How To Get Clients In Your Online Coaching Business With Youtube Marketing

Today you’re going to learn how to get clients in your online coaching business by using the power of youtube marketing


Specifically, we're going to be talking about content marketing, content funnels and how to develop a youtube strategy that drives traffic to your offers… so let’s get started!


Youtube is a go-to site for millions of people searching for information, and finding solutions to their problems online. 


It’s, hands down, one of the best ways to organically attract new clients, position yourself as an authority online, and grow your online coaching business. 


As a matter of fact, it’s the second greatest traffic source to my website and offers, next to Pinterest.


Now, I get that it can seem a little impossible to have Youtube organically recommend your content at first.


However, as your Youtube channel becomes more of a resource library filled with all of your SEO rich teachings and trainings, you’ll start to be seen as an authority by the search engine and it will become one of your greatest allies!


Now, as a coach, I use Youtube marketing to drive traffic to my offers and affiliate links with content marketing.


Content marketing is teaching on topics that will support your ideal client in getting small wins, which helps to build trust and relationships, and inspire them to go further with you by purchasing your offers. 


This is how you influence a *targeted* audience and create a greater impact. 


In saying that, let’s dig deeper into learning how to make money on youtube with content marketing as an online coach!


Youtube Marketing Strategy Step 1: Target A Packaged Offer 

All my Youtbe videos reflect content from packaged offers.


A packaged offer refers to content that is uploaded in a content delivery system (like Kajabi or Kartra, or Teachable), and has a checkout page & sales page. 


Whether it’s a 1:1 coaching experience, group coaching program, online course, tiny offer, or a simple template … my offers are strategically developed as an opportunity for my audience to create solutions to a challenge they’re having.


Now, every offer I have is typically repurposed from one Signature Program, and it’s important to know that a signature program can be packaged in over 30 different ways.  If you haven’t created and packaged your signature program yet, then click THIS blog and I’ll show you exactly how to do that). 


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The whole purpose of this youtube marketing strategy is for you to start teaching about topics that relate to your offer, and positioning yourself as your audience's coach.  So, by the time they’re ready to take action, they know who to turn to.

Youtube Marketing Strategy Step 2: Repurpose Content Into Youtube Videos


Now that you know which offer you’re focusing on, you can work backwards and begin to develop video topics and full youtube playlists that relate to your offer AND follow SEO best practices. 


If you'd like to see my example of this go to minute 2:52 in the video above!


The great thing about repurposing content from your signature program is that it can be used in SO many different ways!  It can be:

  • Put Into a graphic and shared on social media platforms 
  • embedded into your emails 
  • repurposed into blogs or podcasts 


That’s a lotta value from videos you create once! Publishing content on multiple platforms gives you credibility and raises your profile online. 


Youtube Marketing Strategy Step 3: Intentionally Share Offer As A Resource


Now, this is the part that matters! Throughout your content, you’ll intentionally be sharing 1-2 calls to action that will directly lead to your offer, as well as other opportunities to learn more if they’re not quite ready to take action just yet.


A call to action is a short piece of content that directs your audience to a specific next step.  


I typically have a teaser call to action in the beginning of my videos to be sure they watch until the end.  This typically sounds like 

And don’t forget to stick around until the end because I’ll be sharing my favorite XYZ resource that will help you to [achieve the end result you want]  faster than you ever thought possible”.


After that, I’ll share my content and tips.


Then at the end of the video I’ll share again and go a little more in depth, saying something like

“As promised, I wanted to share a resource I created called [xyz offer].  This is going to walk you through not only [important topic #1]  but also [important topic #2] so that you can get [XYZ result]  in blank amount of time! So, go ahead and click the link in the description below to learn more and get that now!”


As you’re considering your calls to action, it’s important to be sure that whatever you choose creates a lead or a sale. 


So, your next step can be “Click the link in the description below to” :

  • Fill out an application to XYZ coaching program
  • Download a freebie
  • Learn more and Sign up 
  • Purchase XYZ offer for only $37


The important thing here is to have a clear Call to Action that positions YOU and your offer as the next step to something your audience already knows they want and need.


And a call to action pro tip is to include an image (like I did in this blog) SHOWING your audience what they can look forward to.

Youtube Marketing Strategy Step 4: Authentic Email Campaign


Now that you’ve gotten all these new people into your sales funnel by either: 

✅ filling out an application to work with you 

✅ or getting on a discovery call 

✅ or downloading your freebie 


… you get to come up with an authentic email campaign that will nurture your potential client, add more value and send them to an offer that will support them in getting some serious results!


This is what’s called a “Welcome Email Sequence” and if you’re not sure of what to put in yours, go ahead and click on this blog and I’ll walk you through it!


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Basically, you’re going to send a series of emails that supports them in knowing you, your story and results you’ve been able to create, as well as, relevant FREE resources to help them get results faster, and then finally introduce an offer. 


So, overall, your YouTube channel is going to be a key element in the know, like, trust cycle of building your online coaching business, which will ultimately lead to more clients and more money in your pocket.


Now, these are the 4 Steps I use to make money on Youtube with content marketing (AND make a difference in the world). So if I can do it then you can do it!


If you want to join community of online coaches JUST LIKE YOU, I’ve created an exclusive FB group where I share up to date online coaching tips and strategies TO HELP YOU simplify building your coaching business! Go ahead and click here or the photo below to join that now!


📣 Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach, keep building your empire!


XO KellyAnne




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