How to Start an Online Coaching Business | BECOME AN INFLUENCER

Starting a coaching business from scratch?  These 5 Commandments will clarify exactly what you need in your online business to create the influence, impact and income you deserve! Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, success coach, or any other type of online coach, you’ll leave this video knowing how to start a coaching business and make money online.  This is your chance to build a solid foundation for your online coaching business with clarity and confidence.


Once you have this in place, you can begin to get known as the go-to influencer and entrepreneur in your coaching niche!


Commandment #1: Thou shall have a Framework

Every coach needs a framework. PERIOD. Your framework is a simple, sequential step by step process that guides your clients from the problem they’re experiencing to the end result you’re promising. It’s a COMPLETE formula, unique to you and your brand that you use to support your clients in getting results. 


Commandment #2: Thou shall have a Packaging & Pricing Plan

This is the fun part! Once you have a complete framework, you can pull multiple streams of income from the content! This is where you can package your knowledge in different products, programs and services creating multiple levels of price points. For example, from your framework, you can create a youtube channel where you educate your audience for free, then perhaps you can have a book, or mp3 series that you sell for a low tier price point. Next you can create a DIY coaching program as your mid tier price point, and finally, you can have a group coaching or one on one coaching program as your premium price points.  Once you have a packaging and pricing plan, you can begin to create what we call in SLG your “relationship funnel”.


Commandment #3: Thou shall know your Ideal Client

Coach, you MUST know, with absolute clarity, WHO you’re marketing to.  These are your ideal clients and your peeps! These are the people who search for your framework concepts and topics on youtube or google, they value your offerings, money is a non issue, and they do the internal and external work to get the results your brand is promising.  

Commandment #4: Thou shall have a Money Making Marketing Map

Your money making marketing plan begins with your brand blueprint which is everything from brand colors, fonts, and logos, to your expert bio, unique brand language, common words and phrases, and your brand promise. Then it moves on to mapping out a content calendar that aligns with your offerings to position yourself as an expert, and adding content upgrades to capture email addresses and start to build your list!

Commandment #5: Thou shall have a Launch Layout

Your launch layout consists of creating an annual launch plan and combining that with your content calendar.  Additionally, your launch plan includes making sure you have the appropriate systems and tools in place for someone to effectively enroll in your products, programs, and services.  This can be anything from having an email provider, merchant provider, and scheduler, to having a video conferencing tool (if you plan to use one), to more expansive tools to help deliver your content like Kajabi.    


Congrats coach! Now you know the 5 Commandments of getting your online coaching business up and running. But if you’re not quite sure how to get started, then I have you covered.





Go ahead and download The Ultimate Launch Layout Checklist.  This checklist will show you everything you need to get your message out to the world in a simple step by step format from tools, to strategies, to content. So download that now to check off what you’re already doing in your business model, and to see what you may be missing!


Keep building your empire!

xo KellyAnne



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