Personal Growth & Starting A Coaching Business | Why It Matters!

If you didn’t already know… starting a coaching business will be one of the top personal growth experiences of your life.

That’s why today you’re going to learn the ins and outs of how to get into alignment with your Self Leadership so you can quickly spot when unsupportive habits, mindsets, and emotional loops show up in your business…

AND you’ll know what to do when they DO show up so that you can still get your message out to the world, make a difference, make money, and have the freedom you deserve.

And don’t forget to stick around until the end because I’ll be sharing my favorite online coaching business resource that will help you create and monetize the most aligned coaching business you know within these next 12 months!


Since 2013 I’ve coached hundreds of clients and thousands of students in extracting their genius, simplifying it into signature offers, and selling it … and time and time again I’ve seen these clients & students stall out in three key pivotal moments of their business growth:

1) Organizing & building out content for their offers

2) Consistently marketing their offers

3) Selling their offers everyday


Now, when I say “stall out” I’m referring to these coaches experiencing deep levels of resistance and fear, and moments of coming face to face with their own version of self sabotage.


And THIS is when they began to really understand the value in harmonizing business and spirituality… or the doingness with the beingness.


Coach, creating, packaging and monetizing your genius is an intimate experience. One that some might call sacred. And with something that feels so personal to us… alllll the belief systems and emotions can come up.


The voice inside your head may say things like:

“I feel like a total fraud when I market myself online.” or
“I’m not perfect, SHOULD I be trying to position myself as a thought leader on this topic?” or
“I don’t have as much experience as that multi-millionaire coach over there, so I shouldn’t even bother.” or
“I haven’t had that many clients who have gotten results, so maybe I should wait to market myself”.


It’s important for you to know that these mindsets lead to feelings like sadness, embarrassment, fear, anger and so much more…. And those feelings lead to your actions.


So, what ends up happening is, these mindsets and emotions create actions that aren’t 100% authentic to who you are… mainly because there’s a lack of self trust that what you’re doing is going to work.


This then leads to searching outside of yourself for answers and following another coach's best way of doing things, or showing up in a way where you’re taking the actions you THINK you should take (aka people pleasing), but are disconnected from your truth.


And when you’re disconnected from YOUR true way of being and expressing it shows in the depth of content you share in your offers, how you show up to market your offers, and how you sell.


In saying all that, I’m going to share with you the 4 personal growth qualities that every high impact, profitable coach I’ve met embodies, so you can tap into the depths of your spiritual alignment and self leadership in moments of growth and self doubt.


When you can practice and fully express your unique version of these qualities, you’ll experience the coaching business beyond what you thought was possible.


Personal Growth Quality #1- Vision

Coach, you’re never given a vision or desire that you can’t have. If you can see it or feel it within you, then it’s available to you now.

You see, your vision is more than something you think up and put down on paper.

Your vision is something you’re given.

Something that’s an extension of who you are.

Something you’re a steward of.

Something you’re expanded by.

Every high impact, profitable coach I’ve met (myself included) is guided by their vision. It’s an every day all day choosing of our visions and then taking actions as if that vision were already a reality.

Ya see, we believe we’ve been chosen as the one to deliver a specific message, and we believe we’re the ONLY one that can deliver it the way we’re meant to deliver it.

So as you can see, this goes deeper than clarifying what success means to you and defining your version of success.

I’m talking about creating a spaciousness within you to allow your vision to come through and then begin to think FROM it, not of it.
That’s when you align so deeply with it, that you become the flow of it and begin to take actions that align with it.

Now, once you start to practice this and feel amazing, and you’re in the flow of your vision, you’ll still most likely have moments where old mindsets and emotional patterns pop up and try to minimize your vision.

Your mind may say things like:

Well, I don’t need the WHOLE vision.
Maybe I can start with this piece of the vision and work towards the rest.
Truthfully, I’d be happy with this part of the vision.

When your mind goes there, your only job is to keep claiming the full vision every step of the way.

Because the more you claim it all, the more you’re going to make decisions from the mindset of having it, and the more likely you’ll receive it.

Personal Growth Quality #2- Trust

The amount of trust involved in growing a high impact, profitable coaching business is beyond most people's comfort levels (which is why a small percentage actually creates the level of impact and income they envision).

To give you an example, here are some of the things I practice trusting in…

  • I trust that the messages and content coming through me are meant for me to express exactly how I see them.
  • I trust myself to act when intuitively guided.
  • I trust that my message will be of the highest value and impact to everyone who receives it.
  • I trust myself to show up and share my message everyday in some way, shape or form… not because I have to, but because it’s an extension of who I am.
  • I trust myself to sell in a way that's most natural to me (even if it goes against what some coaches think is best).
  • I trust that I’m divinely supported in all ways.
  • I trust that if I post 4 times on social or send out 2 emails in a day, my audience will love it.
  • I trust that every time I share ALL of me it inspires others to do the same.

Coach, trusting yourself is one of THE most important qualities you can practice because if you’re not trusting yourself, you’re trusting someone else to have the answers for you.
And no one can ever have the answers for you, because YOU know you best.

YOU know what your next move is, even if your mind tells you, you don’t.
YOU know what feels aligned and misaligned.
YOU know what works with your energy levels.

Only you can make decision after decision in your coaching business. And each of these decisions will lead to:

  • learning more about yourself (mindsets, emotions, willingness)
  • It will lead to Deeper levels of self trust
  • And it will lead to Doing business YOUR way 


Personal Growth Quality #3- Self Expression

This one took a lot of practice for me because even though it seems simple, it takes a TON of courage to show up exactly who you are and unlearn who you think you’re supposed to be.

The fact of the matter is most coaches you see online are filtering themselves in fear of being seen as:

  • Too much
  • Too eager
  • Too bold
  • Too rich
  • Too sensual or sexual
  • You name it.

Everything from not swearing, not wearing that outfit, not talking about money, not sending that many emails in a week, not ________ you fill in the blank.

Coach, self expression means self expression.
It’s expressing ALL of you regardless of what people think.
And this is where your freedom comes from.

Otherwise you’ll be expressing a buttoned up, filtered, people pleasing version of you… and you’ll be like 95% of the other coaches out there.

If you think about the coaches you’re drawn to and feel aligned with, you’ll notice they all have this quality.
They’re brave enough to go beyond surface level conversations and you can tell they’re in full self expression.

You can see it in:

  • Their free content on social
  • Their educational content on search engines (google, youtube)
  • The offers the coach is known for.
  • These pieces of content are created, packaged and sold from the depths of their Self Leadership.
  • From the pure excitement and joy of self expression, which is basically an extension of who they are and how they live.


But the moment you question if you SHOULD say that, or wear that, or send that extra email because you’re afraid you’ll annoy people… you’ve stepped out of self expression and into people pleasing. So, consider that as you continue to grow and expand your coaching business.


Personal Growth Quality #4- Confidence


Now, confidence comes from living into the vision, trust and self expression that we’ve already talked about.
And I suppose it’s more like an unshakable certainty.

Certainty that you are the ONE.

Chosen to share this particular message at this particular time in history. 
Chosen to lead the way, blaze the trail, be the example.

You see, the coaches that embody this level of certainty almost seem otherworldly. They feel different.
... mainly because they're allowing themselves to be guided from the Source within them.

And this isn’t something you can learn from a book or youtube video.
It’s part of your unique self leadership journey.

Now, these four personal growth qualities are more like four superpowers... and they’re available to you NOW.

Beneath the fears, doubts and resistance that come up are these core truths of who you already are. So, it’s not so much that you’re becoming them, as you’re REMEMBERING that you are already them.

And as you remember, you learn how to get aligned with yourself faster and faster.
You begin to see your habits, patterns and loops from an outsider's perspective and stop making them mean something about you.

You energetically and emotionally detach.

And when you can do that, you can heal any learned untruths and redirect to claiming your full vision, connecting with your unwavering trust, living into your fullest self expression, and allowing the world to feel the expansiveness of the certainty of who you really are.

This is the moment you become THAT coach… The one everyone talks about as having the “something”.

The one who is the reflection of what they know to be their own truth, but haven’t fully tapped into it yet.

You get to be that person for YOUR clients and students.

This is just some of the embodiment work I do inside the 12 month Self Led Coach Membership that I was talking about in the beginning of this video.

For 12 months, the Self Led Coach members get access to 2 group coaching sessions (one geared towards business development and one geared towards self leadership development), as well as all my online courses, live group coaching experiences, and over 50 masterclasses, templates, challenges, and more.


So, if you’re at the point in your coaching business where you’re ready to build the most aligned business you know and then BE the example of that for others… then invite you to click the picture below to learn more and join the Self Led Coach now!



📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne





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