How To Start A Coaching Business & What To Expect

So often we can get excited in the beginning and think about the big idea of what we’re going to create without considering all the small details in between. So if you want to know exactly what to expect when starting your coaching business, keep watching Coach!


And, be sure to keep reading until the end because I’m going to be sharing a resource called The Ultimate Launch Layout Checklist that will show you everything you need to get started!



If you’re here, that means you’re starting a coaching business or are thinking about it. Let me start by saying congratulations on turning your passion into a legitimate business because that’s a big deal and a courageous decision!


That means you’ve taken the plunge to use your experiences, personal and professional growth, and overall results to make a difference in the world!


Now Coach, as you embark on this journey the very first thing to do is to determine your lifestyle plan so that you can build a business that fits into your lifestyle (instead of trying to fit your life in your business).


A vision for your lifestyle can look like,

✅ “ I want to have 20 hours a week for self care and personal growth.” 


✅ “ I want to travel in an RV 6 months out of the year and explore while making money in my business.” 


✅ “ I intend to make x amount of money every month and choose to be present in my business a total of 5 hours a week.”


I want you to look at the vision of your lifestyle first so that you can create a business model that aligns with it.


Once you know your vision for your life and business, then you can go in with these 6 online coaching business expectations in mind (so you won’t be caught off guard). 



Online Coaching Business Expectation #1: Expect To Create Your First Signature Program


When working with new coaches the very first thing I do in our coaching relationship is guide them through creating their first signature coaching program.


Your signature program is a simple, sequential step by step process that guides your clients from a problem they’re experiencing to the end result you’re promising. 


And Coach, EVERYTHING in your coaching business comes from your signature program framework...   your pricing structure, your coaching packages, your ideal clients, your marketing message, your launch strategy... EVERYTHING!  


If you don’t have a clear signature program, sales calls can feel

  • a bit clumsy
  • inauthentic
  • like you’re trying to convince people to work with you.  


Not only will YOU be confused on how you support people, but potential clients will be confused, potentially causing them to pass on working with you. 


So, if you don’t have a signature program yet, click on the blog below and I'll show you how to create one.


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Now, getting your expertise out of your head and into a profitable system is definitely a PROCESS. There's reflection, research, and a whole lotta patience involved.


And It’s important to note that your signature program will likely change or evolve over time and that’s okay! 


But overall, it’s crucial to have SOMETHING planned out as your signature program as you’re starting your coaching business.  


Online Coaching Business Expectation #2: Expect Creation To Take Longer Than Anticipated 


You can’t rush creative flow, friend. 


One of the top complaints I get from my coaching clients is how long it takes them to create. 


Everything from a blog post that took 4 hours, or an online course that took a couple months, or a youtube video that took an entire day.


As humans, we beat ourselves up, judge ourselves and activate the "not good enough" trigger because we think that everyone else is flying through these tasks and it’s taking us forever.


Let me reassure you that you ARE good enough and that it takes most people double or triple the amount of time you think it does.


Your job as the CEO of your business is to determine how long it takes for you to create so you don’t put stress, pressure, and self sabotaging timelines on yourself. 


Take a week and test out how long it takes you to create and schedule content so you have a benchmark for future planning to set yourself up for success!


Give yourself double or triple the time you think it’s going to take, so that you can do it without the burnout & resentment towards yourself and your business. 


Expect things to take longer than you anticipate because they typically do, and go in knowing that MANY things in your business include a “test” period.


Online Coaching Business Expectation #3: Expect Learning Curves

There’s a lot that happens between having an idea and enrolling consistent clients and students!


Friend, as you build your online coaching business you’re going to be navigating through a few different phases of growth.


There’s the:

  • idea phase
  • the creation phase
  • the packaging phase
  • the marketing phase
  • and the enrollment phases in your coaching business.  


And each phase comes with its own set of details and A LOT of learning. 


Without a doubt you’ll be going through many learning curves, as you work on content creation, client attraction, personal branding and learning new softwares & tools.


And Coach, the learning doesn’t stop after you launch your coaching business. 


Expect to go in as a lifelong learner, and it always helps to remember WHY you’re learning these things… to make a difference and have the freedom in your life you’ve been dreaming of.


Online Coaching Business Expectation #4: Expect To Purchase Tools, Systems & Support


Part of being the CEO of your business is anticipating when it’s time to hire help and outsource so that it opens up time and space to do the things you love.


Like most coaches, you may start by doing everything in your coaching business, but later on you’ll incrementally add tools, systems & different levels of support along the way.


So, it’s important to think ahead and remember to budget for the support in the beginning. 


Virtual assistants, social media managers, content creators, graphics designers, and copywriters are all out there just waiting for you to ask for their help and expertise.  And it doesn’t have to break the bank!


Check out this RELATED BLOG: The BEST Tools For Coaches | Coaching Tools To Manage Your Business where I share some of my favorite, inexpensive outsourcing resources that are fairly reasonable in price! 


With support and systems working for you, both you & your businesses growth will go further, faster.


Remember, the more tasks you can get off your plate, the more time you’re going to have to create new programs, courses, and trainings, AND work with more clients.


Online Coaching Business Expectation #5: Expect To Show Up Consistently 

There are two big mistakes I see coaches make when it comes to consistent marketing and visibility.


Big mistake #1 is that they fall into a creation cycle and forget to show up online. This typically happens when they’re creating a signature program, or online course, or working on a sales funnel.


The problem with this is when the thing they’re creating is complete they’re marketing to crickets and starting from square 1.

Big mistake #2 is that they stop marketing when they enroll a few clients.  


I get it! It’s exciting to enroll new clients. But don’t get so caught up in client work that you forget to stay visible! 


Whether your new clients pay in full or you have a few people on payment plans, you don’t want to be left scrambling for clients when their coaching packages are complete. 


So, here’s what you can do instead...


Create a solid marketing system that requires you to do a few things every week or even once per month to teach, train and connect with your peeps for an entire month or quarter.  This will most likely involve batch creating content and scheduling ahead of time. 


Having consistency in how you show up online is going to help you build up your personal brand, gain authority among your audience, and support you as being seen as an expert in your coaching niche, and all of THAT will magnetize your ideal clients. 


The search engines will reward you for it, the algorithms will love you for it, and your ideal clients will be attracted to it!



And now that we’re talking about this, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think is the biggest struggle in showing up consistently? 


Online Coaching Business Expectation #6: Expect To Practice, Test & Practice Some More


Your messaging, branding, course content, blog content, and ads.. All these things will require testing!


Here’s the thing, friend. Throughout the growth of your coaching business you’re going to be honing in on your ideal clients.  


That’s why you’ll likely test and retest different copywriting strategies, email campaigns, ad copy & design, and more to find out what feels most aligned with you, and what works best with your offers & unique audience. 


Go in knowing that each time you show up online is considered a “launch”. Whether it’s a

  • blog
  • youtube video
  • LinkedIn post
  • Facebook live
  • IG reel… wherever! 


And every piece of content is being tested. There are no failures and they all give you valuable data!


Congrats coach! Now you know 6 expectations to go in with when building your online coaching business.


🔥 If you feel like you need more support then I have you covered. Go ahead and download The Ultimate Launch Layout Checklist by clicking the photo below. 



This checklist will show you everything you need to get your message out to the world in a simple step by step format from tools, to strategies, to content. So download that now to start checking off what you’re already doing in your business model, and see what you may be missing!


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📣 Lastly, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach, keep building your empire!


XO KellyAnne




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