Money Mindset To Sell Online Courses | Tap Into An Abundance Mindset


Friend, we ALL have money beliefs that we get to look at and create a mindset shift around as we grow into the badass business owners we’re becoming day by day.


And one of the most talked about topics on coaching calls is Money Mindset … especially when my clients move into the marketing and enrollments phases of their coaching businesses. 


I’ll tell ya, Friend, there’s something about selling products, programs and services we create from our mind and experiences that triggers all types of:

  • worthiness mindsets
  • fear-based mindsets
  • procrastination
  • oftentimes even embarrassment and shame 


It’s so easy to fall into a scarcity mindset in the beginning because you don’t have the evidence that shows you otherwise.


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The tricky part about this is that when you’re in a scarcity mindset, you either don’t take action consistently, or if you do it’s from a place of fear and lack.


This type of a mindset exudes confusion, uncertainty, desperation, and a “chasing” kind of energy, which ultimately repels potential clients.


Now, If this is something you’ve struggled with, just know that it’s common when first beginning, or growing through different stages of your coaching business. Believe me when I say, we’ve all been there at some point or another.  


What we’re going to work on today is helping you shift your mindset into one of clarity, confidence, and certainty.


When you’re embodying this kind of energy, it creates a magnetic essence, and ultimately an abundance mindset. 


So, whether you’re new to coaching, or you’ve been in business for a while but feel stuck and like you’re ready to remove money blocks, start practicing these 4 money mindsets to sell online courses and your coaching fast… 



Money Mindset #1 - They Are Manifesting It 

Coach, right now people are praying for, wishing for, and manifesting your online course. Ya see, all your future clients & students want are solutions to their problems.


They’re wishing someone would just give them the structure they need.


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They’re praying that they’ll find someone to help them feel more connected to their truth and power. They’re 100% manifesting done-for-you design templates, and social captions, and email campaigns, and launch calendars, and journal prompts…


All these things make their lives easier.


They KNOW they need support, friend, and you and your course are what will help them get exactly what they want!


Money Mindset #2 - They Are Capable 

One of the greatest disservices you can do to a potential client or student is project your belief about them, onto them that they can’t afford your products, programs and services. 


When you do this you’re unconsciously telling them they’re sad, poor, and not capable of figuring out their financial situation. 


Coach, what I know for sure is that if someone emotionally connects to what you’re offering and they BELIEVE they’ll get the results they’ve been looking for from that offer… they will 100% find the money.


But, if they’re energetically picking up pity or sympathy or not enoughness from you, then they’ll live up to your expectations about them.


You know how the saying goes, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. 


So, look for empowered, capable clients and students :) 


Money Mindset #3 - Results Outweigh The Investment

Yes, your clients & students will purchase your online course or other offers in order to get the results you’re promising.


Now, there are a few ways you can think about this…

  1. It creates an equal exchange of value. You’re supporting them in getting results, and they’re paying for not only the step by step you’re offering, but also the amount of hours, energy, money, and learning curves you’re saving them from needing to figure it out on their own!
  2. The results outweigh the investment! Maybe you’re helping people build businesses, or get clients, or improve their health, or manifest the perfect relationship… in any case… it's the thing they want!

You’re helping them to be, do and have the thing they’ve been struggling with.  And that creates so many other bonus results like peace, confidence, and oftentimes more money than they invested!


Money Mindset #4 - It’s Not About You 

Let me explain this one. When you make your course about you, or about making money then it becomes open to self judgement. 

The mind might say things like:

  • I can’t charge THAT!
  • It’s not good enough.
  • It needs more content.


Or it might have you questioning...

  • Is the branding okay?
  • Does it look professional enough?


Or it might tell you...

  • I NEED this to sell so I can feed my family!


And on and on the mind goes.


It judges. It puts pressure on it. And it cuts off the energetic life force of the sale.


So, here’s the money mindset shift.


Your course came through you for a purpose you may never know.


Although your course came from your mind, life experiences and personal results… I ask you to consider that you maybe (just maybe) were being guided towards and through those experiences for a greater purpose. 


When you can look at your offers from this place, it invokes curiosity, wonder, and even a little playfulness. 


The judgement fades away because it’s no longer about YOU, if it’s good enough, or if you're good enough. 


It becomes about service, and allowing yourself to be used as a vessel by something greater than you to support the planet. 


And that’s some powerful stuff!


Now, Coach, these 4 money mindsets are just the starting point to healing the mindsets and emotional attachments that so many of us have around money. 


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Also, If this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends. 


Until next time coach, keep building your empire!


xo, KellyAnne





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