How to Create Your First Signature Program | Coaching Program Template

If you’re ready to get your signature coaching program out of your head and into a sellable system this blog is for you!


One of the easiest ways to create your signature program is by using a coaching program template which I’m going to give you in this blog.


I’m going to walk you through the exact Signature Program Framework I use, both with myself, as well as with all my coaching clients, so that we all can complete the first step in having a signature program that sells which is to create your coaching program outline.


This signature program outline is a KEY aspect of your business model and will make your life so much easier in the long run because it can be packaged in over 30 different ways, which means over 30 different streams of income in your coaching business with just one piece of content!


I’m also going to give you a peek inside my Signature Program Trello Board which has been a complete game changer for SO many coaches who struggle with organization and structure.


This is a done-for-you template I created to help you get a birds eye view of your full and complete signature program, as well as all the different offers you can create FROM your online coaching program.


So, if this is where you’re at in your coaching business, then let’s get started!


I’m KellyAnne Zielinski and since 2013 I’ve been helping online coaches build profitable coaching businesses specifically by creating, monetizing and scaling their genius in signature programs, online courses and other digital products.


And part of my genius is to simplify complex topics to make it easier for you and my clients to implement. In saying that, let’s go through the 6 steps to creating a signature program that sells together.



Signature Program Outline Step #1- The End Result


The first step in creating your signature program is to start with the end in mind and get clear on what exactly your client or student will walk away with.  

This will be the end result, outcome, and overall main topic of the coaching program as a whole. 


So, if you were to narrow it down to ONE problem that will be solved and ONE solution that they’ll get out of the course then that will help you to:

โœ… work backwards 

โœ… cut out any fluff 

โœ… be intentional with your content moving forward


Knowing the end result will also help you to create a clear and compelling signature program title which will organically draw your ideal students in.


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To give you an example I want to share the before and after of a signature program I have and how it’s evolved throughout the years. My first coaching program started out with a more general end result and title and was called FOUNDATIONS Business Intensive Program. 


You can see that it gives you a general and vague idea of the end result (e.g. Foundations) but it certainly isn’t enough for someone to look at and have an instant “hell yea I NEED that now” kind of vibe. 


After some simplification and a rebrand a few years ago, that signature program became Signature Program That Sells. You can see that the end result is clear & intentional even by just reading the title. It’s almost the exact same course but my focus became clearer and my messaging was more on point.


Now, which version of the signature program do you think sold better


โŒFoundations Business Intensive


โœ… Signature Program That Sells


I’m sure you chose the one that had a clear end result which was reflected in the title.


So, now let’s think about YOUR signature coaching program and what you anticipate your clients & students to walk away with. 


If you were to narrow it down to a word, phrase or sentence, what’s the one problem your online coaching course will solve and the one solution it will provide?


Signature Program Outline Step #2- The Steps

After you have your end result (which is going to be the main topic of your entire signature program), you’re going to work backwards and chunk it down. 


And this is where the Signature Program Trello Board offers a lot of support because the structure is organized and built out for you.




To do this, start by brainstorming 6-8 main topics your future students must know in order to accomplish the end result. After your list is complete, put those topics in order of importance, meaning what they need to do first, second, third and so on. 


These topics will be your Signature Program Modules, and once you have your modules, you’re going to map out lessons that need to be included in each module. 


So let’s say you’re a relationship coach working with high conscious women entrepreneurs and you’re creating a signature program on manifesting your specific human… the ONE for you. Your module #1 might be on the topic of YOU being the one for you. Lessons you may include in this are: 

  1. Current beliefs & how to shift them  
  2. Loving yourself the way you’d want your partner to love you
  3. Daily practices to maintain a loving and empowering relationship with yourself


The goal here is for you to then do this for all of your modules so that you end up with a complete outline and framework for your online coaching course!


Signature Program Outline Step #3- The Directives

Coach, THIS is the piece of your signature program that will make it one of a kind… and talking about directives is certainly the aspect of my coaching and teaching that makes me different from all the other coaches talking about signature programs. 


Your directives are the unique steps, tools, strategies, techniques, or resources that you develop that will help your clients and students take action FAST! You are the expert and your clients are looking to you to guide them and give direction.  


So, even though your steps by steps might seem simple and obvious to you… this is the exact thing your clients will be paying for. 


So here’s what you do… when you have a series of how-to steps within your signature coaching program you’re going to brand these steps and give them a specific name


For example, in Module 1 of my online course called Signature Program That Sells I talk about the exact 6 steps I’m giving you in a more condensed way in this video. In my module one I give these six steps a name… They’re called my “Signature Six” video series, and in the course I give full training videos, directions, and workbooks to go with each of the topics so my clients know how to implement.  


The point here is that I didn’t have to give these six steps a name, but I did because they’re unique to my teachings, which makes my signature program more valuable!


So, once you have your signature program framework laid out in front of you, and you’re looking at your modules and lessons, take a moment to see what step by steps you have within the lessons that you can give a name to.


These will be your directives!


Signature Program Outline Step #4- The Stories

Coach, your story of triumph, as well as all the thoughts and emotions you’ve experienced supports your audience more than you know because they’re most likely going (and growing through) something similar.  


That’s why it matters to include examples and stories.


Your clients and students want to know the journey, and they also want some sort of social proof (even if it is just from YOU) that your process works!


So, let your clients know about the mindsets, and range of emotions, or even some challenges that came up, or any possible fears and blocks they may face during certain modules.  


Then, share how you or previous clients made your way through it!  Let them know that you can relate to how they’re feeling, and they’re not alone!  


This is going to create those deeper connections and help them to muster up the motivation and inspiration when challenges arise.


Signature Program Outline Step #5- The Implementation

This part is important because depending on how you package your signature program your students may or may not have you there to support them in taking action on what they’re learning.  


This is why we create workbooks, templates, checklists, calendars, and other support tools that will make integrating what they’re learning SO SIMPLE that they won’t have any questions on what to do or how to do it.


So, here’s how you start... take a look at your modules and lessons, and think about specific pieces of your content that need to be practiced and/or clarified for your clients personal situation.  


Then, you’re going to break down the “practice section” into:

  • Reflective questions
  • Inspiring journal prompts
  • Fill in the blank templates
  • Done-For-You Calendars
  • Scripts templates
  • Charts or tables
  • Step by step checklists

...or anything else that supports your clients in feeling some level of progress throughout your modules and lessons.


This is the DOINGNESS piece of your signature program that will help your students step into a new BEINGNESS, which will help them achieve the result they’re looking for!


Signature Program Outline Step #6- Bonuses

Bonuses are my favorite way to take students beyond what they anticipated learning.  


It’s important to know that bonuses are added value to your signature program, meaning that your coaching program can be successfully completed without them.


The purpose of a bonus is to guide your students to a potential next step or make their lives easier in regards to the details you already know they’re going to need. 


For example, in my coaching program Signature Program That Sells I give a bonus Canva Tutorial for helping my student create a signature program image mockup.  Do they absolutely NEED this? No… but do most people have them and use them for social media graphics and sales pages? Yes!


There’s also a bonus masterclass on how to turn your signature program into digital products for students who want to go beyond a 1:1 coaching business model and create multiple streams of income with products, programs and services at varying price points. 


You see, these are classes and tutorials that will get my students thinking in an expanded way, and will help them simplify whichever next steps they choose!


Bonuses are typically pieces of content like:

  • Masterclasses
  • Tutorials
  • Templates
  • Guides
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Calendars
  • Pre-Organized Asana/Trello Boards

..Or anything else that will make your clients & students' lives easier as they embark on their next steps!


So, I know this video was a lot of information, and now you know the 6 simple steps on how to create a signature program outline you may be thinking that there’s more to this than you thought!


If you’re still not quite sure how to organize your ideas, don’t worry because I have you covered.


A simple and easy start is to go ahead and get the Signature Program Trello Board.  This done-for-you template was designed to help you get your ideas into a structured and organized signature program in as little as 24 hours! It includes step by step training videos, a bonus masterclass, and the complete structure for your signature coaching program already done so that all you have to do is input your ideas… and the best part is that it’s under $50! 



So click the photo above to get that now so you can start creating your signature program today!


๐Ÿ“ฃ And, if this blog was just what you needed in your coaching business, please let me know by sharing it with your coach friends.


Until next time, Coach… keep building your empire!


XO, KellyAnne


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