How To Title Your Signature Program [SO IT SELLS!]

Your signature program title is a key aspect of attracting the perfect clients & students to your offer, as well as, getting found organically online.

That’s why your coaching program name will clearly & concisely describe the ONE result your ideal client wants to achieve! 


Now, there’s an art and science to developing your offers title in a way that genuinely magnetizes, which is exactly what we’re going to go through all this in today’s blog, so let's get into it!


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Now, I’m sure you’ve thought about your signature program title at some point while you’ve been going through the processes of creating and packaging your offer, and NOW is the time to solidify it! 


Although it seems like an easy enough concept, there’s strategy involved in this process and quite a few different things to consider. 


Today I am going to walk you through 6 key title considerations, so that you create the PERFECT title from the start. This is going to be the title that will feel 100% authentic to you and your brand… and it will also feel like a hell yes in your ideal clients and students' bellies!



Signature Program Title Consideration #1: Packaging

When thinking about how to name your coaching program, first determine how it will be packaged because this will play a factoring role in the language you use in the title.


You may want to include words like: 

  • simple for a mini course or 
  • 101 for a beginners course or
  • ultimate or complete based on how deep the content goes


What you may not be aware of is that there are over 30 ways to package your Signature Program, and each packaging style will have it’s own title!


So, is your signature program packaged into an online course, or a simple mini course? Or maybe it’s set to be a 6 month mastermind, or 12 month 1:1 coaching experience.


Overall, your title may describe how your offer is packaged, so be sure to know how it’s packaged first!


Signature Program Title Consideration #2: Keywords

Your signature program title will not only determine if people will stick around long enough to buy the coaching program or offer you’ve created....it will also determine if people even FIND you at all. 


SEO & keywords are going to play a big part in your signature offer getting found via search engines, meaning Google, Youtube, and Pinterest. 


Everyday, your ideal clients are going to these search engines looking for solutions to their problems. They’re trying to DIY results which typically ends up leading to more confusion. 


This is where you and your content come in! If you can get inside your ideal client's mind and think about what THEY would search in regards to your signature program topic, you can use the exact phrase they put in the search bar in your Signature Program Title!


When you use keywords that reflect your best, most helpful content in your Signature Program title, the search engines recognize that and magnetize clients & students to your offers.


So, when creating your title take a look at your keywords, specifically the words that portray your end result.


Signature Program Title Consideration #3: Niche and Ideal Clients


Your Signature Program is crafted for ONE person with ONE problem and it offers ONE solution.


In saying that, it’s important to think about who your signature program title is speaking to. 

  • What immediate problem is it solving for them? 
  • What are their goals?  
  • What solution are they looking for? 
  • Overall, WHAT DO THEY WANT?


Your clients are going to come to you because they have a problem you can help them solve. They’ll know you’re the right fit because of the language you use in your signature program name.

So, your goal is to speak directly to an exact situation your ideal client is experiencing, and to be very obvious WHO your offer is created for.


For example, if I’m thinking about my signature offer’s name, Signature Program That Sells, I know my ideal client has a goal of creating and monetizing a signature program, and this person is typically an online coach or course creator.


So, I speak to that both in the title of my course and on my course sales page.


Signature Program Title Consideration #4: End Result

Your signature program end result is the solution your content helps your ideal client achieve. 


That’s why it’s important to be as specific and direct as possible in sharing the end result your clients will walk away with. This is the moment to simplify your end result down to a word or phrase, if it’s currently in a sentence. 


Really think about what your clients will receive by the end. 


For the Signature Program That Sells… our students will leave with a complete and marketable signature program. So what’s it for you?


Signature Program Title Consideration #5: Simplicity

There’s a saying that goes “clarity over cleverness”. 


When naming your signature program, avoid creating mental and emotional clutter because a confused audience doesn't buy. 


Your potential clients & students don’t have time to decipher and decode the meaning of your offer. So, make it easy for them to understand how your signature program can help them get what they want most!


Your job is to be crystal clear in the words you use to name and describe your offer. 


Keep it short, simple, and to the point, and do your best to stay away from potentially confusing words or titles. The goal is to use your title to get your ideal clients EXCITED about reading more.


Signature Program Title Consideration #6: How to Quantify

This is a big one, Coach! People want to know how long it will take to undergo the transformation you’re promising. So including it in your signature program title (or the title tagline) is a no brainer.


Some questions you can ask yourself to figure this out are:


  • How many OVERALL steps is your signature program framework?
  • How much time will they need to spend on this?
  • How much time am I SAVING them in the long run?


How can you convey that your coaching package is the shortcut they’ve been looking for? 


Remember, people LOOK for and pay for convenience!

So, if they're looking at two coaching programs to purchase that have relatively similar content/results and one can be completed in 3 weeks and the other in 6 months, they may buy the one promising quicker results. 


 So, now that we’ve gone through the 6 key title considerations I’d love to hear about if you have a signature program title in mind! 


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Until next time, Coach, keep building your empire!


XO KellyAnne




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