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If you clicked on this blog that tells me you’ve either enrolled a new client (yay!) in your online coaching business or are anticipating it. 


Whichever scenario you’re in, I know you want every client that enrolls in your products, programs and services to have a connected, first class experience with you and your brand


That’s why today is all about supporting you in learning how to onboard new coaching clients in your online coaching business. 


New client onboarding is the system you use to welcome new clients in your coaching business, and will typically include sharing the contract they signed, as well as any steps on how to get started.


Not sure which coaching contracts you need?  Check out this blog (when you're finished with this blog 😉)  - Business Contracts For your Coaching Business.


The onboarding process begins once your client or student says YES and signs on the dotted line. 


It’s important to know that new clients are never going to be more excited (and possibly scared) as the moment they first say yes to working with you.


They might have an “Oh crap I just invested $20,000 into myself” moment or be feeling buyers remorse. 🥴😩


That’s why during the first few days of that relationship your job is to make them feel welcome & empowered through an automated onboarding process. 


In it, you’ll provide valuable information that:

  1. Helps set expectations 
  2. Get the ball rolling
  3. Gives them something to do immediately (like joining a Facebook group or ticking off tasks on a new client checklist)


Now, just know that what we’re talking about today applies whether you’re magnetizing 1:1 coaching clients, group coaching clients, or students for online courses or other digital products.


Regardless of your focus, one of the best ways to keep the clients you have is through an aligned and connected onboarding experience. 


To get you started, here are 4 new client onboarding must-haves you can use to make your new clients and students feel seen and like a million bucks right from the beginning.


New Client Onboarding Must #1: Streamlined Enrollment Process 

A seamless enrollment process is key to supporting your new client in feeling safe to put in their credit card number and hit the purchase button.  This typically looks like:

  • First a Discovery Call, which is a 1:1 conversation you offer to prospective clients & students to learn about their challenges and determine if your products, programs or services could be a solution.


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  • If working together IS the right fit, the next step is a Follow-up Email with sign up links to pay or the link to a sales page. This email can thank them for sharing time with you on the discovery call & letting them know you’re excited to see what you create together. You’ll also want to explain to them how to complete the payment steps and contract if you have one for the offer they’re purchasing.


  • Then after they pay they should immediately be taken to a branded thank you page telling them to check their email for a welcome email & next steps.


Once they enroll, they’ll immediately be subscribed to 👇🏽👇🏽


New Client Onboarding Must #2: Welcome Email Series

It’s time for the official Welcome! 

  • (Sent Immediately) Welcome Email #1 will include:
    • A big congratulations and personal warm welcome from you.  If you have a name for your community members, welcome them in that way to help them feel like they’re part of your online family.


    • In that same email, you’ll also include a new client welcome packet. This typically includes a short About You page that shares:
      1. Your story of how you got to where you are now
      2. Some interesting facts
      3. Relevant life experiences
      4. Your values & Mission


    • The welcome packet will also include:
      • The Contract they signed 
      • A New Client Checklist for their first 28 days
      • Info on how & when to contact you in between sessions (this is a very important piece because you want to set boundaries right from the beginning)


    • Lastly, be sure to include your social links in this first email so your new clients can learn even more from you!


*** And A BONUS TIP… Add Enrollment graphics.  These are graphics that your new client can share to their social platforms letting everyone know they just joined a coaching relationship with you!


  • (Sent 7 Days Later) Welcome Email # 2:
    • This is a “Checking in” email asking them how their first week is coming along.
    • This is also a great time to remind them to comment underneath training videos, in the exclusive forum, or in the Facebook group for additional support

  • (Sent 7 Days Later) Welcome Email # 3: 
    • In this email I typically share some of my favorite resources that I think would be helpful for my new client or student. 
    • These resources could include youtube videos, my favorite book lists, blogs, or anything else that is relevant.


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New Client Onboarding Must #3: Add Coaching Sessions

Organization is key when working with a new client. It can be easy for them to get overwhelmed, especially before a flow is established between you two, so a simple scheduling process is crucial. 


This helps them mentally, emotionally and physically prepare for your sessions and build new habits around their own personal workflow.


In saying that, once your new client enrolls, it’s important to add your coaching sessions to your calendar immediately, and be sure they do the same. 


Also, If you use a google calendar to keep track of events, upcoming masterclasses, masterminds, retreats, or seminars add your client to the events calendar so they get reminders. 


New Client Onboarding BONUS: Branded Gifts

Now, this isn’t mandatory in the new client onboarding process, however, it IS a memorable touch. 


A great way to support our new client in feeling welcome and “in” is by sending them a unique gift.


These gifts could be something like a:

  • coffee mug
  • notepad
  • poster
  • a branded water bottle with a handwritten welcome note


The key here is for it to be usable, and unique to you & your brand.


Taking time to find the best usable client gifts not only shows you care, but it can also be great for business.


When you send your new client a gift it typically wows them enough for them to share it on social, which then shows more people what the experience is like to work with you.


Now Coach, these 4 simple new client onboarding must-haves are just the tip of the iceberg. 


That’s why I created a community of online coaches who are attracting and nurturing new clients with their content just like you. If you’d like to join a FREE Facebook group to get more free trainings to help support your journey and connect you with like-minded people then click the picture below to join it now!



Lastly, if this video was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.

Until next time, keep building your empire!

XO, KellyAnne





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