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It takes courage to create a coaching business model from your self leadership…especially if you feel like you’re missing information or you don’t have results yet.


Self Leadership is tapping into the truth of who you are and allowing that truth to lead you (in all areas of life). The goal is to surrender the small ego self, to allow your highest self to lead you by guiding your insights, intuitive nudges, and actions.


Getting to this point requires a combination of consistent self awareness and emotional intelligence, knowing how to get aligned with yourself, developing deep levels of self trust, being open to adding spirituality in business, and having the courage to take action in moments of uncertainty. 


Here’s the thing, friend. There’ll be many challenges and learning curves involved in growing your coaching business. 


Nurturing a Self Led Coaching Business will help you become a clear and accurate decision maker. It will also support you in building up the habit to look to yourself for your next logical business step (instead of listening to hundreds of coaches on the internet telling you what you need). And it will increase your motivation, confidence and action even when business feels heavy. 


In a Self Led Coaching Business you as the CEO do 3 simple things:

  • 1st- You share your specific truth on topics and experiences relevant to your niche
  • 2nd- You package your genius as you’re guided. And this is important! We don’t want you to just package information… we want you to package your unique genius… which translates to your innate skills and talents! 
  • And lastly, in a self led coaching business you’ll market your business and enroll in a way that feels 100% authentic and natural to you.


And that natural piece is the most important.  I find a lot of coaches get caught up in that piece, and so they look to other coaches to tell them what to do! 


Here’s the thing, friend. No one knows what’s best for you but you. Every coach or expert believes their way is the best or most efficient way… when it’s really the best way for THEM.


A self led business model means TRUSTING you, SHOWING UP as you, SHARING your unique message in a way that’s natural to you, and ENROLLING just by you being you.


In saying that, let’s get into the 2 key aspects of nurturing a self led business model so you can create a meaningful, high impact, and fulfilling business experience.



Self Led Business Model Aspect #1: Who You Are BEING 

The first aspect of creating and nurturing a Self Led Business model is who you’re being and that relates to stepping into deep levels of Self Leadership.

When you begin to clear out the cobwebs of fear, resistance, and seeming blocks, it allows you to focus on what you DO choose… or rather the vision that’s choosing you!


You see, your vision is calling you from the inside. Even with fears and self judgements you’ll still receive glimpses of it! 


Our job is to approach our vision with openness and continue to claim it regardless of what we are seeing in the world. Even if we don’t know exactly how it will be received. 


When you can hold your vision in this way, it’s signaling an allowance to the Universe that you’re ready for it to be made manifest. 


The next key area to nurture in Who You Are Being is your emotions


Guiding your emotions first means having awareness of your habitual emotions and feelings at certain times in your business or life.


For example, what emotions come up when facing uncertainty? Or when adding more responsibilities to your plate? Or when marketing a new high ticket offer online? Or as a novice? Or when someone doesn’t agree with your message?


These are all very real scenarios you’ll be facing as the CEO of your business. So, the sooner you can increase your awareness around what your body feels like when it doesn’t feel safe, worthy, or loved, the sooner you can begin the process of regulating those emotions so they don’t stop you in your tracks! 


As you begin to go beyond what feels comfortable, you’ll notice a triggering response in your nervous system.


Some ways you can regulate your nervous system response is through:

- Breathwork

- Body movement, going for a walk 

- EFT tapping 



And as your nervous system begins to neutralize, you enter into the third area to nurture in Who You Are Being… and that’s being an open vessel for your higher self to share insights and your full vision. 


Being an open vessel for your higher self to communicate means to easily be able to recognize any musings and intuitive nudges from inside yourself. 


When you allow yourself to be in communication with something greater there’s a different feeling you’ll get & you’ll know you’re taking action from a Self Led place because of the way it feels. 


First, you’ll feel light. Your body will physically feel light and open.

It will also feel gentle. Even if there is excitement, there will be an internal peace and calm.

It will also feel quiet and clear. You’ll have absolute certainty.


That’s how you know you’ve been able to open yourself up and be guided by something greater.  


The knowledge that comes through will clearly be Self Led knowledge, not something you borrowed from someone else on the internet.


Self Led Business Model Aspect #2: WHAT YOU ARE DOING

As you step deeper into your Self Leadership and practice your BEINGNESS, you’ll be internally guided on what to DO. 


This can look like intuitive nudges, inspired action, receiving visions on next steps, and it could also look like manifesting solutions to questions or problems through something you’re reading, watching or listening to. 


Now, if at this time you’re guided to a coach, program, book, etc… then listen to your guidance. You gave the gift of the idea to yourself. So, take action confidently knowing that whatever you’re guided to feels true and aligned for you, and is just one aspect of your support circle. 


Topics that you’ll be guided towards in the DOINGNESS aspects of your coaching business are typically things like: 

  • creating your brand
  • outlining & developing courses, programs, offers 
  • developing coaching packages
  • gaining clarity on who would be the perfect fit for your offers 
  • choosing marketing platforms & strategies that feel aligned
  • Building a connected audience
  • Stepping into your unique enrollment flow

So, the combination of these strategies, tools, and techniques become your way of doing things… your Self Led Business Model.


It will be unique to you because you’re building it based on your guidance!


And this is what separates the coaches who are killing it and making a massive amount of money & impact from the coaches who haven’t quite been able to get there yet. 


As you practice this, you’ll begin to learn about what feels like a yes or no to you and results will start to come faster because you’ll trust yourself more.


Now, these are just a few of the many ways to create your coaching business, your way. 


And on this topic, I wanted to share a resource I created for you called The Self Led Offer Suite. This 3 part masterclass series walks you through creating a Self Led Offer, tapping into your version of Self Led Selling, and having a Self Led Launch in 7 days. 

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📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne





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