How To Get Clients Into Your Signature Program With Client Attraction

So, you’ve poured your heart and soul into a completely aligned signature program … and it’s finally time to put it out into the world and attract clients. If this sounds like your current situation then keep reading!


Today we’re talking all things client attraction, so that you can get clients into your coaching program in a way that feels natural and authentic. 


So, whether this is your first time enrolling coaching clients online or you’ve been at it for a while but aren’t seeing traction, you’ve come to the right place, friend.  


Attraction marketing is the process of drawing interest to your coaching business or offers using strategic branding and messaging techniques. 


This means that you’re sharing your story and results, client testimonials, and starting conversations around strategic topics that you KNOW your ideal clients and students care about.


The goal here is to attract, not chase your clients, and you can do this through:

  • teaching about relevant topics
  • sharing a clear message in an authentic way
  • providing simple solutions


This all inspires something from within your potential client to want to learn more and take action with your offers.


So, if you’re looking for an aligned client attraction strategy, here are a few tips you can start to implement so that you can repurpose some of the content in your signature coaching program to drive traffic to your offers and get clients online.



Tip 1 on how to get coaching clients into your Signature Program - CHOOSE 1 OFFER


Did you know that your signature program can be packaged in over 30 different ways?  That’s why it’s so important to choose one offer to focus on marketing at a time!


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This way you and your audience will have absolute clarity on how you can help them and what the exact solution is that you can help them with!

So, is your offer a 1:1 coaching package?  Or are you going to be selling an online course?  Or do you have a group coaching program coming up that you want your audience to know about?


Choosing an offer to focus on is extremely important because it will determine the direction of the content you share, your messaging and calls to action. 


Tip 2 on how to get coaching clients into your Signature Program- REPURPOSE 6-8 PIECES OF CONTENT


You already have great, life changing content in your signature program… so use it! 


By repurposing the same message, it shows your audience that you’re an expert on a particular topic, making them more likely to want to learn more from you and potentially even inspire them to enroll in your signature program. 


There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel, Coach.


Repurposing the content from your signature program can create:

  • a hyper focused blog series
  • youtube playlist
  • Pinterest pins
  • Instagram reels or captions
  • Facebook lives

... and so much more.


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Ultimately, marketing with your offer’s content shows potential clients that:

  • You know your stuff
  • You can help them
  • You can fill a gap and teach them something they don’t know
  • You have a teaching style that aligns with them

Tip 3 on how to get coaching clients into your signature program- SEEDING


Seeding is when you talk about your offers in a natural way throughout your content marketing.  This can sound like:


“When I do this with my clients”


“In module 3 of my online course, XYZ title, we talk more about this ”


“This is one of those topics that deserves more attention which is why i created a masterclass on it”


Basically, you want your audience to know that you currently HAVE clients, as well as multiple opportunities for them to create the solution they're looking for from your offers.


As you begin to develop a solid content marketing plan that includes seeding, it will start to position you as your audience’s coach and your offers as the solution to their problem!


Tip 4 on how to get coaching clients into your signature program- TELL THEM ABOUT NEXT STEPS

Is the next step directing them to a sales page? Or sending them to a freebie that enrolls them in an email campaign that will share your offer? Or maybe to a tiny offer?


This may be one of the most uncomfortable things that you’ll do in the beginning because it initially CAN feel like you’re selling or being too forward.  


✅ But friend, if you don’t tell them about your offers and freebies you’re robbing them of the opportunity to get results faster!  


Meaning that sharing your offer equals them getting the results they’re craving. 


So, be courageous, share how you can support, and boldly give links to landing pages and sales pages so people can check out your offers.


PRO TIP on how to get coaching clients into your Signature Program- ALWAYS COLLECT EITHER LEADS OR SALES


Whenever you’re looking to enroll new clients into an offer that comes from your signature program ALWAYS find a way to:

  1. Create a small win in your content marketing
  2. Collect a lead or sale


If you’re sending them to a sales page for group coaching but enrollment is closed… have a “join the waitlist'' button where they enter their name & email.


If you have a badass freebie or masterclass that’s a first step in your funnel… collect their email address.


Once your freebie is downloaded, be sure you have an email sequence set up that will lead to a bigger offer as well. 


There’s a reason so many people emphasize growing your email list in order to grow your online coaching business. And that’s because it’s one of the best ways to convert when you’re launching a new course or product.


So, now you know the 5 simple tips on how to get online coaching clients into your signature program with client attraction.


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Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO, KellyAnne




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