or pounds shed
  • or lifestyle lived 

... Whatever result you’re selling is the type of testimonial you’ll want on your sales page.  

✅ Sales Page BONUS PRO TIP 👉🏼 Use Automation Tools

They do the dirty work for you!


You know I love a good automation tool, and I’m all about YOU having more time to live the life you’ve designed.


Tools like Kajabi, Clickfunnels, and Leadpages will make creating sales pages so MUCH easier. 


I’ve personally used Kajabi for everything in my business model since 2013, including my sales pages.  I’ve tried going to other platforms, and Kajabi was definitely the simplest I’ve used. So, down below I’ll give you a link to a 30 day free trial to test it out for yourself!


Kajabi has done the research, tested different designs, and tried out sales page layouts, so they recommend layouts that are proven to have success! 


They also have simple drag and drop options, and examples which will increase your confidence and motivation to get things done!


And as promised I wanted to share a resource that I created called Sales Page Slay Method



This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your offer sales page from scratch, but also the process you need to drive traffic to it so that you can sell it to more people! So go ahead and click the image above to learn more and get that now!


Also, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends!


Until next time, keep building your empire.

XO, KellyAnne



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