How To Manifest Anything In Your Coaching Business

Today Michele Ariana from Mpower Your Life & I give you simple steps on how to manifest through the law of attraction manifestation.


This blog is full of law of attraction coaching on manifestation methods, manifestation techniques, manifestation tips, and learning how to manifest instantly! 


The law of attraction is always at work, and you’re manifesting every single moment. The key is to learn how to manifest anything you want INTENTIONALLY! 


So, if you’re wondering to yourself “What is manifestation” and how to manifest things in your life, and in your coaching business then this is the blog/video for you! You’ll even learn KellyAnne and Michele’s favorite Neville Goddard manifestation style that you definitely don’t want to miss.



Timestamp 1:15: What is manifesting?

Timestamp 2:27: We are always manifesting

Timestamp 3:38: The science of it / Quantum Physics

Timestamp 4:50: Neville Goddard The Law of Being / Consciousness

Timestamp 12:55: Split Mind / A Course of Miracles

Timestamp 18:18: Surrendering & Law of Attraction

Timestamp 21:24: Grief Beside Joy

Timestamp 22:52: Casting the Burden / Triggers

Timestamp 26:10: Using Movies to Ground Ideas within Yourself

Timestamp 26:45: Doctor Strange / Multiverse

Timestamp 28:00: Moana / Ego Mind

Timestamp 30:46: Choose the Light / Fighting the Darkness

Timestamp 34:35: What You're Imagining Already Exists / Tune to the Frequency

Timestamp 36:24: Efforting

Timestamp 40:10: Manifesting from Your Truth 

Timestamp 44:09: Explain the Unexplainable

Timestamp 46:18: Manifesting my Partner / Frequency of Love in Relationship

Timestamp 52:00: Complete Cycle

Timestamp 54:30: Visions / Imagination

Timestamp 1:03:33: Neutrality 


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📣 And, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends. 


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire! 

XO, KellyAnne 




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