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Not every offer needs to be a full signature program or online course, Coach.

As a matter of fact, some of my best selling offers are hyper-niched masterclass series that can be completed in a day or two.


Now, if you clicked on this blog then you probably fall into one of two categories…

  1. Category 1 is filled with coaches who don't have a signature program and don’t feel called to create a larger coaching program. These people like to create as they go and keep their topics fresh and interesting.
  2. Category 2 is filled with coaches who already have a signature coaching program (or multiple signature programs) but they might be feeling bored talking about the same topics, and selling them all the time. These people are usually ready to repurpose their content, or take clients and students deeper into one topic.


If either of these sound familiar, then THIS is the blog for you because I’m going to walk you through the three things you need to create a bank of topics that you can dip into at any time to expand your offer suite and create fun, mini signature offers.


Now, don't get me wrong... I LOVE my beautifully packaged online courses and signature programs.  I'm obsessed with them actually.


But sometimes I get this intuitive nudge to share something small and quick… while still having a high impact. Something that doesn’t take weeks or months to create & launch. Something that allows me to fulfill a desire to go deep on ONE topic in a short amount of time…


And the solution for that is a Self Led offer suite!


A Self Led offer suite is a collection of meaningful (and often intuitively guided) offers that you care about, that your clients/students know they want, and that can be launched and sold quickly.


They're typically sold in:

  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Trainings


... and they allow the freedom to support your audience with fresh offers on a more regular basis in between (or even during) more expansive launches, as well as fulfilling a creative expression within you.




In saying that, let’s get into the 3 steps to creating a suite of mini signature offers.



Self Led Offer Suite Step #1: Self Led Offers

The first step in creating a Self Led Offer Suite is tapping into your Self Led OFFERS.  And this process includes a very distinct self leadership aspect and business aspect. 


To start, you’re going to open up to the power of your intuition to see what topics and content are calling you. 


This is the Self Led part!


Here’s what I know to be true friend… If you’re called to it (idea, vision, offer, etc), if you can see it inside of you, then it’s calling you to express it. It wants to extend and expand through you.


Now, everyone is different, however, my offer ideas typically come through in a word, phrase or tagline.  I’ve had offer ideas come out of nowhere while I was in the shower, or driving, or taking my dogs for a walk. I’ve also had ideas come through chit chatting with friends who are coaches, or by reading a FB post.


The point is to not ignore, or overthink, or judge when an idea stands out to you and write it down immediately.


Now, this is an important aspect of this process… Part of stepping more deeply into your Self Leadership is trusting that the ideas that come TO you are meant FOR you and meant to express THROUGH you. 


So, as these words, phrases, or topic ideas come through be sure to create a running list. AND to help inspiration strike, you can begin your morning by asking yourself questions like:

  • What topic wants to come through me today?
  • What offer is ready to express through me this week?
  • If I trusted that the idea that's coming through, was the perfect idea for my clients & students… what would it be?


Your only job then is to go on with your day as you normally would, with full trust and expectation that the ideas will reveal themselves at the perfect time throughout the day.


Self Led Offer Suite Step #2: Self Led Selling

Woohooo, at this point you’ll have a full list of ideas and topics that can be expanded into an offer. The next key step in creating a Self Led Offer Suite is Selling


The act of selling is just intentionally sharing ideas that can support people. So, if that’s all it is, then what’s the big deal?


When we’re selling we’re doing a couple things:

  • We’re creating opportunities for people to invest in themselves and their own growth (Okay, as coaches, we can typically buy into this idea).
  • Positioning ourselves as a thought leader and SELF leader on the topic. 


Screech the tires… this is where some coaches get caught up in the mind. You might hear yourself saying ideas like: 


AM I good enough? CAN I talk about this if I don’t have it all figured out? Do I have enough experience for people to listen to me? Or some might even say… Can I really charge for this? SHOULD I charge for this? It seems so simple and obvious… maybe TOO simple.


This is where the mind might make selling begin to mean something about: 

  • You (as a person) 
  • Your worthiness 
  • Your ability to be loved, loving and lovable 
  • And your safety to be seen


There are a TON of ideas, fears and energies around selling… Because selling means accepting and receiving MONEY for you being YOU! It’s receiving money for something you create.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below! Let me know your beliefs around selling and being sold to. 


Now it's important to make developing a healthy relationship with money a top priority because whatever story you have around money and how you’re seeing others sell will ultimately determine unconscious rules you have for yourself around YOUR OWN selling. And selling is the life of your business.


So tap into your version and mindset of Self Led Selling so you can create and buy into a selling story that aligns with helping a lot of people and making a lot of money.


Self Led Offer Suite Step #3: Self Led Launch

The final step in creating your Self Led Offer Suite is the Self Led LAUNCH!


Coach, the intention that I’m setting for you (and all my clients and students) is that launching becomes like an extension of who you are. That there’s zero energy around it and it's as natural as making your morning smoothie, or cup of tea or coffee.


In order for your Offer Suite to launch and sell, and for you to do your purpose work in the world in a self led way, and get the results you’re being called to… it’s going to require a high level of trust in yourself. Trust that:

  • You’re doing the thing that feels aligned for YOU, and that you’re  putting the most aligned offers out into the world
  • You’re a person who’s practicing their own self leadership and being the example for others
  • You can show up for yourself and follow through when an offer comes through… and then again when sales start coming in


Most people create mental and emotional barriers and won't launch because of lack of trust. They don’t trust their decision making abilities, or the ideas coming through them, or that they’re able to give value, or that people will like it, or that people will buy it, etc etc.


So what happens then is that they take action from fear, and an audience can always feel a misalignment when action is taken from fear. 


Ya see, launching is 10% strategy and 90% about sharing your craft and heart with the world.


YOUR SELF LED WAY to launch is already in you. Your Self Leadership will guide you to the perfect strategy for you. 


The key is to trust and follow your guidance.


Moral of the story... It's always a good time to launch, sell and support more clients and students. 


They're watching. They're waiting. And they're ready to invest in themselves every day of every week.


Now, this was just a very brief overview of the steps to create, launch and sell your first fun, mini signature offer in your Self Led Offer Suite.


As promised, I wanted to share a masterclass series I created called The Self Led Offer Suite that will support you in creating, launching and selling an offer within the next 7 days. 


In the Self Led Offer Suite you're going to:

Map out your Self Led Offer Suite

Tap into your version of Self Led Selling

Choose a marketing platform and method... and officially have a Self Led LAUNCH!


So, we’re going to take what we talked today and go wayyyy deeper.  

In saying that, if you’re at the point in your coaching business where you’re ready to freshen up your offers and create a variety of price points… then invite you to click the photo below to learn more and join the Self Led Offer Suite now!

📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne





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