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Hey, Coach! Today we're talkin' all things copywriting that converts. So, get your journal and cup of tea/coffee because you're going to want to take notes on this one!


Whether you’re speaking it, or your prospective clients are reading it,  your main copywriting goal is to make it captivating enough to where it inspires them to take action.


AND, be sure to stick around till the end because I’m giving away a FREE landing page template that will help you design and create copy for a high converting sales pages, and you don’t want to miss it!


Copywriting is a key element to getting your message out to the world and increasing your influence, impact and income.


Whether we’re talking about copy for your social captions, newsletter, website and/or sales pages, it’s important to understand the best ways to clearly communicate your message, and inspire people to take action. 


Here are some of my top copywriting tips to support you along the way.

Copywriting Tip #1:

Talk To ONE Person & Lead To One Call To Action.

Regardless of where your copy lives, you always want to be talking to your soulmate client. This means you’re talking to ONE person, not a group of people. 


By talking directly to them you’re making a more personal connection, showing your audience that you understand them on a deeper level. 


You know you’re on the right track when people start DM’ing or PM'ing saying,  "I feel like you wrote that for ME!", or telling you to “get out of my head!” That’s when you know you wrote some super effective copy.


Now, while you’re talking to this one person, you’ll want to lead them to just one call to action - or CTA. Again, we want to make it easy for your potential client to take the next steps in working with you.


Avoid confusing CTAs. Generally speaking:

  1. Have a short sentence describing the action you'd like your potential client/student to take.
  2. Add an obvious, bold, button they can click leading to a form, application, freebie, or checkout page.


Keep it simple. “Book a discovery call” could be the copy, for example, and the button could simply say “BOOK IT”,  leading to your scheduler.


If the person reading made it to the CTA point, you don’t have to be cute anymore. People feel comfortable when they’re given clear direction on what to do next.


Ultimately, remember that it’s always about the client. At no point will the words “my program”, or “I’ll teach you” be expressed in your copy. It’s not about you. It’s about helping them feel heard, acknowledged, and visible.


Change up your copy to use words like “you’re going to learn” or “Results you can expect” or “this is the program you’ve been waiting for”.  


Unless you’re talking from the clients’ perspective, you can basically eliminate all use of “I,” “me,” and/or “my.” Instead use “you,” “you’re - you are,” or “your” in its place.


Remember, it’s allllll about them!

Copywriting Tip #2:

Get Emotional.

Start tapping into how your soulmate clients are feeling while reading your copy. Where are they in life in the exact moment they land on your sales page (for example)?  Think about both their pains and desires.


So, are they feeling:

  • frustrated?
  • strapped for time?
  • confused?
  • overwhelmed?


Talk about it! Let them know that you understand how they’re feeling.


Additionally, think about what they want most in life. 

  • What are they striving for?
  • What are they afraid will happen if they DO move forward?
  • What would life be like if they don’t take you up on your offer?


Use the emotions around what they desire, along with the emotions of what they dread in your copy.


Copywriting Tip #3:  



If you’re being anything but your true, authentic self in your copy, people will know it. It’s time to remove the stick from your tushie and unapologetically add your personality to your copy.  


...And I don’t mean the “type” of personality you think will sell, but genuinely who you are! The more real you are, the more people will relate, and if someone isn’t a fan of yours, great! You weren’t supposed to work with them anyways.


Personality means... If you swear when you talk, swear in your copy. If you say “hi friend” or “you know what I mean?” when you talk, use it in your copy.


Another part of being real is being brutally honest. Bluntly share who is, and who is NOT a good fit for your offer. 


When you do this, there will be no confusion when a potential client/student is ready to take action!


Copywriting Tip #4:

Get to the point.

Spit it out. Time is valuable and we don’t have all day. This isn’t the place where you want to go off on rants or tell stories full of fluff.


Every piece of copy you write will get your soulmate clients thinking about the end result - aka how their life will improve in some way, shape, or form by working with you.


In saying that, keep these three copywriting keys in mind: clarity, directness, results.  

Copywriting Tip #5:

Talk Benefits FIRST Then Features.

Lead with what they will get out of it.

  • Are they going to learn how to manifest a partner?
  • Are they going to transform their health and fitness?


Start with the benefits of what you’re offering and then get into the nitty-gritty of the features of your program. 


After you start evoking emotion around what their transformed life will look like, you can write about your course or program features.


Features are things like:

  • How many live coaching calls your program will have.
  • How many weekly video trainings they’ll receive.  
  • If they get a Facebook Group.
  • How often they have access to you.


This information is important to them because people like to be coached in a variety of ways. Once they know the benefits, then they’ll be ready to learn about how you’re going to get them there. 


Copywriting Tip #6:

Get Their Attention.

Let’s be honest - people aren’t going to read every word you write, so be bold!


Start your copy with a bold statement, enticing question, or some kind of juicy hook that makes them crave to learn more.


The faster you inspire intrigue and curiosity, the more likely they’ll scroll down and keep reading. 


For example, “Do these 3 things to never worry about money again”. This would grab someone’s attention and get them curious about what else you have to say.


Or, “What do you miss most about life before baby?” Emotion, combined with assertiveness and confidence is a great way to get the right eyes on your copy and start seeing conversions from your website and sales pages.

Ultimately, start using these 6 Copywriting Tips to boost your marketing strategy and build a website with landing pages and sales pages that convert.


AND while we’re on this topic, be sure to download the FREE Landing Page Template below.  This template was designed to support you in creating a landing page with simplicity that both looks amazing and has copy that converts!


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends. 


Until next time, keep building your empire!

xo KellyAnne



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