Mental Health Tips For Coaches | How To Practice Self Love & Self Care


I get it, Coach. Your to-do list seems endless, there’s content creation up the wazoo, you’re constantly supporting others through their struggles, and if you experience one more learning curve you might just lose it… and that’s not even including maintaining relationships and trying to show up as our best selves in our personal lives…


Let’s talk about it, Friend, because even though you love your business I have no doubt there’s a lot on your plate.


And if you don’t intentionally nurture your mental health while building your coaching business it can lead to stress, exhaustion, burn out, lashing out at people you love, and/or letting your business go all together.


So, if you have that constant feeling of being “behind.”, or you feel like you have that chasing energy, or like there just aren’t enough hours in the day … Coach,  it’s time to shift, and here are 5 SIMPLE mental health tips to get started.


Mental Health Tip #1: Know What You Need 

This is a simple tip, yet it’s not always easy! 


It’s not a secret that, as humans, we think about the wellbeing of people in our lives.  We care about our family, friends, partners, clients & students. 


We get into this habit of putting others' needs before our own.


One of THE MOST powerful things you can do for your own mental health is to explore your own needs (which are non-negotiables), as well as your desires, and boundaries.


So for me, I NEED a certain amount of time alone each day… it’s not a desire or luxury, it’s a necessity. I also need quarterly retreats with my spiritual mastermind sisters. 


Both support me in keeping my cup full, maintaining connection to my truth and personal power, and they also help me preserve an internal peace, calm and clarity. 


When I show up from the space of having my needs met it’s felt by everyone who I come in contact with. (Just ask my fiance 😉)


My clients seem to get better results, my fiance and I are more connected, and I have a  sense of contentment and happiness in my everyday life interactions. 


Now, I didn’t always know what “support” looked like to me. It was one of those things that I needed to try out and learn about myself. And support also looks different in different moments! 


So, if you’re thinking to yourself that you’re not sure what you need… or what fills you up… or supports you in feeling connected to your truth, that’s perfectly okay!


You can start by filling up your self care toolkit. And I’m not just talking about facials and massages (although don’t cut those things out if that helps you feel supported).  


📣 I’d like for you to do a self-exploration exercise and create a list of around 20 different things you absolutely NEED to feel connected.


Your list can be as simple as 1 hour of silence in the mornings, or sleeping 8 hours in a day (maybe that’s including nighttime sleep and a nap throughout the day), or something more expansive like creating a chores list for everyone in your household to help out more, or taking 1 or two days a month to get a hotel room and have alone time.


Try to fill your list with self love ideas and self care ideas you can implement daily, weekly and monthly that will give you your time, energy and mind space back.


Then the next step is to start practicing your list everyday and learn how to gently communicate your needs to others in your life. 


As you start to give yourself the attention you deserve, you’ll begin to notice a feeling of peace which is your natural state and truth. And that, my friend, is my hope for you!

Mental Health Tip #2: Don’t Put Pressure On Your Business

This is a huge one, Coach! In the beginning we’re revved up and ready to support the world.  


We have such clear visions of the end result, meaning: 

  • the positive influence we’re going to have 
  • the people we’re going to directly support 
  • the money in the bank 
  • the lifestyle of freedom. 


We can clearly see it!


What we can’t clearly see are all the large and small details and learning curves along the way that not only take time, but also challenge us to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually rise into expanded levels of being.


The being that’s always been there, but got clouded by the persona or ego.


Friend, you’re going to be navigating through a few phases of your coaching business. There’s the idea phase, the creation phase, the packaging phase, the marketing phase, and the enrollment phase.  


There’s a lot that needs to happen between having an idea and enrolling consistent clients and students! 


The very worst thing you can experience in your business is NEEDING it to make money (like yesterday) so that you can eat or pay your bills.


This puts pressure on you,your business as a whole, and even a coach you may be working with… which then shows up in how you create, your messaging & marketing, and your confidence in enrolling.


So here’s the mental health tip that will save you a ridiculous amount of stress. 


Give yourself double the time you think it’s going to take to go through the phases of your business, so that you can do it with grace. 


If you’re currently making money in a different way, continue that other stream of income until you’re consistently making money in your coaching business.  


Give yourself the gift of feeling safe financially while you’re building your business.  


Expect things to take longer than you anticipate because they typically do, and go in knowing that MANY things in your business include a “test” period.  


Mental Health Tip #3: Simplify Your Business Model 


There’s not just one way or one path to take in the coaching world.  There are many options, which turns out to be many decisions for you to make along the way.


In the beginning, it’s a feeling journey. You’re feeling your way through to determine:

  • What feels natural
  • What feels aligned
  • What feels simple


Yes, there will be learning curves and setbacks, but ultimately you’re going to have to know yourself enough to determine if what you’re doing is a misalignment, or just something that’s testing your patience. 


This is how you build YOUR unique business model.  


So as you go through and test out different models or methodologies, a huge goal is to delete more than you add to your online coaching business. 


This means to focus on the things you’re doing that are working, and the aligned ways you’re showing up that are attracting, and create systems and organization around those things so you only need to do a few tasks every week for your business to run like a well-oiled machine! 


When you get organized by using project management tools, and scheduling systems, and content delivery systems you’ll be able to open up your mind space and allow your business to run more smoothly.


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Mental Health Tip #4: Hire Help 


Coach - you’re not expected to have every skill in every area of your coaching business. And if I’m being honest, that mindset is the fastest way to burnout and resenting your business.  


One of your top responsibilities in your online coaching business is to focus on doing the things you love, and then outsource the rest. 


Having support to complete the not-so-fun tasks, and implement your growth and conversion strategies are not only a great way whittle down your to-do list, it’s also a great way to hold yourself capable to completing projects. 


One of the best things I’ve done for my business was hire two VA’s because having a team helps me to focus on tasks and projects that matter.


I get support with everything from script writing, sales funnel editing, and repurposing of content into email campaigns, to social scheduling, graphic design, and caption writing. 


Coach, there’s no shame in asking for help and getting support, and it’s one of the best and smartest ways to increase confidence and ditch overwhelm in your online coaching business.


AND, if you’re someone who’s thinking “KellyAnne, I don’t have the money to hire out…” I’m going to encourage you to at least do a little research before you shut the idea down.


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Mental Health Tip #5: Practice Letting Go 


Buddihsm teaches that “attachment is the root of all suffering”, and I completely agree.


Whether you find yourself attaching to the amount of money you want in your bank account, or the amount of clients you want to enroll in a launch, or how you think an evergreen sales funnel should work the first time around… it’s important to practice letting go.


Now, don’t get me wrong, intentions are key! I believe it’s 100% important to have a clear idea of what you’re choosing for yourself. 


What I’m saying here is to let go of how your intention will be delivered, and in what amount of time, and by whom


When you attach to anything (whether perceived good or bad) you create automatic conditions and fear.


Conditions being… I can be only happy or feel safe or feel good enough when I have this thing.  Or when you get the thing, fear that it can be taken away and you’ll experience loss. 


There are so many thoughts, emotions, people, places, things and circumstances that we attach to, try to control, and create conditions around.  And conditions come from the “small self”.


Connected Self has complete confidence in it’s choices and unwavering expectation, knowing that the intention must manifest from the field of possibilities. And Connected Self, or Higher Self doesn’t care how it comes to fruition. 


So, in saying that, let yourself off the hook from needing to control every last thing that happens in your business and life.  


Guide yourself into a space of silence, and let the ideas and knowingness or your intentions CHOOSE YOU.  Then sit back, let go, take inspired action when you’re called to, and watch how it all unfolds.


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Until next time, keep building your empire!

xo, KellyAnne




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