Signature Program Pricing | How Much Should I Charge?

One of the most asked questions I get from clients is “How much should I charge for my signature program?”  So, if you’re wondering the same thing, keep on reading because today is all about how to price your signature program packages and services


Pricing your Signature Program isn’t cut and dry.  There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your price point.  Factors like:

  • How it’s packaged and the amount of value that’s packed in
  • How much time, research, and sanity you’re saving your clients by helping them achieve your program’s results
  • The level of access your client or students has to you
  • How much time you want to invest
  • How much you want to make


There’s a lot to think about, and I’m here to help you find the right price for your signature programs and services!


Now before we get into pricing, the first step is to choose the product, program or service you’d like to use to package your signature program.  This is an imperative initial step because each way you package your Signature Program will have a different price point!


For example, your signature program can be packed into:

  • An online course
  • A 1:1 coaching package
  • A group coaching program
  • A VIP day
  • A workshop series
  • A mastermind
  • An Audio program
  • A retreat.


There are over 30 different ways for you to package your signature program, so if you’re not sure how you’d like to package yours, go ahead and click the link below, and I’ll walk you through it!


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Now, this is where we get into your pricing. Once your signature program is packaged you can start the process of going through what’s called the “Result Tools” of your packaged program. 


What you may not realize is that there are 7 different tools you use to support your clients & students in getting results.


And I’m going to walk you through each of these tools so you can price your Signature Products, Programs & Services appropriately. 


Okay, let’s get into the juicy stuff. Here are the 7 essential elements of building out your Signature Program price point.


Signature Program Result Tool #1: Duration 

First things first, determine how much of a time commitment you’re asking people to make when they purchase your package.


  • Can your clients and students expect to see results in a matter of days?
  • Does offering a 6-week program feel like a good fit?
  • Or maybe you know that it will take 6-months or even a year to get your clients the results you’re promising.


Always keep in mind the end result you’re helping them achieve, and pick a duration that feels in alignment with your lifestyle goals and also that final outcome.

Signature Program Result Tool #2: Coaching Hours 

How much time are you physically going to have to be present in this package?


Both group coaching and 1:1 coaching will require you to interact with people live, whether that's via phone call, virtual conference call (like zoom), or in person.


It might be a masterclass one day, and an interactive group coaching call the next.


The more time you’re physically spending with your clients, holding space for them and sharing your energy and expertise, the more value you’re adding to your package... And the more you can charge for it!


Signature Program Result Tool #3: Directives 

Directives refer to the system or step by step that you’re telling your client they need to KNOW or DO in order to get results.


A big goal to adopt in your coaching business is to personalize every single aspect of your brand so people know it’s YOUR system.


This means to give a trademark name to your tips, tools, strategies, and techniques because these are your directives.


As my personal example, let’s take the title “The Signature Client System,” that I use in my online course Signature Program That Sells. The Signature Client System is my unique version of how I walk my clients and students through developing THEIR Signature Client (aka ideal client).


I easily could've just said "Ideal Client Avatar" but I chose to give my step by step a personalized name so my audience knows it's my unique system.  Feel free to click the image below to see more of my personalized directives in Signature Program That Sells.



Signature Program Result Tool #4: Implementation Materials 

Implementation materials are meant to support your clients in taking action when you’re not physically there. And there are a lot of options!


You can create:

  • workbooks
  • printable PDFs
  • downloadable templates
  • outlines for scripts
  • swipe files
  • Google Drive templates

... and the list goes on!


Anything that has helped YOU accomplish whatever it is you’re helping THEM to accomplish, can usually be transformed into some sort of implementation material. 


Remember, you’re not just sharing information, you’re helping clients to get results. So create something that will help them implement what they're learning quickly!


Signature Program Result Tool #5: Bonuses

Okay, these are super fun to offer, and are great to have when you’re in launch mode too!


Bonuses are free gifts your clients receive when they purchase one of your signature program packages. Bonuses can be:

  • audio trainings
  • videos
  • eBooks
  • access to your previously run programs
  • recorded coaching calls.

...And much more!


It’s not only a way to make them feel extra special, but it’s even more support in helping them reach their final goal.


Signature Program Result Tool #6: Resources 

Having a library of resources for your clients to access is a plus for both them and you because it helps hold your clients capable of answering their own questions via content you’ve already created.


These can include:

  • tutorials
  • tools list
  • book lists
  • audios
  • pre-recorded webinars
  • published articles
  • blog posts
  • YouTube videos


Put them somewhere where they’re organized and easy to access like in their coaching portal (I use Kajabi), or in a shared Google Drive folder.



Signature Program Result Tool #7: Additional Time With You 

Sharing your time with clients is the most valuable thing you can do. Some of the ways you can show up in-person for your peeps are:

  • on a Facebook LIVE
  • email support
  • on a chat forum like Telegram
  • in an online forum 
  • on a Zoom video conference call. 


Remember, there’s nothing more valuable than your time, so if you’re offering this in your package, be sure to set your prices accordingly.

Now you know the 7 Signature Program Result Tools to help you deliver all the valuable information you have to your signature clients at the right price.


And as promised I wanted to share a resource I created called Signature Program That Sells


This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your Signature Program from scratch, but also the process you need to SELL it... whether that’s in one product, program or service, or by creating multiple streams of income with digital products. So go ahead and click the image above to check it out now !


Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, keep building your empire!

xo, KellyAnne



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