3 Essentials That Make A Signature Program Profitable


Your signature program is a step by step process you use to guide your clients & students through the challenge they’re having to the solution you’re providing.


The reasons your clients & students will purchase your signature program are:

  1. You’ve created a structure and order of things they can easily follow
  2. You’ve simplified the content they need to know and cut out any fluff
  3. You’ve created straightforward and uncomplicated application materials (things like workbooks, templates, and swipe files) that expedites their results 


Basically, you’re saving them weeks, months or even years of research and figuring things out.


Now if you’re looking to create your signature program go ahead and check out THIS BLOG  and I’ll show you exactly how to do that in 6 simple steps. 


In this blog, we’re going through 3 essentials that you absolutely need in order for your signature program to be profitable…. This is in addition to those 6 steps.  So let’s get to it!



Profitable Signature Program Must #1: Ultra Niched

This is the difference between Signature Programs that sell like crazy, and the ones that take more work to get traction (or worse, don’t get any traction).


When you niche down, you’re speaking very clearly to ONE person with ONE problem and offering them ONE solution


Coach, growth and expansion are overwhelming and confusing enough.


While your ego may tell you that you need to give your clients & students ALL the information you’ve ever learned in order for your program to be good enough… I encourage you to simplify wayyy down and take it one small niched problem at a time.


This will help your clients and students to get quick wins, ditch overwhelm and build up their confidence!


A good example of this is one of my mentors who made 100K in 100 days with a $37 ultra niched tiny offer!  


She recognized a huge need for email campaigns so she created 7 of the most asked for email campaigns that coaches write, started running ads and the rest is history.


Now, she could’ve created an entire course on email campaigns and copywriting and ideal clients but she took a step back and really looked at the need and fulfilled it!


So, I’m going to encourage you to niche down and choose ONE problem you’d like to start supporting your clients & students with! This is going to be one of the best ways to get your message out to the world and start being known as a trusted resource in a specific niche.  


Profitable Signature Program Must #2: Directives

Your Signature Directives are the unique combination of steps, strategies, tips, techniques, and tools you use to direct or guide your clients & students towards the signature program end result.


A big goal to adopt in not only your signature program, but your coaching business in general,  is to personalize every single aspect of your brand so that people know it’s YOUR system.


✅ Give a trademark name to your tips, tools, strategies, and techniques because these are your IT factor. 


Here’s one of my examples for directives. On the Signature Program That Sells sales page I share what’s included in each of the program modules.


In the second bullet point there I say “Follow along my Signature Six video series” to map out the six MUST HAVE sections of your top quality signature program.



Now, my IT Factor, my unique edge for this module Is that my directive aka my step by step has a name! I titled it The Signature Six Video Series.


I didn’t HAVE to do that. I easily could’ve just described the steps, but this made my program more valuable!


So now it’s your turn to see where you can start to personalize your signature program!


Profitable Signature Program Must #3: Proper Packaging

I’m going to be honest here, Coach… there’s a lot of crap out there! The thing that’s going to set your signature program apart from all the other courses, programs and digital products out there is the way it’s packaged and if it’s easily consumed and applied by your clients & students.


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☝ Your first step is to house your signature program materials in a space where your peeps can easily access it.


This is called content delivery system and my all time favorite way to give my clients & students my digital products is Kajabi. ⁣ Kajabi has supported me in simplifying packaging, as well as supported my clients in having a simple user experience. ⁣

I use them for everything from online courses, audio's, and downloadables... to my entire website, email provider, and sales pages.⁣


✌ And that brings me to your second packaging step which is to create a sales page.  Your sales page is the safe space potential clients and students come to learn more and see if they’re a good fit for your signature program. 


Sales pages are clear and concise, easily functioning and full of value, testimonials, and FAQ’s. You basically want your potential client and/or student to qualify (or disqualify) themselves so that it’s a definite YES or NO once they get to the end! 


Once you get this in place you can move into the next stage which is selling your signature program (and if you want to know how to do that go ahead and click on this video and i’ll show you how!).  

Now these 3 essentials are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating, packaging and monetizing your signature program.  As promised I wanted to share a resource that I created called Signature Program That Sells


This is going to walk you through not only mapping out and building your signature Program from scratch, but also the process you need to SELL it ...whether that’s in one product, program or service, or by creating multiple streams of income. 

So, go ahead and click the picture above to learn more and get that now.


📣 And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne




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