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If you’ve ever felt awkward, salesy or inauthentic talking about your offers...


Or if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Gosh, I wish I could just be exactly who I am and attract clients from that place” 👉🏼 then this is for you!


Today we’re talking all things authentic sales tips (specifically for coaches) so that you can nail down your sales process in a way that feels natural and like the next logical step for both you and your potential clients. 


So, whether you’re a newbie in the coaching world or you’ve been at it for a while but feel like you want to align to a more authentic sales process, you’ve come to the right place, friend.  


Being your authentic self is a huge part of selling your products, programs and services.


In fact, it's what completely shifts the whole sales process from feeling sales-y to being excited to share your offers!


Coach, every time you show up online you’re “selling”. Whether it’s a social post, or blog, or Pinterest pins … wherever!


When you share ideas from a place of alignment to your truth, it’s felt differently than if you were sharing from fear, lack or an “I SHOULD do this” kind of energy.


One thing I’ve learned since my sales and enrollment journey started as a coach in 2013 is that authenticity, realness, and connection to self sells organically


That’s why the 4 super simple authentic sales tips we’re going to be talking about today will make it easy for you to get more clients without being salesy! 


So, if you’re looking to overcome sales objections or your fear of sales, and finally know how to sell coaching and get coaching clients,  keep on reading!

Authentic Sales Tip #1- Attract With Education

Education can happen in a lot of different ways. Maybe it’s:

  • An IGTV you share on how to break through blocks
  • Or an in-depth blog post where you answer a question about how to practice the art of self-care
  • Or a Facebook live series where you share your top mindset shifts for creating a life of your dreams


The more you educate and solve problems, the more your ideal clients & students will organically come to you! 


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🔥 A pro tip when you educate with free content is to be sure you offer a lead magnet or tiny offer that invites them into your email list and more intimate online community. 


This is a win-win because potential clients get the chance to:

  • Learn more about you and how you do things
  • See what you believe in
  • Watch how you approach & solve problems


Once they learn those things, they’ll either know you’re not for them, or they’ll know you are. And that’s the point you want people to reach. 


So show up, share content that supports and inspires your ideal client, and you’ll have a warm audience of people who trust you enough to buy from you.


Authentic Sales Tip #2-   Ask Questions

The best way to serve potential clients is to ask genuine questions and be a great listener.  


When you do this, you’ll be able to sense where they are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  This helps you to validate their feelings and start the process of forming a natural connection with them.


When you do this on your sales calls, it becomes about talking with potential clients versus talking at them and telling them all about your offers before you even know if they’re the right fit. 


Instead of “converting prospects”, selling then feels like connecting to people in meaningful ways that pays off, over and over again.


Authentic Sales Tip #3-  Provide the exact solution

Yay… at this point you’ve attracted potential clients & students through great content, and you’ve genuinely listened to where they’re at and the challenges they’re having. 


Now it’s time to think about your offers and which one could be the perfect fit! 


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Rather than just coming out of the blue with an offer, you're now sharing an offer that will support them in solving their problem.


When you hand pick an offer that’s ideal for this person's personal situation, you’re coming from a truly authentic place that can be felt by them. 


It’s clear that you’re connecting with where they are, where they want to be, and sharing your offer in a way that not only feels good to you but is received openly by them.


This then feels gentle, natural and like the next logical step.


Authentic Sales Tip #4-  Have offers at different price points

There are many reasons why having offers at different price points is a good idea, but one of the biggest reasons is you can help people at different readiness levels


When you have offers at multiple price points you increase the amount of impact you can have & the money you collect!


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For example, someone may not be ready for your group coaching experience, BUT they might be ready for a lower price point online course where they can go through the content at their own pace.


Because you’re showing up with offers at multiple price points you give them the choice of what works best for their current mental, emotional and financial readiness level! It’s also more inviting and less pressure which organically creates more sales.


So, now you know the sales strategy to use for how to sell authentically on any sales call or even in your content marketing to take your coaching business to the next level! 


If you want to learn more and join a free community of online coaches who are all working on selling authentically in their online coaching businesses just like you, I’ve created a Facebook group to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people.  Click the picture to join it now!



Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne





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