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Coach, if you'd like to find out about the five sections every sales page needs so that it attracts the perfect clients & students for your offers and starts making money asap, you're in the right place!


Remember, your sales page is all about sharing compelling content that aligns with your ideal client and inspires them to take action.


Sales page goals are to captivate minds, be authentic, relate to where your perfect audience is at, and provide a solution (aka YOUR OFFER).


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When it comes to creating a sales page that actually converts (and I’m sure this will come as a surprise to no one!) most people end up focusing on all the wrong things. 


The mistake I see being made on sales pages is that some coaches don’t know what to write so they copy whatever they see on other people’s sites. 


And maybe you’ve found yourself doing something similar.


That other coach over there has a headline, so you have a similar headline. That coach lists out some features, so you list out some features just like it. They add in some testimonials, so you do the same thing. 


But in reality friend, you can have all the right elements that perfectly matches big 7 figure coaches, however, that doesn’t mean your sales page is going to convert.


That’s why I’m revealing the 5 key sales page components that are important to include in Every. Single. Sales page. 


These sections are especially relevant to what today’s customers demand - which is high value, more transparency and no fluff! So let’s dive into it!


Sales Page Section #1: The Hook

The first thing your ideal client will see when they land on your sales page is the hook. 


This is the bold promise, or outrageous claim, or curiosity invoking question that makes them say a mental YES and inspires them to keep reading.


Studies have shown that you have about 8 seconds to capture your visitors' attention enough to stay on your page before they leave. The best way to do this is to generate curiosity. 


Now, as you start to put together your hook you want to be sure to include a few pieces of content. 


First you need a clear end result.


Then you’ll describe in one short sentence how they’ll get it. 


Then, you’ll share your “even if” statement. This immediately disproves the reasons why they think it’s not possible for them... typically fears, limiting beliefs, objections and excuses.


And lastly, you’ll complete the section with a simple and clear call to action!


Easy enough, right?


You can see in the image below that my end result is to create a sales page in a weekend and convert it in 30 days, and they’ll use the simple 4 step method to get there. 



And then underneath I share “even if they have zero design experience, dread copywriting, and have a small following”.


You can see that this shuts down any limiting belief they may have, and at the very least it will inspire curiosity and keep my ideal client reading.


Sales Page Section #2: The CONNECT

The next thing you want to do is connect with your viewers on a personal level


The best way to do this is to let them know you’re just like them! That you understand their problem that they’re currently dealing with. 


The more you can show you understand them & their problems by describing an exact scenario they’re experiencing, the more they will connect with you & believe you know their pain and have a solution to fix that problem.


Here’s my example: 


The Connect section is where you directly speak to your ideal students and clients by title or name, and slightly poke at the frustrations and triggers of their current situation. 


So, do they binge watch Netflix every night because they're overwhelmed with what needs to be done? Do they have zero time? Are they running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to navigate business and mom life?


Whatever their situation, be the ray of hope at the end!


Sales Page Section #3: The BENEFITS

The next key section to have on your sales page is the BENEFITS. 


Now, this section is a big deal because THIS is what they care about! The benefits briefly and clearly describes:

  • The results your ideal client can expect
  • What they get out of purchasing your offer
  • How their lives will shift
  • What they want the most


Have you ever been talking to someone who’s frustrated and ask them what they want, and then they do a big sigh and say… I  just want (blank).


Well, this section is going to fill in that blank!


Ultimately, this section is going to support your ideal clients in imagining living into the benefits and results you’re promising.  


Sales Page Section #4: The BONUSES

Next is the bonus section. During this section you’re going to describe what MORE they’ll be getting when they purchase your offer. 


In this section you’re going to want to determine at least 2 or 3 bonuses that you will give away with your offer.


So do you have a recorded masterclass? Maybe you’ll give away checklists or templates? Will you have a FB group that you plan to go live on? Are there early bird pricing bonuses?  


Whatever your bonuses, it’s important to list them out and be sure to add the value of each bonus in red font. We want your ideal clients to know that they’re getting a killer deal! 


Now that you have someone excited, and they feel like you understand them and their pain, it’s time to prove they can trust you and that your offer does what you say it does.


Sales Page Section #5: The Love 

The last section we’re going to talk about today is the love, or social proof. 


Most people rely on social cues from others on what to think, feel and do. And not just anyone, but people we relate to or who we feel are similar to us in some way. 


Social proof on your sales page diminishes any fears or doubts your visitors have about committing to your offer, and establishes a positive association with you & your brand.


This section is where you’ll share testimonials and case studies and let people know how great your offer is!


Your social proof can be via:

  • text with a photo
  • audio with a photo
  • a video
  • or even a screenshot of a section in an email or comment someone left on social


The best sales pages I’ve seen have both AND the testimonial was offer specific! This means that they’re sharing results that are in direct correlation with what you’re saying the results of your offer will be


For example, if you’re creating a sales page for a meal prep course and one of the end results you’re promising is saving your ideal clients 20 hours per week by making meals ahead... you’ll want a testimonial of a student saying that they now have 20 hours of their week back to share with their family!


Overall, when you’re thinking about testimonials, think metrics, meaning:

  • number of hours saved
  • or number of dollars earned
  • or number of clients received
  • or feeling happier in a certain number of days.


Whatever works with your end result.


It’s important to mention that if this is your first time launching your offer and you don’t have testimonials yet, don’t panic!


You can wait until students have gone through your system and add testimonials later, OR you can add testimonials that are more general (perhaps about people working with you in other ways)


Overall, be sure to spread the love throughout your entire sales page, and especially right before you present the offer or CTA.


Now, while these 5 sales page sections are critical to a high converting sales page, it's important to know that there are 11 more sections that you need to know about! 


That’s why I wanted to share my favorite sales page resource called Sales Page Slay Method. 

This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your sales page from scratch (with all 16 sections), but also the process you need to drive traffic to it and SELL it. 


So, go ahead and click the pic above to learn more and get that now!


Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach, keep building your empire!


XO KellyAnne





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