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Have you ever seen coaches killin' it on Youtube and wondered how they were converting views into sales?


Well, you're about to find out! Today you're going to learn how to make money on Youtube with content marketing. Specifically, we're going to be talking about content funnels and affiliate sales… so let’s get started!


Youtube is one of the top three search engines online along with Google and Pinterest, and is the go-to site for millions of people searching for information, and finding solutions to their problems. 


All the content you upload to YouTube is searchable, and searchable content is continuously working for you (there’s a reason why you found, and are reading this blog). 


Unlike social media, a video that you post today on youtube isn’t going to disappear in 24 hours. It’s going work for you as a resource for people for the life of youtube.


Another benefit of having a Youtube channel is that you’ll be creating a resource library filled with all of your teachings and trainings that can be:

  • shared to other social media platforms
  • embedded into your emails
  • sent to clients for support in specific areas
  • repurposed into blogs on your website


That’s a lotta value from videos you create once!


So now let’s talk about how Youtube fits into your content marketing strategy, by first defining content marketing.

"Content marketing is delivering valuable digital content, on a long-term, consistent basis, to your ideal client in order to add value, build relationships, and indirectly inspire them to buy your digital products, programs and services."


The digital content we’re talking about in this video is youtube videos. However, other digital content could be things like:

  • blogs
  • podcasts
  • social media posts
  • your website
  • email newsletters

They all fall under the umbrella of “content marketing.”


As coaches, one of our top goals is to implement a solid content marketing strategy in order to support us in influencing a targeted audience and creating a greater impact.


And as we all know, influence has a direct correlation to income, which is why content marketing is essential.


The goal of this blog/video is to support you in using content marketing as a sales funnel through Youtube. Essentially what you’ll do is:


Create searchable content  > offer a lead magnet > encourage people to click the link in the description which will lead them through > an email sequence > ending with purchasing your offer 


I did this in my blog/Youtube video called Create A Signature Program That Sells which also includes a content upgrade (or lead magnet). This content launched in November of 2018 and continuously generates thousands of views, it has thousands of downloads (which are hot leads), and I’ve received new clients generating thousands of dollars. This is off a piece of content I created ONE time!


In saying that,  let’s dig deeper into learning how YOU can make money on youtube with content marketing!


Make Money On Youtube Step 1: SEO Research

I’ll be honest, most people skip over this step which is why they create content and don’t see any traction. Step 1 is to do SEO research to determine how many people are searching for the topics you teach. 


Keywords are, well… KEY when it comes to using content marketing strategies on Youtube. This is how you’re going to:

  1. Get favored by the search engine
  2. Begin to rank
  3. Get found when your ideal clients search for topics you create videos on


You may be wondering HOW to figure out what people are searching for and how many people are searching for a specific topic.


The tool I use to find keywords specifically on YOUTUBE is Tubebuddy. (*affiliate link*)


Check out the tutorial in the video above [minute 3:48] to see how I do SEO research to make sure my ideal clients are searching for my video topics.


Your monthly results should be popular, but not so huge that your content will get lost. 


This is one of THE most important things you can do when creating content, so *DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP*! 


Once you determine the topics you’ll be creating content for then you can move on to ...


Make Money On Youtube Step 2: Intentional Scripting

Now that you have your keywords listed out, it’s time to title your video and start writing out the script, or if that’s not your thing… at least have bullet points. 


Know that your titles aren’t a place to get clever or too creative. You want to be clear, to-the-point and use the keywords you’d like to rank for in your title. 


This will make it easier for YouTube to know what you’re talking about, and send the right people to view your videos.


When scripting out your videos you want to ask yourself 4 questions:

>> Does my script include my keywords?

Whether you write your script word for word or you use bullet points, be sure to have your keywords included in a natural way throughout the video.  Ya see, youtube scans each video and it knows if you’re really talking about the keywords and tags you’re using. So if you’re choosing a keyword, be sure to USE it!


>> Does this lead to an offer?

If the topic you’re talking about is in direct relation to a digital product or program you offer then turn it into a sales funnel! To start, create a high value freebie that leads to an email sequence, that then leads to your offer!


>> Am I sharing resources that I can create an affiliate link for?

If you’re talking about a book that changed your life or a tool you use in your business then leave an affiliate link! 


Here’s the thing friend, you’re doing the dirty work for your audience by weeding through all the cah-cah out there and finding what works. So when you share your recommendations, add links! You’re saving them time and money by doing so… and you deserve the minimal commission you receive.


>> Does this position me as leader, expert or resource?

Coach, the goal here is for you to be the go-to resource for your audience.  So, as you’re building out your scripts be sure that you’re giving relevant and valuable content, and be sure to present that content in an authentic way that builds rapport and trust.


After you ask yourself those 4 questions then you’re ready to record!


Make Money On Youtube Step 3: Optimize Your Upload


Okay, now that you have your keywords and script recorded, it’s time to upload!


***THIS IS A BIGGIE! Do NOT skip this step!***


I admit it’s one of the most boring and non-glamorous parts of youtubing, but in order to get the most SEO juice out of your videos as you can, don’t skip these little steps. 


When uploading, you’ll see options to customize tags, descriptions, and your video title. You want to do ALL of them.


Additionally, a pro tip is to be sure that your thumbnail and video are optimized BEFORE you upload as well! Check out the tutorial [minute 9:37] in the video above to learn how to do this. 


Once you have your video completely optimized, you’re ready to hit publish… Yay! That’s the exciting part!


Then you immediately move on to ...

Make Money On Youtube Step 4: Drive Traffic 

It’s imperative that your video gets a lot of traction within the first 48 hours of publishing. THIS is how Youtube knows it’s a valuable video!  By the amount of views, comments, and likes it gets. 


The moment you hit publish, start sending your tribe to your video! When I drop a video I:

  • let my Instagram peeps know about it video post and story
  • share it on my personal FB page, the Self Leaders Society FB Group, as well as, in multiple groups that allow marketing 
  • create pins for Pinterest
  • send it out to my email list letting them know a new video is posted, what it’s about, and what they’ll walk away learning


Then, when the comments start coming in, it’s important to engage immediately. This engagement lets the search engine know that this video is super valuable, and that they should send more people over to see it!


You’ll be increasing your views, curating conversation in the comments section to learn more about your audience and how you can serve them, and also stacking up downloads of your freebie. 


Make Money On Youtube Step 5: Email Campaigns

Now that you’ve gotten all these new people into your sales funnel by downloading your freebie, you get to come up with a badass email campaign that leads to a sales page and ultimately a sale!


The goal here is for newbie subscriber to get to know you a little better before you just shove a big, pricey offer in their face.


Trickle in 4 - 6 nurturing emails throughout the first couple weeks.

  • One can be a “thank you” for opting in, and explain to them how to use the freebie.
  • You can send a more personal email to let them know more about you.
  • Send over a list of blogs or other publications you’ve done as resources to them and also to establish your expertise, and let them know where else they can find you.


Start out with a little extra nurturing and then start introducing your offer. 


Email platforms like Kajabi ***Affiliate Link*** offer a lot of really helpful automations, so you can control the user journey based on clicks, opens, and purchases.  


Your YouTube channel is going to be a key element in the know, like, trust cycle of building your online coaching business, which will ultimately lead to more sales and more money in your pocket.


These are the 5 Steps I use to make money on Youtube with content marketing (AND make a difference in the world). So if I can do it then you can do it!


Also, if you want to join a FREE community of online coaches and course creators who are attracting clients with their content just like you, I’ve created a Facebook group to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people.  CLICK HERE to join now!


Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO, KellyAnne



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