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There’s an art and science to crafting profitable coaching packages … especially ones that immediately capture the attention of aligned clients.


That’s why, today you'll learn which key components to include in your 1:1 coaching packages so you can create a high ticket coaching experience for your clients and FINALLY have the influence, impact and income in your coaching business you've been looking for.



If you’re new here, I’m KellyAnne, and I help online coaches build, package, monetize and scale their coaching businesses in an authentic way… specifically with their signature programs.


And, one of the most asked questions I get from clients is “What should I put in my coaching packages?” 


First, let's think about why someone would hire you as a coach when they can get almost every answer they need for free online… And we’re talking about this because it will give us a clue as to what to put in your life coaching packages:


  1. First, you’re giving them the order of things.  While your ideal clients can find a ton of information online, they typically don’t know the exact step by step order  of what to do, and when to do it…  which saves them time, money and sanity.
  2. Second, you’re giving them the details they didn’t realize they need. Most of your clients will have a big picture goal or end result in mind, however, they typically don’t realize there are more details along the way than they anticipate.  You’re going to be the one to fill in the gaps for them. 
  3. Third, you’re providing them accountability, because even if they know the order of things, oftentimes people need someone checking in to make sure they’re staying on track.  
  4. And fourth, you’re providing them with Self Leadership support.  You’ll likely find that your clients get stuck at a certain point in your coaching which is what usually causes them to get off track from reaching their goals. This is where you support them with mindset work and emotional intelligence guidance to step into deeper levels of capabilities and Self Leadership.

So, now that we’re all in an empowered mindset, let's get into a few components for you to include in your high ticket coaching packages to begin drawing in those ideal clients!


Coaching Package Component #1: Signature Program(s)

One of the keys to creating high ticket coaching packages is including a solid signature program (or even multiple signature programs) that will solve a problem your ideal client is experiencing.  


When you market a coaching package with your signature program in mind, it allows you to hone in on a specific ideal client, with a specific problem, and get clear on the end result they’ll walk away with. 


A huge benefit to this is that everyone who comes to you will be coming wanting similar results.


This means you don’t have to recreate the wheel and design custom coaching packages every time you enroll a new client … which, by the way, will lead to confusion on what you do & who you help, as well as potential burn out because you’re constantly creating new offers. 


Another benefit is that when potential clients come to you, you know it’s for a reason!  Maybe they heard you talking about your signature program topics on social…. Or maybe in a blog or youtube video. Either way, they know you’re the expert, and they’re clear on how they will get results with your support!


So, if you don’t have a signature program yet, go ahead and click the blog below and I’ll walk you through it. 

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Coaching Package Component #2: Time Clarity


Sharing time with your students is the most valuable thing you can do. 

When we’re talking about time clarity, I’m referring to 3 different types of time:

  1. First, let’s look at the “Time commitment it will take to complete the package”

Will your clients get results in a matter of 24 hours? Or a few days? Or a week? Or will it take months, or even a year? 


Think about how long it will take your clients & students to go through the content, reflect, process and implement.


Now I think it’s important to mention that more isn’t always better.  People pay for convenience, so if they're looking at two coaching programs to purchase that have relatively similar content/results and one can be completed in 3 weeks and the other in 6 months, they may buy the one promising quicker results.  So that’s something to consider.


 2. The second type of time is “Time With You”

Time with you is where your client or students get your unique way of delivering a message, as well as, your perspective, brainstorming, feedback, simplification tips, and so much more!


The more time you’re physically spending with your clients, holding space for them and sharing your energy and expertise, the more value you’re adding to your package, and the more you can charge for it.


Some of the ways I share my time with clients and students is through 1:1 coaching calls, LIVE group coaching calls, email support, and text/audio coaching support.


3. The third type of time is “Additional Bonus Time”

Additional time with you is going BEYOND what’s in your coaching package contract.


So this can look like Facebook LIVE’s in a private FB group. It can look like Monday-Friday chat forum support on Voxer or Telegram, or it can even look like responding to questions beneath your signature program training videos in the comments section throughout the week.  


These are all added perks and access to you… making your coaching package more valuable!

Overall, as you’re choosing the amount of time you’d like to share with clients, it’s important to be sure it aligns with your ideal lifestyle first so that you can make a difference and also have time for yourself, as well as people and things you care about.


Coaching Package Component #3: Implementation Support

The purpose of clients hiring us is so we can support them in expediting the process of achieving and receiving results.  


This means that we’re cutting out the fluff of what they need to learn, reflect on, and implement so they can be hyper focused on working smarter, not harder. 


That’s why your coaching packages will include a combination of some sort of Implementation materials. 


Offering support options like

  • workbooks
  • fillable PDFs
  • journal prompts
  • downloadable templates
  • done-for-you calendars
  • swipe files

and more are meant to empower your clients to take action when you’re not physically there.


Remember, you’re not just sharing information, and you certainly aren’t developing co-dependent relationships with your clients.  You WANT them to be excited to get after it and complete tasks in between sessions that will move them forward!


So, create something that will help them implement throughout your coaching package and beyond!!


Coaching Package Component #4: Extra Value

When I enroll a new 1:1 client into a high ticket coaching package, I personally give them access to everything during our time together. 


This includes entry to my online coaching library with resources like online courses, digital products, youtube videos, webinars, and video series.

And I love this because it helps hold my clients capable of answering their own questions via content that I’ve already created. 


Extra value also includes admittance into group coaching experiences that may be happening during the coaching package time frame. 


It additionally includes free retreat and seminar tickets, and so much more!


I’ve even seen coaches include an exclusive VIP day towards the end of the package.


When you include some of these high value goodies,  it’s even more support in helping your client to go BEYOND reaching their final goal.


Now Coach, these are just a few components you need to create high ticket coaching packages that sell. 

And if you wanted to dig deeper on this,
 I created a program for this called Signature Program That Sells

This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your signature Program from scratch, but also the process you need to SELL it in an aligned and authentic way...whether that’s in one product, program or service, or by creating multiple streams of income with digital products. So, go ahead and click the picture below to learn more and get that now.


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📣 Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach, keep building your empire!


XO KellyAnne




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